Learning Feng Shui 1


Ho Lok Sang in his translation of Dao De Jing noted this “….the Chinese language is such that one word can carry multiple meanings, it is easy to be misled. But Laozi never worried about this problem, because after all the insight has to come from within. So he is sure that those who sincerely seek the truth will see the truth….”

In his preface he wrote “In the same way, Laozi (often spelled as Lao-Tzu), who wrote the Daodejing, tried to describe the indescribable. The truth about the human mind, and about the universal mind, cannot be sought from without. It must be sought from within us. This understanding is a gift, and is not acquired. Indeed, those who try to seek that truth from without are bound to fail. Indeed, we need to unlearn to rediscover the gift.” This I concur with him.

I believe the same applies to Feng Shui. This is why a Lineage is important if one is serious about learning the art.Chinese usually write in poem form. In poem, the sentence are shorten. They are meant to be expanded orally by the teacher. It’s just like zipping the file and unzipping it back later. You may think of it as ancient way of encrypting a knowledge.

What made it more difficult is that Chinese character carries multiple meaning. Just like the word Fang 方。 It can mean direction and also location. So when does it mean direction and when it means location?

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Feng Shui & Bazi

Many a times during a consultation, clients asks “Don’t you need to read my Bazi before the Feng Shui audit?”. Let’s study a little both arts and I will give my conclusion and reasons.


Bazi or Phat Chee (cantonese) literally means 8 characters. It is actually an art to help decipher what’s has been instilled into us when we are born into this world. The chart below is an example of Bazi where it is a Chinese version of our Date and hour of birth.

XinMao2011 Bazi

Bazi tell us our characters, Bazi tells us what are the strengths and weaknesses we inherited when we draw in our first breath on this planet. Hence Bazi is classified as destiny astrology.

Many of us knows our problems and strengths and usually they last a lifetime and even if not it will influence us in much of our lives. Some may know the problems and strengths early or consciously. Some find them out later or they only have a vague idea of their problems or strengths. The third type knows but rather live in denial or felt helpless about it.

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Man and Gratitude Has a Place in Feng Shui?

What sparks me to write this article was a conversation I had with a colleague. He was lamenting that his son was among the lowest scoring student in the recent final exams in school. He blamed it on the teacher for the fact that his son performed poorly in school.

So I asked him if the teacher gave extra hours to the students that scored top 20 in class. He said no!.

I told him that probably it is not the teacher but his son. Obviously he was not pleased with my remarks but as a colleague I was just telling the possible truth. He then gave many other reason such as students went for tuition etc. Anyway an excuse is an excuse no matter what.

complaint is poverty

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Chinese Metaphysics Seminar Not To Be Missed!

Want to hear his thoughts about Chinese Metaphysics? Listen as Master Leyau talks about Chinese Metaphysics in the Broader Perspective.

Understand the history, theories and techniques in Chinese metaphysic

1) History:-
:- The Chinese calendar. Understand the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.
:-The Sexagenary cycle in the Chinese Calendar.
10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly branches when combined (10X12) should have 120 cycles, why now left only 60 cycles ( Sexagenary Cycle)?
;-Understand the 12 Earthly branches and their relationship in
:- Seasonal Combination
:- Three Combinations
:- Three Persecuting Clashes
:- Six Clashes
:- Half Combination
:- Self Persecuting Clash
:- Six Combinations
:- Conflicted Clashes
:- Related Clashes

2) What is Yi Jing ?
:- Foundation theories in Yi Jing – Bagua (eight trigrams)
:- Relation to other Principles
:- Fuxi “Earlier Heaven”
:- King Wen “Later Heaven”
:- Bagua Used in Feng Shui.
:- Bagua of the eight aspirations

3) What is Five Elements
:- How many types of Five Elements?
:- Their Cycles
:- Generating
:- Overcoming

4) Traditional Feng Shui – How many schools of Feng Shui,
:- Their methods and techniques used in
:- Eight Mansions,
:- San He, San Yuan ,
:- Yang Gong,
:- Jiu Xing,
:- Liu Fa ,
:- Xuan Kong Flying Star
:- Xuan Kong Da Gua.

5) The Luo pan
:- How the Lou pan is designed, their contents and applications.
:- How to read Luo Pan.
:- How many types of Luo pan.
:- Why we need different designed of Luo pan?
:- Different Luo pan used for different school.

6) What is Ba Zi ?
:- How to construct a Ba Zi Chart,
:- What information is contained in a Ba Zi Chart,
:- Why after many years of learning ,you still can’t read a Ba Zi Chart..did you got the right methods?
:- How to read a Ba Zi Chart.

7) What is Zi Wei Dou Shu?
How to construct a Zi Wei Chart
:-What can a Zi Wei chart tell?
:-How to read a Zi Wei Chart.

8) What is Qi Men Dun Jia?
How to construct a Qi men Chart
:-How you can see from a chart and predict an event.

9) What is Date selection?
:-Different methods of Date selection,
:- Why must we need to choose a good day to perform an event.

Course Date: 4-5 May 2013
Venue: Singapore
Fee: SGD 880
Bazi, Feng Shui

Feng Shui Questions 02: Running on Karma?

Here is another posting that Christine from my Facebook has asked me to write on, something about Good and Bad Karma…Interesting request but I will try even though my knowledge is rather limited on this subject. Since I am also in the Chinese metaphysics world, lets talk on a topic related to this field, something I came across in a forum.

A common perception among the public is that Feng Shui Masters should be able to avoid misfortune – like relationship problems, wealth & health etc, with their ability to read one’s destiny & Feng Shui practical implementations, but this wasn’t the case in reality.

Life is indeed complicated and Feng Shui Masters are also human beings. Firstly I would like to relate back to an article that I have written before based on I-Ching principles as taught by Master Isaac Chung that described the various components of life.

Every person is born with a set of Destiny and in this package comes your character, your sub-conscious mind blueprint, your intentions, the kind of life you going to go through for instance, your relations with your family, spouse, grandparents, work, child and the path in life you will thread during this lifetime. This is collectively called Destiny and Luck. They are given.

If you start to look at it from the religious point of view, that Destiny Chart is basically a code of your Karma. The meaning of life is and has been for thousands of years to achieve Nivarna or Nibbana which is the cessation of being reborn and to the land of eternal bliss. But the Buddha also said that in life, suffering exist and it is a reality that no reasonable person can deny. We as humans, our job is to purify ourselves in actions and thoughts so we can forever leave this cycle of Samsara (rebirth). So regardless of your profession, we are all bound by our Bazi/Karma/Destiny.

Coming back, there are many grade of Feng Shui Masters. Some who want to be make big money, some wants to be famous or celebrities  in the name of feng shui while some others wants to propagate the art to future generations and help others. In this period of the 90’s and in the millenium, the art of Feng Shui has suddenly become accessible to the public, thanks to many  Celebrity “Masters”  who open up the “secret art” to the world. So suddenly in this period you see thousands of Feng Shui “Masters” emerging in the market especially true in the Western World. Then you hear many stories like Masters murdered, embroiled in law suits, having secret affairs, passed away in poor conditions, suffered from strokes and many more. People like them cannot escape their Karma too. Why?

According to Buddhism there are at least 5 categories of Karma. What we have been talking all these while are called Karma Niyama, the result of one’s own actions and thoughts through the many cycles of birth and re-birth. Well when these masters promoted their feng shui to the world, they made it so simple to “students”. If you have this problem, no worries, buy this and put there! Or just find the good stars and using date selection, activate it by digging the ground here or there. Ya, I too wish life is that simple! There will be no poor people. Yet if you ask around, many are pretty much they are as where they were before if not worse off. Undeniably some of them are also better off by virtue of Luck or Karma. Perhaps! because if you toss the coins 10 times surely you will get a few Heads.

They are just too good to know where are the pain points and pleasure points of naive clients or students. Marketing is what I label it. If you know some of their background, not all have strong background in feng shui. Mostly has no lineage behind them. They either read from books and then teach it to the world then students flock at their door steps enroll courses and buy their products. They willingly “sell” the knowledge because it is not valuable to them. This is human nature.

I quote an example of a case in the Trial of Nina Wang where both the Plaintiff and 1st Defendant each called upon their own expert witness and this is what Judge Johnson Lam written in his judgement.

Therefore, the evidence of Mr Jxxxxx Y, focusing on the validity and consistency of the alleged Fung Shui practices with some Fung Shui theories, based on his own research by reading some works on Fung Shui and logic and common sense, were quite beside the point. I do not find such evidence to be of much assistance in this trial. Even though Fung Shui is not a science, Mr Y developed his Fung Shui theory by making use of mathematical methods and his own logical deductions. It is not my function to adjudicate whether such an approach is sound. But there is no evidence that his approach is shared by many Fung Shui practitioners in Hong Kong. Mr Y taught classes and practised his Fung Shui overseas but not in Hong Kong or the mainland or Taiwan. Therefore he cannot give useful evidence as regards local practices. He frankly admitted that he had no knowledge of Taoist practices and Fa Discipline. He did not practise planting of life base though he had researched into it on a theoretical level.

(Mr Y is the Expert Witness of 1st Defendant, Tony Chan)

Their actions may ruin many lives and this will create bad karma within themselves & the following generations due to their half proven methods. When I meet students or clients of theirs and try to salvage the situation, it is a pity but this is the fact of life, they the students/clients have suffered in silence yet they move on to find other solutions. Is this due to their Karma too? Perhaps! Someone has to be a short in order to make the other person tall! This is the  concept of Yin-Yang.

Even if I try to tell them, they cannot follow or listen. Why?, perhaps it is their Bad Karma is too heavy that they cannot receive help. What all this tells us is, Karma or Destiny is at work in our lives and that is what differentiate us from others and no one shall escape it. Watch this movie called Running on Karma starring Andy Lau. You will understand what I mean.

While I am not advocating I am correct all the time, at least I am confident that with the knowledge passed down by my generations of masters, they have proven with their cases with good enough success rate & from my own practices as well, I have corrected enough cases to know what is right and what is hyped publicity.

Feng Shui Master suffers or flourish due to their own past actions or deeds. Anyway they are only mortals aren’t they?. All with desires, greed, fear, attachments and their deeds too.

Then there is the other type called the Utu Niyama – physical inorganic order, e.g. seasonal phenomena of winds and rains. The unerring order of seasons, characteristic seasonal changes and events, causes of winds and rains, nature of heat, etc., all belong to this group.

If you so happened to be in Acheh when the Tsunami happened, no Feng Shui can save you. All house will also be damaged. Don’t believe me? Sponsor the masters to built the best feng shui house in Indonesia near the volcanic areas. Let’s see if it will be save from the volcanic lava. No body can escape Karma not even the best Feng Shui Masters.

(updated 2020: Covid19 case)

Then there are the 3 others Karma:- Citta Niyama, Bija Niyama and Dharmma Niyama.

Bija Niyama – order of germs and seeds (physical organic order), e.g. rice produced from rice-seed, sugary taste from sugar-cane or honey, peculiar characteristics of certain fruits, etc. The scientific theory of cells and genes and the physical similarity of twins may be ascribed to this order.

Dhamma Niyama – order of the norm, e.g., the natural phenomena occurring at the advent of a Bodhisattva in his last birth. Gravitation and other similar laws of nature. The natural reason for being good and so forth, may be included in this group.

Citta Niyama – order or mind or psychic law, e.g., processes of consciousness, arising and perishing of consciousness, constituents of consciousness, power of mind, etc., including telepathy, telaesthesia, retro-cognition, premonition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, thought-reading and such other psychic phenomena which are inexplicable to modern science. The law of attraction falls into this category. This is the category where symbolic feng shui and motivation theory thrives.

So what happens when they are supposed able to read their Destiny & knows Feng Shui that supposedly able to tweek destiny but cannot avoid it? The answer is in one of the 5 types of Karmas. Just like the Buddha despite achieving Nirvana at the age of 35 has to die too when he aged 80.

So let me ask you, is life outcome a single or multi components?

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Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star June 2012

Come 5 June, we shall be moving into the Month of Bing Wu (丙午) and here is the upcoming chart.

This month many sectors won’t be good.

SE, S and NW are badly affected.

These sectors should not be used for healing & if there are sick people living in these rooms, move them out temporarily.

NW sector has the danger of Fire hazard moving from the North sector in May. Note that this is already summer month and in most country weather is very hot. This will definately increase the chance of Fire hazard.

Facing South houses not advisable to commence moving in. Same goes for businesses.

Even Bazi can be read on a month to month basis, if you want to know more email to

For a more precise understanding, your house natal chart is required.


How to help a Bad Bazi?

This time my chosen topic is “Is there are way to help Bad Bazi other than using Feng Shui?”

My thinking is Yes and No. Why?

In Bazi Chart you always divide into 3 components. Heaven, Earth and Man. Here I attach a typical Bazi or Phat Chee Chart.

If the the problems comes from the Heavenly Stem then only He can help you or you just have to wait for the Right Timing. It is the part of Destiny that was handed to one since birth. So no matter what you do you just cannot avoid this part by our actions.

If the problem comes from Earthly Branches, then managing or changing a person’s character can help. There is a saying that “Character is Destiny”. This statement is true if you look from the point of view of what one can do. This is where the a visit to the Self improvement sections of the book stores or Personality or Anger Management or self awareness program will do the difference. Having said this, of course we as the person has to work on it and please allow time for changes to take place. Persistence and patience is what is required.

When we have the ‘right’ character we can alter the outcome. Having said this, many find that this is the most difficult part of the task. Most people will give up or revert back to their original character when under stress. So how can one change his/her destiny if the character is not ‘supportive’? It is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride isn’t it. But still possible! Effort x Time x Desire !!

And if Hidden stem is the issue, you will have to re-program your subconcious mind. Positive self talk, attending motivational seminars, hynoptism, meditation and NLP (neuro linguistic programming) are some things you can do to improve your life. This is where preventive maintenance kicks in. Why Preventive? they are your hidden problems awaiting to explode. If you correct it now, when it happens it will have minimal effects on you. Get it?

So the answer is really Yes and No when it comes to correct a Bad Bazi. Only You may manage/alter your destiny, not your spouse, your boss, your teacher nor your parents. So please don’t blame them for everything.

It is only your own desire to change and make a difference in this lifetime. Indeed life is a journey and not blocks of milestones or KPIs.

Isn’t knowing your bazi important? How do you improve if you don’t know the problems or where they are coming from?

Next post, I will share what is called the Useful God and why is it important to your life for there is where the solution is!.

Case Study, Feng Shui

Case Study…

I will share with readers a real case I have done some years back in Malaysia. (Some details of the house plan has been simplified.)

Before you proceed, Warning! this article is only for open minded people.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First, some brief background of the owner. They (couple) moved in about 4 years prior to my audit. Eversince then, the husband faced stressed month after month and soon developed some form mental sickness in the form of depression. By the time I  was called in, he just got a retrenchment notice 3 months ago and still couldn’t find a job. Most intereviews has turned out to be futile.

During the 2nd year the wife had a also an audit on the house but without much result though the Master recommended some remedies. Still things did not get better but the fee was cheap…

Here is the simplified sketch of the floor plan.

Without a doubt the former consultant is also using Flying Star, since my client who is also a feng shui enthusiast, she had some discussions with the former consultant. OK, Now we can study the difference.

The first 3 basic steps in any feng shui audit when using flying star is always the same:

1. Determining the Period of this House.

2. Determine the Facing of the House.

3. The Art of taking direction of the House.

Nothing Fancy, no high level techniques, one can tell what will happen in the house while the other no.

My result is on the right side on the chart and anyone who has some idea of flying star will automatically know 52 will bring what kind of energy into the house.

The consultant mentioned that because the NW sector was missing, the head of the house will not do well. I know this is the ‘usual’ knowledge. The problem was how do you account for the wife’s down turn too?

So the point I strongly stress here is learning from the right school is very very important or getting a consultant from the right school will tell you what you can expect from that house. As you can see there were no special instruments or advance theory applied. Just 3 basic steps and you see the difference.

Feng Shui is part of the remedy to a person’s destiny and Feng Shui has to be able to predict what will happen in the house. If not then don’t bother about Feng Shui.

There will be many people who will tell you, it is due to his bazi/destiny mainly, some will say other parts of the house is causing this problem, or even some will say the house has a bad internal layout or bad external landforms, some will to the extent and say it is his bad deeds or that feng shui is not true art…..

All this is because they don’t know !

So what happens next?

After some discussion they decided to shift out as they are too cash strap to perform required renovations & so I recommended some temporary measures to help make that switch easier and one of it is to remove the stove since they dont cook.

3 weeks onwards later he got a few job interviews and then the husband found a well paid job and now life is back to normal. They sold this house for a stunning record that all 3 real estate agents say in the beginning that it was not possible.

So again the key message I would like to pass on is that learning and getting the right knowledge is important. Then you are able to read houses correctly all the time and not having the frustration why some cases work and some cases not. If you are serious about this art, acquire the right knowledge.

Same advice if you are looking for a consultant. Don’t bother the price first. That will be the last thing to worry. What is the point if he is cheap but cause all the problems later which will cost you heartaches and money again? I have seen too many of these kind of cases. I am not advocating that you must come to me but the point is know his school, the lineage or get referrals from successful cases.

Perhaps as what is mentioned in the Classics is true that not everyone can have the affinity to acquire the help of authetic Feng Shui?


Dragon Babies for You?

It has been a while since I have blogged on the subject of Bazi. It was until recently that I read an article on Malaysian Newspaper saying that the increased in newborns is anticipated. Just local hospitals too, are seeing an increase in the number of customers since middle of last year.

So what is the craze for Dragon Babies?

Dragon to Chinese community symbolizes many things. Dragon is the heavenly celestrial animal with special divine powers, it is also the symbol of Emperor, great leader and capable of achieving greatness.

I still remember my cousin 12 years ago, planned for a Dragon baby following an advice of a fortune teller, he got it but 12 years down the road, his life had not gone anywhere better!.

In the study of Bazi, the reference element is called the Day Master and not by referencing the year of birth.

The following is a sample of a Bazi Chart:

The Red circle is called the Year while the Green Circled is called the Day Master (DM).

So you see, the chart has 5 other character besides the Year and the Day Master. We have to really read the chart in totality to see if it is really good for us or not.

Then there are people who will get worried if Dragon year will be a good year of bad year for me. Frankly, it will a very generalised prediction when based on Water Dragon as the only information. It can be good or bad depending on your chart.

Every human is unique and so is Bazi eventhough there is a finite number or permutations in Bazi Chart, still the number of combination is so big and big enough to be closed to being unique.

There are interactions between all the elements in the chart with respect to the Day Master. Good or Bad is all in there cos not all will prosper in the Dragon year and same that not it will not be dooms day for all.

My message is don’t be over worried about if Water Dragon is going to be bad to you just because someone says so. Don’t believe that having a dragon baby will prosper you or the baby will be great in life. It has to depend on the entire chart.

You can visit the page Update Annual Feng Shui 2012.. for some simple reading.

Come join CAFS Bazi course on the 27-29 Feb and teach yourself the art of Bazi so you may know how to fish whole life…email : for more information.


“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become.” — Jim Rohn

This is a profound phrase. Ponder on it…

What you become…is the key point in this phrase and can be found in your Bazi, your destiny will be reflected in life.

So it is not whether you will be come the next millionaire or CEO of a major Multi National Company but rather how have you progressed from day 1 till now. What experience have you gained and how you have helped others and yourself to be better in your life.

Bazi’s objective is to better understand yourself till the subconcious level. You improve on the weak points, enhance your strengths or what we call “Useful God” (用 神).

So Bazi is not merely a Destiny Anaylsis to know what is coming nor what I will become (milestone) but also what you can do to be a better person like for example, to built your inherit strengths and find the path of least resistance or avoid some paths that is not meant for you. If you have to thread the path that is not meant for you, you have to suit the environment rather than to expect the environment to suit us!

The earlier you know the better the result will be because any changes to our believe system and character will take a while…

We can through Bazi Analysis tell you that….email for more information.