Yang House Service Package

We have designed 3 different packages to suit your needs and affordability. As we are using traditional Feng Shui method, you can expect minimum rituals and superstition. We do not use spiritual means nor talisman. Feng Shui cannot work for desperate situations or situation that needs quick fix.

Yang House definition: Office, Residential, Factories, Show Rooms, Schools, Universities, Retail shops, Malls, Government offices, Condominiums and Apartments.

Our Feng Shui Consultation Packages

  • One solution service is our entry service package.
  • Suits people who are cost sensitive or have currently limited means but needed help.
  • People who are not sure what is traditional Feng Shui is like.
  • Not suitable if you are moving into a new property. It is meant only for current living in property.
  • This solution is mainly centered on our propriety FENG SHUI LAMP as key solution.

  • Full Spectrum Audit which is suitable for all types of properties including high rise and condominiums.
  • 5 Points Audit
  • 3 Level Process
  • Date Selection for important tasks.
  • Long term results
  • This package is tailored for those who seriously belief in traditional Feng Shui and who wants to maximize good energy for their property.
  • This package on top of the Pro package, includes fine tuning alignment to tap the best energy.
  • Higher level techniques are used here. Precision alignment to 5 degrees or less.
  • Typically recommended for businesses, factories, malls and large scale residential property.


We have other services such as:

  • Pre purchase selection
  • Design from zero
  • Development Planning

Other Information, terms and conditions:

  1. Traditional Feng Shui is not magic. It does not work on immediate miracles. It is long term good energy built up.
  2. Outstation travel if required but subjected to Outstation Travel Fees.
  3. Traditional Feng Shui lack rituals, superstitions, item placements. If you prefer such, perhaps you have to look elsewhere.
  4. Tenants Date of Birth is required for our audits.
  5. Our Feng Shui consultation is for On-site Audits unless otherwise permissible we do not encourage on-line jobs.

If you are ready to engage us, you may register yourself. To assists us, please let us know your property LOCATION, TYPE, BUSINESS/NON-BUSINESS & SIZE.


We area of specialization are Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley), Sitiawan, Penang Island, Ipoh, Seremban, Kluang, Batu Pahat, Melaka, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Queensland, Perth and Sydney.