Learning Feng Shui

Advice from a Master with more than 30 Years experience – Master Issac Chung

Inside the famous Feng Shui Book, “The secret codes of Yuen Hung 玄空秘旨”, starts from the beginning, it said, “Without knowing the source, it doesn’t know where to get into, all the trigrams inside the chart are wrong不知來路,焉知入路,盤中八卦皆空。”

It is a very important reminder to tell us, “How to start?”, but most of the people are overlooking this sentence or limits it only in forming a Feng Shui Chart.
In fact, the writer truly gave us a key, “knowing the source!”, when we start learning Feng Shui from someone, we need to know where his knowledge coming from? If their knowledge is coming from books or internet, then you need to be alert, who knows his information are correct or wrong?
If they could teach themselves from books or internet, why you can’t do that the same instead of paying that much of money to learn from them?
If their knowledge is coming from lineage, check with his lineage and research his Feng Shui jobs before you learn from them.
Although you do what I advice, it doesn’t guarantee that you will find a true master but at least it can be avoid the fake master.


I agree with Master Chung has mentioned. Feng Shui is a fate changing skill and many masters today teaches Feng shui based on interpretation from books.

Thus there is no teacher to check on his works and understanding if he has understood it correctly or otherwise . There are no transmission of oral secrets.

In my years of doing consulting, I have witnessed many failed case by these very famous masters. Unfortunately in the Feng Shui world, Fame does not equals Ability.

These type of masters however do have something in common, a strong logic that appeals to the public’s common logic and possessed good speaking and marketing skills.

My honest opinion is one cannot acquire good feng shui skills by reading books. You may know something about feng shui, you may get a few cases correct but that is about as far as it goes. The difference between being lucky and having the right skills but not lucky is huge.

If you are planning to learn Feng shui to benefit people, make sure you make the right decision. However, if your aim is to make big bucks and Feng shui is your “product”, then I am sure you will clearly know where to go.

– Alan Chong