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Welcome to the Blog Page of Master Alan Chong, also known as Fengshuimechanics, where he will share his thoughts, Feng shui cases, and journey in this Feng Shui world with readers.

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Here is the Youtube Channel where you find many tips and information about Feng shui and Bazi as well.


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Master Alan also co-authored his first book Winds of Change that talks about the Myth and Truth in Feng Shui with real cases of properties in Malaysia that have both enjoyed good as well as poor Feng Shui resulting in the current state of those properties.He subsequently written the Feng Shui book, Winds of Change, available in Kinokuniya Suria KLCC, to share cases on Feng shui in Malaysia.

He hopes to publish more books in the future on both Feng Shui and Bazi Astrology. Watch his book video here.


The mountains and waters provide the source of Qi or energy which is what Feng Shui wants to capture to benefit mankind.

Assessment includes the surrounding land forms, where the property is located and the building facing to identify the energies in the building. Solutions are made to enhance all the good and positive energies and deplete all the negative energies by rearrangements of furniture and placing cures, and correctly sectioning the building.

You may want to find out some of the reasons why you should have your business, office, factory and house assessed by our Feng Shui Master.

There are many factors that can affect the wealth, prosperity and human well being in a building. Feng Shui is all about energies and energies can affect us. If we are exposed to bad energies, we will always have obstacles, high staff turnover, good staff leaving, high rejection, bad debts, thefts, criminal breach of trust, high customer complaints, poor business decisions and many more.

This could be due to few reasons and usually it either bad main door location, incoming Sha (killing) energies from surroundings, wrong sectioning thus the key staff sits in an inauspicious room or simply good energy sectors are being shut off thus depriving the good things to happen.

Sometimes small matters such as a wrong placement of stove in the long term can cause cancer, heart attacks, how a wrong bed orientation cause the lady sleepless nights, how a correct sectioning of a child’s room assist in academic achievement. These are just small matters but can bring about large long term effects.

If you want to enjoy better prosperity, better health, meeting noble people, enjoying business growth, retaining good staff, better productivity and most of all a smoother life, you should engage our services.

A competent Feng Shui Master backed by a Lineage of Grand master’s knowledge is what makes the difference! The Results speaks for itself.

So what is Feng Shui? Watch this video to understand more.

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Master Alan Chong

Having learn from Lineage masters, he has managed to solved many intricate Feng Shui cases ranging from house to offices and even corporate clients. He has learnt from three capable masters, from all they come from a unique family of Feng shui ancestry. This has given him deeper insights into the art of Feng shui allowing him to achieve high success rate in all his projects and even surpassing some old and more famous masters. You can read more about the cases he shares in his Blog.

His success in his first Sheng Ji 生基 project having clients from as far as Canada, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia proves that his competence in this field once dominated by old masters. This plot is now fully utilized. Sheng Ji or Life Grave is a branch of Yin Feng Shui or Burial Feng Shui. This is one of the highest level of Feng Shui and the most difficult to master. It requires high degree correct understanding in the theory of Feng Shui coupled with practical experience.

His recent prediction of few events using the knowledge of Bazi Astrology, also makes him gaining recognition in this field. Many Bazi students who once after having learnt Bazi from other schools, after under his tutelage has been able to read Bazi, something never thought as possible before. The affirmation from his students and clients is what propels him to reach out to more people so that this ancient art can be used to help mankind to be better in control of their destiny.


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