Door Tilting

Tilted Door

For a long time most Feng Shui celebrity masters says that a tilted door is akin to a crooked mouth. Its ugly and creates sharp edge sha 煞 and many others sha (destructive) forms. It goes on to say that it is the last desperate move to restore the feng […]

The Art of Door Tilting

I was at an Apartment recently after receiving a call from a client. As I reach the apartment I saw the door was at an angle or Tilted. I continued with the Feng Shui Consultation. So I asked the owner when he engaged the Feng Shui consultant to audit his […]

Feng Shui Review – Bangsar Village 2

Dug out an old article written one half year ago… Adjacent to its older sister Bangsar Village 1, BV 2 is the slightly newer addition to the Bangsar shopping scene. The shopping centre  opened its doors in January 2007-houses less common designer brands and inherently quirky eateries and cafes. Visibly outstanding is […]