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After the family exhumed and moved my grandfather’s remains to another location, nothing good happened at all. My dad’s business suffered and in fact had a stroke in the same year when he was usually healthy. That was when I started doing more research and came across Alan’s website. Although I knew nothing about FS, I felt that his brand of FS seems logical and consistent without the superstitious and supernatural stuff, so I decided to contact him. After he audited our family’s graves he noted the previous relocation was done badly and we needed to fix them quickly. Even though the audit and FS alteration fees were high for us, I decided to put my faith in Master Alan. After the changes (we also invited him to audit our house), it took 5-6 months for us to notice major improvements. My dad’s business improved and could now pay off his debts and be more comfortable financially. As for me, I was unemployed with no income but I was able to come across a good business opportunity on the internet. I am now on track to be able to make six figures a year. Don’t be afraid to contact him and make a change. His services are more than worth it. You are guaranteed to make back multiples of what you will spend on his services. Chou YC, Ipoh 2022 case #yinfengshui


Master Alan helps to transform lives through Bazi & Feng Shui discipline. His audit is highly accurate in his Feng Shui techniques that sought to bring prosperity as well as Bazi reading that help one to improve life decisions. Master Alan is simply the best & absolutely outstanding in his research work. Khoo BB, 2020 & 2022. P/S: the research here meant the Feng Shui Lamp.

Master Alan was the 7th fengshui master that came to audit my home. All the other masters were not able to produce the results that I was hoping for except for Master Alan. The most amazing thing was that Master Alan already have an inkling about what’s causing my problem just by reading my rants on facebook as we have been facebook friends for nearly 7 or 8 years. True enough, his suspicion was confirmed during the audit. Non of the other previous masters was able to detect the devasting FS defect of my house. I had been living in a defective house for nearly 45 years and have experience a slow descent of luck and quality of life over that period. Both my sanity and physical health was deteriorating as I felt trapped in a life that was out of my control. Now, after the recommended alteration and some other adjustments, I can safely say that my depression have lifted and general luck is improving, and I can once again focus on improving my career, health and living conditions. As they say better late than never. Also I am looking forward to future bazi consults as it will more meaningful after the defect in my house, which renders everything void, is corrected. Its easy to fengshui a rich or successful person’s home as the owner could be having good luck and the FS environment might mirror the good luck, but to pull somebody out of a black hole and back into the light, this what Master Alan was able to do in my situation. I would highly recommend Master Alan’s consult to anybody going through hard times or looking to improve their lot in life with an extra boost of luck to help them out, and I consider his consult to be one of the best investment I have ever made in whole life. CG Wong, Kuala Lumpur 2022


I knew Master Alan been practicing Feng Shui since decade. I trusted him from his engineer’s mind into metaphysic and I was introduce to this Feng Shui Energy Lamp from my god brother. Day 1 (2.12.22 Friday)
I lighted the candle after dinner when I got home, within 2 hours, I got 3 WhatsApp enquiries ( I was pretty amazed, as this 3 prospect is not in my target list)

Day 2 (3.12.22 Saturday)
I met a prospect in the morning and I closed a sale smoothly.

It is a very significant and impressive work of Master Alan for this Feng Shui Lamp creation. A BIG Thank YOU Master Alan to lighten up all life through his Feng Shui Lamp, – Caryn Koay

Once again Master Alan Chong has made a difference. Alan had previously consulted on our other properties with great success so there was no doubt in my mind that he was essential to engage in the renovation plans of our main Sydney Art Gallery. Thank you thank you Master Chong. We look forward to experience more positive results on their way to the Harvey Galleries team, our Artists and Collectors.

We are six weeks post our grand reopening and sales are booming!!
So so grateful 🙏

Highly recommend Master Chong’s services for those seeking guidance on a personal and professional level.

Trevor Harvey

Alan was recommended to me by my good friend as he knows I was going through a tough year. Before meeting Alan, consulted other feng shui master who asked me to buy items that can improve my situation, but that did not help.

After I deployed the Feng Shui advice from Alan since Feb 2022 till now, I could feel and see things started to change for the betterI feel more positive thinking in the way how I manage my work stress and hence resulted in some progression in my career. Mandy – KL

Feng Shui lamp solution to solve difficult problems. Case – Kovan Singapore
A sickness lingering for more than 3 years finally found the root cause after moving the bed from the Feng Shui Consultation. – Clara, Singapore. 2022
Done 5 years ago….writing this to support us! Thank you.

If you are reading these testimonials, you are surely thinking of whether to engage with Master Alan Chong either for registering for one of his courses or getting a Feng Shui audit. Since I was in your place not too long ago, I can relate. There is so many choices out there. Why should you choose Master Alan?

Like you, perhaps, despite all the optimism, hard work and sacrifices, my life had taken a decisive turn for the worse. I had lost my job, my marriage was on the rocks, my child was not doing well, and my health was deteriorating. I was often depressed and anxious. After trying everything with no success, I started to look for answers in Chinese metaphysics. There were so many schools out there. The more I read and learned, the more doubts and questions I had. I also felt that not knowing Chinese was a huge obstacle to learning Bazi and Feng Shui. In short, I was getting frustrated with my lack of progress in finding solutions to my problems.

Then one day, I saw a YouTube video posted by Master Alan Chong called Nature Way Bazi – Introduction which is about learning Bazi a different way based on nature with promises of accuracy and understanding. It made me extremely interested in finding out more about him.

I devoured his videos and blog postings, then I made the leap and joined his Bazi Practitioner Foundation course. Suddenly a new world opened up. His method of teaching is amazingly simple, but effective. I finally found a method that worked in Bazi reading and it worked every single time. There was no more confusion about strong or weak day master or about identifying useful gods for each day master. I could not believe all the time that I had wasted prior to this course. I wished that I had known about Master Alan Chong from the beginning. But like they say, better late, than never. He makes learning how to read Bazi so simple and accessible. His approach is very logical and understandable.

After this course, I was intent on engaging Master Alan for a Feng Shui audit, and I was not disappointed. He quickly came back with solutions that were economical and easy to implement. The results did not take long to appear. My husband and I immediately slept much better. Over the following weeks and month, good things were starting to happen. My daughter’s chronic health issues started to disappear and as a result, she was able to focus and do better in school. My husband’s business started getting more client referrals. He has never been busier with visiting new clients and signing more deals. Our relationship is also slowly improving. Just recently I overheard him telling his friends and family that he feels calmer, less angry, and aggressive, and he does not know why! Last week, I finally landed a new job after months of posting. Last but not least, our renter who has not been paying his rent for almost a year, has told us yesterday that he wants to start paying us again his past due rents and he even asked for our bank account information. Do you think that this is all a coincidence? I am convinced that these occurrences are the results of a Feng Shui audit done well. During this whole time, Master Alan was following up on us and make himself available for more questions and fine-tuning. I felt that he really cared about the well-being of my family and me. It wasn’t at all about squeezing as much profit as possible from his clients and selling them things that are not necessary.

In closing, you should choose Master Alan Chong, because he is a serious and gifted Chinese metaphysics practitioner with a heart. As he has stated, he wants to help as many people as possible to benefit from his knowledge and expertise. Therefore, his rates are fair, reasonable, and affordable. Most importantly, Master Alan Chong will give you the answers that you are looking for, and isn’t that why you are here?

If you are still hesitating, do yourself a favor and invest in yourself and your future. Your return on this investment will be manifolds. By CW Bussy Switzerland, 2022

I got to know Master Alan through his website Art of Destiny and his very informative blog Feng Shui Mechanics. I have always found Master Alan’s postings to be most sensible and logical, devoid of any cryptic jargons & exaggerations that are so prevalent in the market. What spurred me to be an ardent follower of his blog is that he demonstrates his depth of knowledge and experience in his sharings and his work are focused on obtaining consistent & sustainable results, with actual testimonials, and not just trying to get his audience impressed with contrived wow factors.

After more than 1o years moving into my current home, I find that it had been a consistent descent in terms of career and wealth luck and my health had deteriorated. Until the point where I couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep and career-wise, it had plummeted to new depths. I suspected something was wrong as moving from job to job, I realized the same instability issues kept repeating itself, and eerily similar in every position that I took on. To make things worse, for the past few years my health had gotten worse due to the inability to sleep well. A well known feng shui master even advised me to move out from the house as he couldn’t remedy it. However ,moving house is no small feat, especially when suffering from wealth issues which hinders this option.

Not to be discouraged, I engaged Master Alan to have my house feng shui audited. He was very thorough and sharp in his observations, and his findings are accurate. Everything that he told me that could have happened in the house were spot on and i knew that he had correctly diagnosed the underlying problems that had afflicted me for so long. What impressed me most is his recommendations for me to remedy the issues, it was simple yet effective and potent. Once implemented, we do not need to wait long for the results to come. We slept much better, my wife secured a new client within a few days, and a colleague that had been causing problems to her at work was gone. I was more calmer and felt more energetic, and clear minded, and I’m more confident in taking action to pursue a new career path. Things are turning for the better after a long period of stagnation and constant uncertainties.

The best is results were achieved without the need to move out, stressful renovations or purchasing any expensive charms. It was purely logical in aligning with the correct energy fields that permeates our living space. Master Alan was also very down to earth and approachable in making sure we understand what he does and the circumstances of our home, answering our questions & doubts patiently with commanding expertise. If you somewhat relate to my experience or had not been able to garner any significant results after even having your property’s feng shui audited I highly recommend that you engage Master Alan for his expertise and professional services. – Elaine (Husband/Wife) Bandar Utama, Kuala Lumpur, 2022

Client has expanded to new Branch. August 2022. Bangsar outlet audited in 2019.
Case done in Perak, May 2022. Just a change of bed and bedroom to resolve this long standing issue since they have many spare rooms.
August 2022 site inspection, Manjung Perak.

Master Alan is the 3rd FS Master I consulted. 2. When he told me that my previous house was second grade feng shui, I decided and bought another house. 3. Needless to say, the cost of purchase and renovation was exorbitant. 4. Yet, I was prepared to believe him and acted upon his advice. This was due to two reasons: (a) In my previous house just by changing the position of my bed on his advice, my back problem abated and my relationship with family and friends improved; (b) I find him to be a sincere and genuine master in Chinese metaphysics. He does care for the well being of his clients. 5. After having acted on his advice for both my office and new house, my business income improved! In fact after MCO 1, I have clients chasing me to bill them and they paid. 6. My business net income in 2020 improved by 30% compared to 2019 despite one month without any income due the MCO 1.


Client Bukit Jalil 3 storey house. Learned from many masters, previous audit master from Singapore. Master Alan went in and did some corrections.
Singapore Client after Feng Shui Changes Sept 2021

I had my Bazi and house Fengshui reading done by Master Alan.

Previously I had gone through many obstacles and issues in my marriage and family matters.

I have learnt and understood so much from his readings. He has helped me with many solutions including the main FS issues leading to much improvement in the matters of my family, personal life and career. Although the marriage now ended up with divorce, it’s a great blessing as my life has changed so much more positively! I am much happier and healthier now. I now understand from his readings that my life is better after the divorce.

His work is professional, honest and indeed very helpful. He really knows his stuffs well and I also got him to do readings for my family members.

I am thankful for all his help and advice.

TT – Sept 2021 KL

One of the prediction master has done….8th PM resigned on 16 Aug 2021
From the diary of a client. Thankfully the bulb lighted and changed back to original layout. Problem disappeared.
Previously done by another master then altered by Master Alan.
Customer completed their renovation in April 2020. Philippines
Ancestral Yin Feng Shui – South Korea

“there’s no such thing as coincidence”– paolo coelho

Meeting Master Alan Chong is destiny.. when I first met Master Alan I was lost and losing hopes especially in the business area. and lacking clarity in my life. During our Bazi class I saw master Alan’s teaching style and attitude plus his techniques are amazing. his techniques made me able to make significant moves and actions toward mg goals and what I want in life. Master Alan has incredible skills and knowledge in the field of Chinese metaphysics and as a teacher/mentor he provides endless supports and guidance.

Master Alan really helped me to tap into myself and improve my business and realize more of my potentials. It has been a great pleasure to be his student and I really recommend him to anyone who is looking for Professional Bazi & Fengshui consultant or anyone who wants to learn Chinese metaphysics I assure you that Master Alan will bring out the best in you…from the Philippines, MC

Mr Ng from KL
Case done in PH, Oct 2019, feedback in Dec 2019

Feng Shui Testimonials

As What We promise..

fengshuimaster malaysia

just to update you that biz has been good, and thank you
we typically need 100% every month
before the office feng shui, it has been below 100%
last month was about 150%
this month looking ok

~ * ~

Read Feng Shui Real Cases here….since some of the testimony are verbal while some customers prefer privacy.

It has been our policy to maintain privacy for our client and as such photos are filtered accordingly.

Office in KL city, with multiple doors and complications. feedback after 2 months and monitoring.

Employee in Corporate about 1 year after move into good Feng Shui house.

about 1 month after the Feng Shui lamp solution, a propriety solution of our consulting expertise.

Kepong factory initially facing some financial difficulties due to long outstanding debtors.

After rearranging the office layout for better Qi.

A Consulting company in PJ. Good Feng Shui discard unreliable staff and attracts better quality people.

Subang House Case. 4 years developed back ache. Feedback after 5 months.

Door completed 21 Mar 19, feedback 1 Aug 19 from losing to breaking even.

我是在2010年开始我目前的生意,因为生意有了,2014年搬了一间比较大的地方. 但到2015年自从GST后,生意就开始往下坡,有時还会做到亏本呢!
就在2017年11月,在网上找来了Alan帮我看风水,他用罗盘一看,就叫我以最快的速度找地方搬,因为那间店的大门是在凶位. 半信半疑的我也在两个月内找到了另一间新店. 新店的大门和所有坐位经过Alan用罗盘来测量和定向后安上去,在2018年二月就开始做生意了。
风水您信就有,不信也有,对我而言,它真的很奥妙. 我真的很感激Alan的帮忙和指点,谢谢. – JT Apr 2019


LT-Klang-after 2 months, Jan 2019 done

Case done on April 28, 2018 just before the GE 14. Got the feedback 30/9/18.
Real Feng Shui is as sure as the echo of sound.
Thanks to clients who keeps me updated and happy that our services has helped them improved. Then another update on 22/10/18.
Another success case of Feng Shui that was corrected in
mid June 2017. Feed back received on 7 Sept 2017. Type of premise: business retail.
ST – Klang, Selangor
Hi Alan, I think ur bucket of water and change cashier facing work wonder ,I don’t think is coincidence since yesterday my customers that coming to my shop came back this weekend Total 5 of them .😊 They have stop coming for more than 1-2years
…..in fact I also surprise those customers came back ,,I still shop now (6:30pm) usually Sunday finish at 5:00pm today is quite busy good sign..now got motivation to work 😝
– Liang, Singapore
After having the Bed Change sometime back & Water fountain installed and running. Ms Teh, Subang

I would like to take this pleasure to pen this testimony with gratitude towards Master Alan Chong for his meticulous arrangement of Fengshui in my shop and my house and would like to extend my thanks to him. Having known him through facebook for more than a year, i would like to call him a friend because what he offers, exceed the boundary of “business”. This is definitely . We are no longer in a Master/Customer relationship and he is always ready to help but i will continue calling him Master Alan because of respect for his talent and knowledge. The Shop I own a retail outlet toiling for 17 years shifting 3 times throughout the period. Life was initially quite secured for the first 12 years and it was ok until we shifted from the original place and then things started going downhill despite consulting an experienced non lineage fengshui master. He is afterall, the one who adviced us to shift in the first place saying the land luck (地运) is diminishing fast. After holding on for 2 years and incurred massive losses, i have no choice but to shift over to a less desirable location for its low rental for the third time. A fighter I am, i told my wife to give me 6 months to turn things around if not, i will go back to employment. How will i cope with employment after being a boss for so long is beyond my imagination but fight i must. To fast forward the 4 years I worked in this shop, i managed to survive but not without obstacles. I was in a mountain of debts. I engaged Master Alan’s service and he begun his analysis over the shop. Being a realistic person I am, I did not expect a miracle. I will be contented even if there is a little changes. I have afterall gone through some of the worst times from being broke to debt-ridden. My objective then was to make the business profitble in the shortest time possible and sell it. Eventhough i have achieved profitablity but I somehow slipped into debts. Its like the bleeding never stop. I don’t understand how. A few alteration in the shop later, i have felt first the energy in the shop has changed. Witness not only by me but the customers who came and commented. Business begin to stablise gradually over the months and the “bleeding wound” is drying up. The change of direction of the office door breath life into the business. The partnership i started outside begin to materialise and ideas has been flooding in where I charted many proposals and directions in the office itself. Best of all, there are prospecting buyers making inquiry to take over the business which i fail to get throughout the 4 years i tried after rebuilding the business. For once after so many years i felt the intense energy of enthusiasm in me to make things work which i would attribute to the change of direction of the working table. It has been 7 months now since having Master Alan over and the effect of his analysis is taking shape. He has made me believe again that Fengshui does help despite my previous bad experience. I shall call this Testimony Part One. Part Two i shall talk about my house. Good day to all and Thank you Master Alan. – Khai, Kuala Lumpur.

I have always been a strong believer in Feng Shui. Since my first home, i have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results.

This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential issues which was going to happen. And, it did happen. I implemented his suggested solution and I’m grateful things start to improve over time.

This event has prompted me to learn from him. I hope one day with the skill and knowledge acquired, I’m able to help others.

So, why do i want to learn him? I guess the answer is obvious. He has proved to me, with positive effect in my current house. Next, his skill comes from proven and authentic lineage. This is very important as i do not wish to learn from some self claimed Master whom does DIY, self learning from books and without a recognized lineage.

The course itself is structure and informative, telling a lot about why this and that, making the understanding meaningful.
There are also relevant life examples n case studies which help to make learning purposeful.
There is one very critical part of the course – Oral Secret. This differentiate make the true master.
Feng Shui Myth – Master Alan has all answers to those, made by DIY Master.

As a newbie, i personally find it overwhelming. But, thanks to his patience, i would say he manage to clear all my doubts and queries
[of course one has to be sincere and show faith in his Feng Shui method].

To those out there whom are still searching for Authentic Feng Shui, I urge you to have a word with Master Alan, be it his course or Feng Shui audit. I’m sure he will be able to fill you up. Enroll or engage and you will not regret (don’t expect miracle from feng shui remedy. This is not God’s act. But sure to see positive result).
Thanks Master Alan for your guidance.   – Liew WY, S’pore


Source: Bursa Malaysia

As time passes, the progress has been good. from a flat graph when I first did the alternations, today its performing pretty well. Of course the journey has its ups and downs but the overall result trend, as far as I am concerned, has been satisfactory.


You are the answer to my prayers! For years I have been searching for a feng shui consultant with real knowledge. The books I read and the other websites I visited struck me as commercialized, new age feng shui. And when I did try a feng shui audit, it didnt help. Maybe now, I can finally feel secure after meeting you. – Diana, Philippines 


Husband managed to collect back substantial amount of bad debt and business have also improved. I am grateful for this & gives me a lot of motivation. – Lily, Sabah


I dont know if feng shui works or not but after 9 years in the old house trying to conceive, I now can inform you that my 3 months old son is healthy and well. This is one of the objective and both of us are happy. Thanks! – Willy, Selangor

– 010 –

Audited 3 months ago, your last bastion for feng shui consultancy..

Audited about 1 month ago. Some changes done and 1 more change to be done. Here is the result!
Audited about 1 month ago. Client update – Some changes done and 1 more change just completed. Here is the result!

Testimonial 23Aug2016
Feng Shui is one component of our overall destiny

Real Feng Shui is so Easy

= * =

Good feng shui consultant Malaysia
Another Happy Client


Superbly a Good News! Client promoted the CEO after good feng shui done for him! So happy for him! A humble Dato too.

Correct placement of Table according to XKDG, Good sectoring, Date selection to move in & matching Man to the Flying Star Feng Shui formation!

What They Say…. (only those with permission from Clients)
Things are progressing better for us, I can see more jobs coming. Next week changing the stove position.
– Mr Sam (KL)
I am happy to tell you I have finally broke my (shop) sales record. Thank you for your help.
– Jimmy (JB) 3 months after audit
The funny thing is I sleep very well in any position. I go to bed at about 10 pm and sleep through till 6am. All Drs’ are amazed that I don’t get up in the night to use the toilet like I used to be.
– Jenny K (KL) 3 weeks after audit
Alice’s better…. at least not panic easily. Should say overall much better than before. – J. Yik (S’pore) 7 months after audit.

Good, Everything running smoothly & Can see lots of opp. Try to work on it but at least invested in another hse. Got it at a good value. 🙂 – Caryn K (KL) 6 months after audit.

Mr Alan, I am happy that I found a good walk in client & recently my tenant have been able to his rent on time. Thank you. – Chee Tuck.

Hi bro, my bro will start work on Monday (after jobless for 1 year). Hope that he gets a job that he like. The electric stove was installed this afternoon… Once again, thanks for everything. – Kymn Lim (S’pore) 3weeks after audit.

My husband just got promoted. Thank you Alan. – Yip YY (KL)
The children’s results improved after moving to this new house. I’m now very happy that they are more focused and willing to study. – Mdm Tang.

Finally I have found a Master that can show results. I nearly given up on Feng Shui. After you asked me to use the down stairs room and opening the side door, the business did improve much faster than before. Both of us are very satisfied. My wife just got her promotion too. Thanks again. – Philip C (Shah Alam)

Sales order went up 10%-20% and now my suppliers have problems coping them.  Bryan (Sri Kembangan)

I got to tell you (showing me the present), finally we have gotten a team price after so many years of not achieving and despite a tough year for us. – Ms Doreen (Bandar Utama). (This is for achieving group sales target)

After the changes of the room and replace the desk, the parents felt more confident in us & student intake is picking up. Will wait for the door installation on the date. Thanks again. – Mr Chan (Kepong Baru)

3 months later, Mr Chan reported they have broken the threshold they have been targeting for a while.

I do feel the number of customers entering the shop increased and also the sales have gone up & feel that things is more progressing after you advice me to sit on the opposite side. – Ms Foo (Johor) (1 month after the correction, translated from Chinese)