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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting To Know The Stars 04

After I have talked about all the 3 good White Stars, I touch on Star 9 for several reasons.

Star 9 also known as You Bi Star has the colour Purple and hence also commonly called the 9 Purple.

Although 9 is supposedly a good star in Period 8 due to it’s timeliness but let’s not forget that it’s natural character is a Double Agent. The usage of Stars in Flying Star Feng Shui has many layers but I will only touch the surface in this posting to avoid confusing readers.

So the behaviour of 9 Purple is conditional upon the circumstance as it appears. When 9 Purple shows the good side, it can bring fame and happy events but when it turns ugly, it can bring sickness, chaos and stupidity to the house.

When a consulting a house feng shui, we are particularly careful with 9 Purple.

The other reason I have choose to blog about Star 9 is that it is also an Education Star similar to Tan Lang. However, there is a subtle difference in their character and ultimate usage but as a tip for parents having children facing major exams this year, you may use the 9 purple’s beneficial energy.

In 2013, Star 9 goes to the South.

Today is the Last Day of Chinese New Year and also a Valentine’s day, Chinese version. So single ladies will usually take an  Orange, makes a wish and throw into the lake in the hope that their Prince Charming will come soon in a White Horse…


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