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Looking Back On 2022

I did a few predictions for a local association back in 3rd March 2022 after some delays and few things did come through. Let’s review the predictions that we got some feedback from the association.

First let’s look at the prediction Master did for Malaysia’s outlook based on the Feng Shui study and the year pattern of the stars movements.

We saw a transition from PM Muhyiddin to PM Ismail Sabri last year and then subsequently this government was rather unstable politically and the 15th General Election was called.

The economy of Malaysia in general did improved compared to 2021 based on official figures. Petronas also recorded a big profit this year which means the government had more financial means to provide relief fundings to the people.

Yes it is still a huge Budget deficit with many goodies package given out by the government and had to relied to borrowings to fulfill this.

The Covid-19 figures continue to subside with daily numbers hovering between 1500-3000. What is more important is that the death rate is kept to single digit daily figure. It has much fallen to a level of the usual influenza levels.

Pretty much the four predictions was spot on.

Yes paint manufacturers in general had good business with no major impact. However, supply chain issues did happened for some materials due to the war.

It was confirmed that smaller packaging did enjoyed better business performance than bulk packaging.

What We Learn From This?

Feng Shui is able to influence the outcome of a country. It is the same it can do for companies as well as houses.

Divination is the more suitable method when you are looking for future outlook. Plum blossom is one credible method.

Zodiac reading is too general to be taken seriously and for any important decision making. Bazi reading is more meaningful.

Use the correct tool for the intended purpose, then you may achieve good accuracy like what Master has done here.

With this we are happy to end 2022 happily and wish you all a good year ahead.

Note: Tiger year will only end on 3rd February 2023.

On the side line, you may also want to read about what Master Alan has predicted with a local press…


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