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Cantonese audio version of Feng Shui Case

竹 節 賦: 坤 艮 動 見 坎,中 男 絕 滅 不 躚 鄉



A Word From the Heart of a Client / Student.

I have always been a strong believer in Feng Shui. Since my first home, i have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results.

This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential issues which was going to happen. And, it did happen. I implemented his suggested solution and I’m grateful things start to improve over time.

This event has prompted me to learn from him. I hope one day with the skill and knowledge acquired, I’m able to help others.

So, why do i want to learn him? I guess the answer is obvious. He has proved to me, with positive effect in my current house. Next, his skill comes from proven and authentic lineage. This is very important as i do not wish to learn from some self claimed Master whom does DIY, self learning from books and without a recognized lineage.

The course itself is structure and informative, telling a lot about why this and that, making the understanding meaningful.
There are also relevant life examples n case studies which help to make learning purposeful.
There is one very critical part of the course – Oral Secret. This differentiate make the true master.
Feng Shui Myth – Master Alan has all answers to those, made by DIY Master.

As a newbie, i personally find it overwhelming. But, thanks to his patience, i would say he manage to clear all my doubts and queries
[of course one has to be sincere and show faith in his Feng Shui method].

To those out there whom are still searching for Authentic Feng Shui, I urge you to have a word with Master Alan, be it his course or Feng Shui audit. I’m sure he will be able to fill you up. Enroll or engage and you will not regret (don’t expect miracle from feng shui remedy. This is not God’s act. But sure to see positive result).
Thanks Master Alan for your guidance.   – Liew WY, S’pore


Feng Shui 风水 or literally known as Wind Water, is an traditional Chinese art used extensively by the rich and famous to arrange an environment so that one can harness the auspicious energies to create good health, create and improve wealth and create a harmonious environment to foster good relationships. It can be applied to any property whether it is used for a residence, office, factory, businesses, schools and even temples or churches.

The mountains and waters provide the source of Qi or energy which is what Feng Shui wants to capture to benefit mankind.

Assessment includes the surrounding land forms, where the property is located and the building facing to identify the energies in the building. Solutions are made to enhance all the good and positive energies and deplete all the negative energies by rearrangements of furniture and placing cures, and correctly sectioning the building.

You may want to find out some of the reasons why you should have your business, office, factory and house assessed by our Feng Shui Master.

There are many factors that can affect the wealth, prosperity and human well being in a building. Feng Shui is all about energies and energies can affect us. If we are exposed to bad energies, we will always have obstacles, high staff turnover, good staff leaving, high rejection, bad debts, thefts, criminal breach of trust, high customer complaints, poor business decisions and many more.

This could be due to few reasons and usually it either bad main door location, incoming Sha (killing) energies from surroundings, wrong sectioning thus the key staff sits in an inauspicious room or simply good energy sectors are being shut off thus depriving the good things to happen.

Sometimes small matters such as a wrong placement of stove in the long term can cause cancer, heart attacks, how a wrong bed orientation cause the lady sleepless nights, how a correct sectioning of a child’s room assist in academic achievement. These are just small matters but can bring about large long term effects.

If you want to enjoy better prosperity, better health, meeting noble people, enjoying business growth, retaining good staff, better productivity and most of all a smoother life, you should engage our services.

A competent Feng Shui Master backed by a Lineage of Grand master’s knowledge is what makes the difference! The Results speaks for itself.

fengshuimaster malaysia



New book on Feng Shui and BaZi.

Get my copy of Winds of Change

This book on both Feng Shui 风水 and BaZi 八字 Astrology Topics

Very easy too read & suitable for those who wants to know more about what is real feng shui and Bazi. They are based on true events and interviews with people who are involved.

For more information and to purchase, click on the book or view the video below.

New Sound Cloud Cantonese Audio of a Real Feng Shui Case:

竹 節 賦: 坤 艮 動 見 坎,中 男 絕 滅 不 躚 鄉 
竹 节 赋: 坤 艮 动 见 坎,中 男 绝 灭 不 跹 乡

What is Feng Shui? Watch this video to understand it from the ancient and modern explanation & how it can affect our well being from wealth to health etc.


We recognize our grand master and we have no qualms in sharing with you who are they:

Our Grand Masters:

From Left: Master Tan Yang Wu, Yen Pen, Sui Ming, Francis Leyau

From Left: Master Tan Yang Wu, Yen Pen, Sui Ming,  My Master

It is sad to note that nowadays most masters shy away from revealing their source of knowledge.


If you like to read more about Chinese metaphysics you may visit our Blog page.

Good Feng Shui Property – if you are looking for good feng shui property in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, may it be new launches, ready units, this is a great site for information. http://www.fengshuiproperty.net

Feng Shui Seminar

In addition to consulting, teaching and blogging Feng Shui, Master Alan also passionate about sharing the real truth about destiny from the Chinese culture point of view. As such if you have any annual Feng Shui talks, I be gladly ready to share with you or your organization. You may contact me at qimgmt@yahoo.com for appointments.

Feng Shui Seminar Talk

Recent concluded Feng Shui Talk / Seminar July 2016

Prosper with Feng Shui in Turbulent Times

A very honest feedback from audience:

“Congratulations to your success in Organising this meaningful Feng Sui Talk, it is something difference from those conventional seminars which I attended in the past ….Philip.”

Sheng Ji (种生基)

If you like to know more about Sheng Ji or sometimes loosely known as Life Grave, then you can visit my page on Sheng Ji. There are many types of Sheng Ji method i.e. Taoist method, New age method or the traditional method.

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