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2-5 The Mistaken Hero?

In the last decade, many people actually spent a lot of money and time going for Feng Shui courses. Then they start moving from schools to schools just like shopping for cloths. Yet few had consistent results while some gave up. The more seriously hurt ones labelled feng shui as “fake”.

If you read again above statement, this person is not alone. Thus many schools who do not have a lineage will encounter this similar doubt. Thus through their own understanding from the books they buy and trying to match back the reality of the property as to why it is doing good or bad. This reconciliation process has it’s natural flaws because we are dealing with a subject on metaphysics or destiny.

Thus they will think, why this mall has a 5 Yellow Door and yet it does so well? In order to satisfy themselves, they will reason it that probably only businesses or malls can use 5 Yellow! A more creative “master” will reason further that 5 Yellow is the “Emperor” and only “Emperor” can live in a mall sized property where money making is the primary concern!. Or 5 Yellow is only usable in hospitals or clinics so that more people will get sick and hence enhance the business of the hospital or clinic.

Naturally they will have these answers to students and to the new & naive person, they will accept whatever is given.

Students are confused, when do you consider that the 5 Yellow good and when is it bad? Why 5 Yellow is allowable in malls but not houses? The Why, What, How goes on.

Many people have this type of confusion, why is it so? To answer this, we have to go back to Fundamentals…

5 Yellow is a bad star or malicious energy and the only time it can be good is when it is in Time or Timely. In Chinese it is called De Ling or “receive the command/order”. Just like the Minister receiving the mandate from the Prime minister.

De Ling_mandateThe likely reason for this confusion is because when it is supposed to be a 2-5 they diagnose it as 6-8. This disguise of 2-5 as 6-8 may happen due to few possible fundamental reasons:
  1. wrong determination of facing of the property or house. – Yang side, balcony, door, entire building?
  2. wrong determination of period – construction date or move in date?
  3. wrong technique of Luopan positioning or placement.
Get any one of the above wrong, you will have a wrong analysis of the property. There you go, a 5 becoming an 8 in disguised! When one get’s stuck here, forget about advance theories.in_disguiseThis is due to absence of Lineage Knowledge and too many doses of Imaginative Feng Shui involved. If you are serious about Feng Shui, learn only from real lineage school.