Real Feng Shui

I have always been a strong believer in Feng Shui. Since my first home, I have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results. This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential […]

Ming Tang

Ming Tang 明堂 Most self learn masters call it Bright Hall. This is widely accepted by non Chinese practitioners as correct. This is the disadvantage of learning feng shui from non Lineage schools.   What Most People Think? Most people or practitioner thinks it is the open space around the […]

Learning Feng Shui 1

Ho Lok Sang in his translation of Dao De Jing noted this “….the Chinese language is such that one word can carry multiple meanings, it is easy to be misled. But Laozi never worried about this problem, because after all the insight has to come from within. So he is […]

Learning Feng Shui

Advice from a Master with more than 30 Years experience – Master Issac Chung Source Inside the famous Feng Shui Book, “The secret codes of Yuen Hung 玄空秘旨”, starts from the beginning, it said, “Without knowing the source, it doesn’t know where to get into, all the trigrams inside the […]

Online Feng Shui A Valid Way?

Today many consultants are offering Online Feng Shui Consultancy. It’s easy, fast and hassle free or is it so? The one drawback is that the owner has to do some work. However is this a valid way of performing a Feng Shui Audit? This is the important question because it […]

Feng Shui Audit Process

The Feng Shui Master When we buy a property, we usually will engage a highly trained Feng Shui Master to do an evaluation on the property. He is preferably comes from a Lineage school and not selected on the basis of popularity. This is because the process of Feng Shui […]

Often Misunderstood Lineage Knowledge

What is the difference between Lineage knowledge and non lineage knowledge? While you can read about Lineage in my previous posting, I think the best way to educate is with an example. Why is it 5 Yellow in Flying Star is sometimes labelled as the Emperor? Some typical answers will […]

2-5 The Mistaken Hero?

In the last decade, many people actually spent a lot of money and time going for Feng Shui courses. Then they start moving from schools to schools just like shopping for cloths. Yet few had consistent results while some gave up. The more seriously hurt ones labelled feng shui as […]


When l first stepped into the world of Feng Shui when I started to learn from my first Master, I was told by many that there are lineages in some schools while some say it is not necessary to learning this art. Until today after many years, I still hear this […]