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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting to Know The Stars 03

Today I will talk about Star 1, the last good star that I going touch in this series of Getting to Know Your Stars…Maybe I will give some tips before I talk about the bad stars…

Star 1 or known as Tan Lang Star, loosely translated as Greedy Wolf..(not Colour Wolf of Valentine!) is a good star in the sense also a Good Wealth Star. Most of all it is an Intellectual Star. If you want to conceive smart babies you can use this star.

How to use or which star to use, I will not dwell on it now. Xuan Kong Flying Star is an extensive subject and has to be viewed in totality not just a single star. But one needs to know the stars well in order to tell the house well.

Coincidently, Star 1 is also White in colour and this year it goes to the North Sector.

If you have read all the posts before you should notice that all the good stars are white in colour.

But please don’t think that wearing white shirt will bring you good luck…

1 thought on “Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting to Know The Stars 03”

  1. Hi Alan, This is Ivan. You introduced The thai geomacer to me last month. Do you still remember? I saw in your blog the fengshui course commencing. May I know the following details before I commit?

    1. Where is the venue? 2. What is the price? 3. I have knowledge of 8 mansion but no fundamental knowledge of Xuan kong fei xing, should I apply for the course? 4. Are there certification test as given in CAFS website? 5. How many days must I stay there? 6. Because it is a bit of rush arrangement, If I am not able to make it, when is the next available course?

    Regards Chen Jun Wei


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