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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting To Know The Stars 05

Last series of the Getting to Know The Stars…The last Bad Boy Star is the Star 5 or commonly known as the 5 Yellow because it is yellow in colour. It’s technical name is called Lian Zhen.

This is the most feared star in flying stars. Nonetheless this star brings all kinds of imaginable problems from accidents, to major diseases, miscarriages and misfortunes.

We need not fear 5 Yellow if we know how to manage it. So it is true that Knowledge is Power…esp Real Knowledge.

Some master says that star 5 can only be used in big buildings such as malls etc. This is a clearly showing that this person is only shallow in his knowledge in flying star. I cannot blame him as he only read from books and has no master to guide him.

With more people like him, the world of true knowledge of Feng Shui will further deviate. Be careful of what you read over the internet.

This star should not be disturbed or activated. Most school say that we should not renovate on the sector of 5 Yellow…so being a Rebel & an advocator of True Flying Star knowledge…I did just that and things turned out fine!

One way you can reduce the strength of this malignant star is by using copper bell. By far this is the best solution of all compared to 5 pagoda or wind chime.

Real San Yuan Xuan Kong Flying Star Knowledge is important if you are serious about this Art! Good Luck…

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