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Tilted Door

For a long time most Feng Shui celebrity masters says that a tilted door is akin to a crooked mouth. Its ugly and creates sharp edge sha 煞 and many others sha (destructive) forms. It goes on to say that it is the last desperate move to restore the feng shui. How true is this?

The Tilted Door a.k.a. Crooked Mouth

A door is tilted or being re-angled to achieve certain feng shui criteria for the purpose of restoring the feng shui of a property. The reason we do a tilted door is all for the feng shui reasons to draw in auspicious energy. The primary objective is to draw good or auspicious energy for the premise. At the same time there are many other schools that tilt doors in accordance to their school of thoughts. Thus one has to understand that not only the San Yuan Schools does tilted doors but other schools as well. San He boys does that often too.

Each and every school angles the doors according to their own theories. I have seen how a Bazi Feng Shui practitioner angle the door to fulfill his own theory. So you see, tilting door or angling the doors is no big deal. However one must be sure what is one doing! The effects can be catastrophic if done wrongly.

Results! Results! Results!

Chairman Deng Xiao Ping once said in his famous phrase, “I don’t mind if its a black cat or white cat but a cat that catches the mouse is a good cat!” He nailed it well when he said that because while the sight of an angled door is not conventional or eye smoothing but most importantly it gets the results!

Reverend Master Hong Chuan, who is our 3rd Generation grand master, gained his fame on the Hyatt Hotel in 1973 because he gave Hyatt a “crooked mouth” formation. Reverend Master Hong Chuan got the results! Hyatt’s hotel business soared after it had a crooked mouth door for feng shui.

If you go to Grand master’s temple in Singapore, you will still see his signature work of the “crooked mouth”. I have attached a photo above.


I personally have done many tilted door and have yielded good results! My clients will know. Someday, I will share one case of how the crooked mouth saved a family of financial and health issues.

Of course in the West like in the United States or Western cultured countries such as Australia, this kind of feng shui solution may not be seem as “normal” but it is the best long term solution.

Too often I emphasize that fame equates nothing to ability in the feng shui field. Most importantly is the solution creates good feng shui effects or at least stop or neutralize bad feng shui effects. The ability of a feng shui master to draw in good or auspicious Qi (energy) has no relevance to fame. Famous feng shui master does not mean he has the real skills.

Fame is due to good presentation skills and marketing prowess and that is all it takes to be famous. Thus a Real Feng shui master with full of practical experiences is worth a ton of gold simply because they can produce tangible results.

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