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Second Opinion – Case C_KPG

Received an enquiry for a Feng Shui Second Opinion.

He wanted to seek second opinion for his condominium in Kepong because he previously had engaged a lady consultant who asked him to give up his landed house and move to the new condominium but unfortunately he felt there wasn’t any improvements since then.

Before this lady consultant, they did engage another famous consultant from a local Feng Shui Consulting firm here where the principal consultant is very famous and things were just not moving.

What was worse is that the wife has lost confidence in Feng Shui and labelled it as fake. What a sad statement.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

After he had shared his story with me, let me summarize the gist of it.

What Did He Do Wrongly?

I think the biggest problem with this person is he was only after famous people to do consulting. After a background check, the lady consultant apparently also graduated from the same academy as the first consultant and had been invited back for a talk show even.

The website was grand, don on a nice Chinese Cheong Sam holding a Luopan taken by a professional photographer and claims to be expert this skills and that skill and the list goes on.

What makes people think that famous equals ability? In Feng Shui the more you know, the easier you get confused if you do not understand the mechanics of Feng Shui well.

This same consulting company as so many unsuccessful cases but I have to say they are famous!

It reminds me back in the old days when I was much younger, we hardly hear of the name of Feng Shui masters. My very rich friend in Indonesia told me his dad hire the Feng Shui master from China who do not even have a website but was flown over to do this job for their ancestral tomb.

I think this person is lucky since his complaint was no positive improvement, most people actually gone from average to worse after consulting.

There is a new mall near Pudu area that became pretty empty and lifeless after the Feng Shui audit. Can you imagine the losses ? So, just being not having any positive result is considered lucky.

Furthermore, why would a consultant proceed with a condominium and do not even bother to check out the landed property? Wouldn’t a land property has more possibilities for better Feng Shui?

Lesson Learned

In Feng Shui do not always think that Famous is the same as having great ability.

In Feng Shui, always be weary of the 3Ms. Marketing, Mystical and Miracle. These are the traits you have to be careful if you wish to avoid problem faced by this person. I have written about this sometime back.

It is not Feng Shui being fake, it is just he did not have the good karma to meet a good one. Testimonials.

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