Case Study, Feng Shui

Case Study…

I will share with readers a real case I have done some years back in Malaysia. (Some details of the house plan has been simplified.)

Before you proceed, Warning! this article is only for open minded people.

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First, some brief background of the owner. They (couple) moved in about 4 years prior to my audit. Eversince then, the husband faced stressed month after month and soon developed some form mental sickness in the form of depression. By the time I  was called in, he just got a retrenchment notice 3 months ago and still couldn’t find a job. Most intereviews has turned out to be futile.

During the 2nd year the wife had a also an audit on the house but without much result though the Master recommended some remedies. Still things did not get better but the fee was cheap…

Here is the simplified sketch of the floor plan.

Without a doubt the former consultant is also using Flying Star, since my client who is also a feng shui enthusiast, she had some discussions with the former consultant. OK, Now we can study the difference.

The first 3 basic steps in any feng shui audit when using flying star is always the same:

1. Determining the Period of this House.

2. Determine the Facing of the House.

3. The Art of taking direction of the House.

Nothing Fancy, no high level techniques, one can tell what will happen in the house while the other no.

My result is on the right side on the chart and anyone who has some idea of flying star will automatically know 52 will bring what kind of energy into the house.

The consultant mentioned that because the NW sector was missing, the head of the house will not do well. I know this is the ‘usual’ knowledge. The problem was how do you account for the wife’s down turn too?

So the point I strongly stress here is learning from the right school is very very important or getting a consultant from the right school will tell you what you can expect from that house. As you can see there were no special instruments or advance theory applied. Just 3 basic steps and you see the difference.

Feng Shui is part of the remedy to a person’s destiny and Feng Shui has to be able to predict what will happen in the house. If not then don’t bother about Feng Shui.

There will be many people who will tell you, it is due to his bazi/destiny mainly, some will say other parts of the house is causing this problem, or even some will say the house has a bad internal layout or bad external landforms, some will to the extent and say it is his bad deeds or that feng shui is not true art…..

All this is because they don’t know !

So what happens next?

After some discussion they decided to shift out as they are too cash strap to perform required renovations & so I recommended some temporary measures to help make that switch easier and one of it is to remove the stove since they dont cook.

3 weeks onwards later he got a few job interviews and then the husband found a well paid job and now life is back to normal. They sold this house for a stunning record that all 3 real estate agents say in the beginning that it was not possible.

So again the key message I would like to pass on is that learning and getting the right knowledge is important. Then you are able to read houses correctly all the time and not having the frustration why some cases work and some cases not. If you are serious about this art, acquire the right knowledge.

Same advice if you are looking for a consultant. Don’t bother the price first. That will be the last thing to worry. What is the point if he is cheap but cause all the problems later which will cost you heartaches and money again? I have seen too many of these kind of cases. I am not advocating that you must come to me but the point is know his school, the lineage or get referrals from successful cases.

Perhaps as what is mentioned in the Classics is true that not everyone can have the affinity to acquire the help of authetic Feng Shui?

3 thoughts on “Case Study…”

  1. Alan,

    the fake or the half past six fee is also very high. It is our luck that we are not able to meet with the right master.
    like me, I too have pay quiet a bit to learn but in the end I realise the master I am learning from is also attending another master class, what can we do? money have already been paid. the only answer is just keep a look out and dun be too eager to want to attend course until we have survey the market.


    1. In our modern world, marketing is a powerful tool. It means what is nice, well dressed, photos and sweet advertisement is not necessarily mean it is good. Medicine is bitter but it is good. So we just have to differentiate what is “packaging” or face value and what is not. I consider myself lucky to have found my masters who are good people.
      Master Leyau is by far one I know who is very experience and knowledgeble in Feng Shui and a kind master and very down to earth person. That is why I work for him to spread the correct knowledge of feng shui technique of flying star handed down from generations before.
      Unfortunately, in the Feng Shui world there are also many people who critisize him in forums but he never hit back. Business is like this. It tells me something about his Master too.
      Francis’s confidence level is such he need not do so. His clients loyalty is already a good testimony. Getting long winded…
      Anyway, my message is study the history and background of the master and school carefully. Understand this, Feng Shui or any metaphysics is not any easy subject and it takes time to master it. E.g. How many can understand the classics well? People can read all the feng shui books you can find in Wanli, but how many can truly understand it?
      Feng Shui is a double edge sword, it can help us and can cause us a lot of trouble. Keep learning stay fascinated..


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