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I was once doing Sheng Ji a.k.a. life grave on a selected good date, it was rather surprising that the day was dry and shining where as nearby districts are having rain for the duration of the work which lasted 3 days since that was the rainy season in Malaysia. The work was smooth and completed without hiccups.

There were scent smell of peppermint blown in by the gentle breeze from the jungle hills and a big grasshopper stopped by almost like saying hello. It was scorching 42 degrees Celsius but heaven is kind by keeping us cool with the scented breeze. Everybody did not fall sick.

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XKDG Date Selection 

Often good Feng Shui coupled with a good date selected, an omen or a phenomena is always present that augurs well.

Thus having a good date to start a work or move in puts you in a better position for smooth accomplishment & a quick start up.

This is precisely the strength of Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection. Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) or in short XKDG is a San Yuan system of Feng Shui that is based on the 64 Hexagram system. Date selection is an integral part of this system matching all factors of Heaven – Earth – Man.

Any Feng shui master must have the skill to select an auspicious date for important events such has moving in a new building, office, house etc. Having a good date can reduce bad events or hasten the effects of the good feng shui formation.

Tong Shu date selection is weak and not applicable for good feng shui settings. Tong Shu dates such as the Dong Gong method or 12 Officer is for commoner or folk people use. Using a Tong Shu is very easy to have a “good” date. XKDG date selection is more elaborate and far more effective for Feng Shui application.