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Feng Shui Mechanics is our blog site that master Alan Chong started back in 2009. Today, we continue share our views albeit at times controversial and some of the interesting cases we have met or done. This blog is mostly focused on Feng Shui and Divination topic. We have another blog specifically for BaZi learners or enthusiast. Besides blogging and sharing our knowledge and experience, here are our services too in case you could use some help.

We have migrated our old website alanchongfengshui.com.my to this page and streamlined our brand to be called Art of Destiny Feng Shui Consulting.

Over the years, we have helped many Malaysians improved their lives through proper application of Feng shui to harness good energy to help them in their career, health, relationship as well as children’s education.

What Do We Stand For?

This is because from day one, we have been about the RESULTS not the packaging. If you are for the Results, then you have come to the right page. Thus, the reason why we do not take seminars talks because we are in serious about your life improvement experiences and thus not interested in the entertainment part of this industry.

We have many solved many re-done cases, meaning cases that had been done by other Feng Shui masters and matters have gone from bad to worse so much so, we are now the expert in these situations. If you had a bad Feng Shui experience, don’t sweat, we are here to help & would like to hear your story and you may be in for a deal.

What Is Feng Shui and Its Effects?

Feng Shui is about Geomagnetic field thus it is not about religious rituals or spiritual in nature. It has no religious ties or anything to do with magic or talisman.

Out of alignment geomagnetic field can cause sickness, bad luck, obstacles, arguments, money outflow, extra marital affairs, poor children education luck and many more issues. On the contrary, having good energy draws noble people to help us, open up new opportunities, faster recovery from sickness, good human relationships etc. Thus why this art is so important and treasured.

However, it is unfortunate that there are thousands and one different systems out there and to most lay people, they will not know how to differentiate the real workable system from the fakes. We have some blog post about this as well that you may read about it. We are here to offer people something that really works!

Feng Shui Consultation Services Malaysia

We are professional Feng Shui consultants based in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia and we serve our regional clients as well in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, South Korea and Cambodia.

Our track record has been good thus far and hence this has contributed to our growth in the last 8 years. We cover units as small as a studio right up to mansions as large as 15,000 sqft, corporate offices and businesses while keeping our price affordable so more people can enjoy help from authentic Feng Shui. Don’t believe? Check out our Testimonials.

Our organization philosophy has always been:

  • to keep Feng Shui affordable to benefit more people especially those who are sick.
  • to keep the organization structure simple and not “corporatized” it to keep the above objective realizable.
  • to keep to our principle of honesty, integrity, respect client’s privacy and use only proven knowledge from our lineage masters.

If you are looking for authentic and affordable Feng Shui services, you have landed in the right page. Below is the list of our Feng Shui services:

Check Out Our Service Offers at Art of Destiny Consulting

Feng Shui Services | 风水

From your House to your Office/Business Feng Shui, we ensure good energy to help make your life a lot smoother just like how we did for for our clients.

For Houses and Businesses, check out the various packages we offer here….

Bazi Destiny Astrology | 八字算命

Bazi Astrology is a great tool to find our life potentials or luck cycle to help us plan our journey more effectively.

It can also help us work with others better by understanding them and ourselves same time.

Divination | 占卜

If you have a question like to choose between 2 choices, Plum Blossom Divination suits your purpose. Of course it can be applied to many other situation. Let us know your issues and we can advice.

If you have questions or need some professional advice on Feng Shui or Bazi Astrology, do get in touch with us for a discussion via the Contact Page. You may also refer to our page Ask Master Alan where you will find some past cases.

Our office is located in Puchong, Selangor where we can share more information with you in comfort.

Our Social Media

Facebook Page & We have groups to cater to your interest.

Those interested in real feng shui can join our Facebook Group here.

Our School

Our school where we train future masters of the trade.


Collection of our brain and experience in Youtube, Soundcloud and BaziConsult Blog


Read some of our client’s testimonials here.


Bukit Puchong, 47120, Selangor, Malaysia. Click link below for Google Map.

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