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The Art of Door Tilting

I was at an Apartment recently after receiving a call from a client. As I reach the apartment I saw the door was at an angle or Tilted.

I continued with the Feng Shui Consultation. So I asked the owner when he engaged the Feng Shui consultant to audit his house. He told me was back in 2008. Thus I said to him, I doubt there are much changes after the audit. He reluctantly agreed with me. Then I further said, in fact the problem would have persisted. Again he agreed with me.

Hyatt Singapore
Hyatt Hotel Singapore 2016
Door Tilting
Door Tilting That Did Not Produced Results

Today door tilting seems to be fashion ever since Venerable Hong Chuan did the Hyatt Hotel way back in 1973. Master Hong Chuan did a door tilt which resulted in the improvement of the hotel’s occupancy rate. So now every school from the San He boys, to the 8 Mansion practitioners, the Xuan Kong Da Gua guys are all doing it according to their theory. That’s fine if they get it right & backed by proven theories and practices.

The idea behind door tilting is to tune the door to receive the best auspicious Qi or energy for the house. However, this has to be done via a proven system. The problem in today’s world is there are many “systems” around but how many are really proven and pure. Most schools mix methods or have learn or graduated from self learned masters.

Feng shui is a complete system or we call it the One system that has to be proven by a lineage.

Somehow this owner wasn’t that lucky and ended up pretty bruised financially. Upon my checking it seems that the previous Feng shui consultant tilted the wrong door!. It’s like the surgeon who amputated the wrong leg! Luckily the owner are very diligent people and with good human actions prevented further disasters and contained the problem to the best they can. However human effort has a limit to it. After holding 8 years to the problems, they grew kind of tired and exhausted both emotionally and physically.

Choose your Feng shui consultant carefully as there are many Dr “Quacks” around. Remember, Fame does not guarantee correctness.