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Feng Shui Lamp

Testimonial 1

I knew Master Alan been practicing Feng Shui since decade. I trusted him from his engineer’s mind into metaphysic and I was introduce to this Feng Shui Energy Lamp from my god brother.

Day 1 (2.12.22 Friday)
I lighted the candle after dinner when I got home, within 2 hours, I got 3 WhatsApp enquiries ( I was pretty amazed, as this 3 prospect is not in my target list)

Day 2 (3.12.22 Saturday)
I met a prospect in the morning and I closed a sale smoothly.

It is a very significant and impressive work of Master Alan for this Feng Shui Lamp creation.

A BIG Thank YOU Master Alan to lighten up all life through his Feng Shui Lamp 

Caryn Koay, Malaysia

Testimonial 2

After using the Feng Shui lamp, things in the house started to improve. My dad’s borderline high blood sugar level normalized. There were significantly fewer arguments between my parents. My sister finally found a boyfriend. Initially they were reluctant about the lamp, but now they are enthusiastic about lighting the lamp everyday!

Victor Lim, Singapore

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Looking Back On 2022

I did a few predictions for a local association back in 3rd March 2022 after some delays and few things did come through. Let’s review the predictions that we got some feedback from the association.

First let’s look at the prediction Master did for Malaysia’s outlook based on the Feng Shui study and the year pattern of the stars movements.

We saw a transition from PM Muhyiddin to PM Ismail Sabri last year and then subsequently this government was rather unstable politically and the 15th General Election was called.

The economy of Malaysia in general did improved compared to 2021 based on official figures. Petronas also recorded a big profit this year which means the government had more financial means to provide relief fundings to the people.

Yes it is still a huge Budget deficit with many goodies package given out by the government and had to relied to borrowings to fulfill this.

The Covid-19 figures continue to subside with daily numbers hovering between 1500-3000. What is more important is that the death rate is kept to single digit daily figure. It has much fallen to a level of the usual influenza levels.

Pretty much the four predictions was spot on.

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Feng Shui

Second Opinion – Case C_KPG

Received an enquiry for a Feng Shui Second Opinion.

He wanted to seek second opinion for his condominium in Kepong because he previously had engaged a lady consultant who asked him to give up his landed house and move to the new condominium but unfortunately he felt there wasn’t any improvements since then.

Before this lady consultant, they did engage another famous consultant from a local Feng Shui Consulting firm here where the principal consultant is very famous and things were just not moving.

What was worse is that the wife has lost confidence in Feng Shui and labelled it as fake. What a sad statement.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

After he had shared his story with me, let me summarize the gist of it.

What Did He Do Wrongly?

I think the biggest problem with this person is he was only after famous people to do consulting. After a background check, the lady consultant apparently also graduated from the same academy as the first consultant and had been invited back for a talk show even.

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Yi Jing Story Of GE15

We just ended another General Election for Malaysia after an unstable government decided to return the mandate to the people since the infamous Sheraton Move. This is the 15th General Election to choose our 10th Prime Minister and hopefully this time to Malaysia is able to get a strong majority voice to form the next stable government.

Since I have done many predictions in the past, I wasn’t motivated to do a public posting for this GE because since the response from the public has been lukewarm even though I have gotten so many predictions correct. Thus I only had discussion with some close students.

As we are nearer to the GE, the atmosphere began to get anxious leading to some of clients asking me about this as well. Thus I did a Plum Blossom Divination to seek divine answer to the question that most people desire to know:

“Will Pakatan Harapan win GE 15 ?”

I used the asking Date and Time to cast…

Let me cut the technicalities and go straight to the Final Gua. What we get is a Kun on Kun Gua (trigram). A Kun-Kun represents a win for Pakatan Harapan or in short PH but this win is only a small win and not able to form a stable government. Thus they will need to form a coalition. How did I get the idea of coalition? It is again from the Gua image.

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My Feng Shui Journey

What my student have written as a feedback on his life Feng Shui journey:

“Nothing exalts the soul or gives it a sheer sense of buoyancy and victory so much as being used to change the lives of other people”

True happiness come from knowing that someone’s life have changed for the better as a result of your efforts to help. The person who sent the message was initially plagued by marital problems and often being bullied by the husband when tempers flare. Somehow the husband was easily irritated and took it out on her. When I visited this friend of mine in her apartment, I was surprised to see that both husband and wife are sleeping in separate room.

After running a Feng Shui diagnosis using the Lineage Flying Stars method learned from my metaphysics teacher Master Alan Chong, it was revealed that the husband was facing cashflow problems for months due to collection problems in his business accumulating in bad debts. To make matters worse, their savings depleted due to them falling prey to unscrupulous scammers recently. Needless to say, the household was in a very unhappy state.

I advised them to shift their rooms and sleeping positions and provided several other simple remedies with the hope that it will lessen their burden. At first they were skeptical but common sense prevailed and they figured that they had nothing to lose, thus they relented. 2 weeks after following the instructions, the husband felt calmer and not so easily agitated and this brought the wife a much needed relief. The following week the husband succeeded in recovering 70% of what his client owed him since the year before.

I was especially elated when they thanked me for this sudden turn of events for the better. It gives me much pleasure and a humbling sense of fulfillment knowing that the knowledge I gained was able to make a difference in someone’s life.

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