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Feng Shui Lamp

Testimonial 1

I knew Master Alan been practicing Feng Shui since decade. I trusted him from his engineer’s mind into metaphysic and I was introduce to this Feng Shui Energy Lamp from my god brother.

Day 1 (2.12.22 Friday)
I lighted the candle after dinner when I got home, within 2 hours, I got 3 WhatsApp enquiries ( I was pretty amazed, as this 3 prospect is not in my target list)

Day 2 (3.12.22 Saturday)
I met a prospect in the morning and I closed a sale smoothly.

It is a very significant and impressive work of Master Alan for this Feng Shui Lamp creation.

A BIG Thank YOU Master Alan to lighten up all life through his Feng Shui Lamp 

Caryn Koay, Malaysia

Testimonial 2

After using the Feng Shui lamp, things in the house started to improve. My dad’s borderline high blood sugar level normalized. There were significantly fewer arguments between my parents. My sister finally found a boyfriend. Initially they were reluctant about the lamp, but now they are enthusiastic about lighting the lamp everyday!

Victor Lim, Singapore

Testimonial 3

Master Alan helps to transform lives through Bazi & Feng Shui discipline. His audit is highly accurate in his Feng Shui techniques that sought to bring prosperity as well as Bazi reading that help one to improve life decisions. Master Alan is simply the best & absolutely outstanding in his research work on Feng Shui Lamp.

KB Khoo, PJ, Selangor

Testimonial 4

Gary Teh, Penang, Malaysia.

Testimonial 4

Ms Koh, Kuala Lumpur

About Our Feng Shui Lamp

The Feng Shui Lamp is a result of Master Alan Chong’s years of research work and consulting experience in the field of traditional Feng Shui.

This lamp has helped many clients to alleviate their problems and improve their health, career, relationships and/or financially.

Our Feng Shui lamp does not need any rituals, renovations and nor it is based on positive thinking psychology but rather based on energy to help alter the current bad energy that is hampering our progress.

It does not need any maintenance and the usage is safe and simple.

There are many versions and what you see above are just some of them.

Interested please contact us for more information. Thank you.

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