Real Feng Shui

I have always been a strong believer in Feng Shui. Since my first home, I have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results. This has changed when i met Master Alan. He was able to pinpoint the past problems in my house as well as potential […]

Feng Shui Rules, The Apartment Case

Here is an real case from a contributing student: This is a case of a apartment/condominium type. Condominium Feng Shui Consulting work is one of the most tricky unit to audit because of several factors. The modern and complicated structures unlike traditional landed house where the facing is more obvious. […]

Feng Shui Bagua

In the study of Feng Shui there are 2 Bagua (八卦) we cannot miss. First is the Early Heaven Bagua and there other is known as the Later Heaven Bagua.        Why is it called early and later? Early Heaven Bagua (EHB) was invented by Fuxi close to 5000 years […]

81 and 18 Combinations

There are 81 combinations in Flying Star system. It comes about from the pairing of the sitting star with the facing star. Because there 9 sitting stars and 9 facing stars this is how one derive 81 possible combinations and thus name it 81 Combinations. Feng Shui practitioners uses them […]

2-5 The Mistaken Hero?

In the last decade, many people actually spent a lot of money and time going for Feng Shui courses. Then they start moving from schools to schools just like shopping for cloths. Yet few had consistent results while some gave up. The more seriously hurt ones labelled feng shui as […]

CAFS: The Hard Facts

Many a times I am faced with this question, The course seems to be same than what other schools teaches, why should I learn from Central Academy of Feng Shui, CAFS? My answer is You don’t have to learn from CAFS. Surely you can learn from celebrity masters who will […]

Student’s Dilemma

Many a times I hear student telling me why they almost give up Feng Shui altogether. This is a common trend since early of the millennium, Feng Shui was “opened” to the public by several celebrity masters. During that period almost everyone with some curiosity in Feng Shui would like […]