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House Facing, Fundamentally Difficult ?

One of the pre-requisite for a Feng shui consultancy job is to determine the Facing of a property. Most Feng shui formula requires to first to establish this unless one follows the Black Hat School.

Different schools uses different criteria to establish this but they all agree on this same criteria and that is the Yang Side. Yang here means the opposite of Yin.

Yang can be defined as Brightness, Man is Yang, Noise, Light, Movement and so forth.

Yin on the other hand is the opposite thus it means Darkness, Female, Silence, Heavy, Stillness and so forth.

The difference between schools of Feng shui is the individual interpretation of which side of the building is considered the Most Yang. Some schools may add a few sub criteria to further define Yang.

Fengshuiconsultant malaysia facing of building

It is difficult for students of this method to define a round or oval shaped building.

The confusion comes because many teachers of feng shui do not have a Lineage. They are self learned person who then goes on teaching others and will claim why lineage is not important. Lineage is important in Feng Shui because you will not be able to discern what is the real meaning inside the old classic text without a master’s guidance. Thus without a master to guide a student, it is difficult to learn the real art of feng shui.

This creates many half past eight feng shui consultants and now especially in the west, most of them will get a few cases right but bulk of it produces the opposite results. This then creates a ripple effects to the public that feng shui is fake. After this they go searching and learning from the next master and next master and again until they will stop due to “exhaustion” or runs out of money.

Although this is a sad fact, it is nevertheless an universal law of Yin Yang and mankind will continue this cycle for many years to come. If you have read up to here, I hope you will not be one of them.