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Feng Shui Book – Winds of Change

Here’s a recently co-published a Feng Shui book titled Winds of Change – Myth and Truth in Feng Shui and Bazi. This book is co-authored with Mr Au Yong Chee Tuck.

Winds of Change

This book is divided into two parts. The first part is on the subject of Feng Shui which was authored by Alan while the other is on BaZi or Chinese Astrology written by AuYong.

The objective of publishing this book is because Feng Shui has after more than 20 years of extensive exposure, taking a turn to many disappointed consumers as well as students. Thus this book is published with one single primary objective and that is to help consumers and students distinguished what is feng shui and what are just cultural beliefs or made to belief by certain individuals.

The book starts off with the Feng Shui Section.

Flying Star Feng Shui methodology takes the charge in this book. Flying Star Feng Shui is one of the most powerful feng shui method for Yang Feng Shui or Living Feng Shui. This chapter briefly explains the fundamental concepts of Flying Star system such as the 9 stars of the North Ladle, namely Tan Lang, Ju Men, Lu Cun etc. It also defines what is Feng Shui by fulfilling certain criteria.

Yang Feng Shui

Then there are few chapters on real life cases that exists today in Malaysia. These include Apartment or High rise building feng shui, A temple that lasted more than 150 years, A mall that is struggling, a bustling hotel and how a baker after renovation did not experience the same good business as before. You can read about it and will give you a fair bit of insights on how feng shui works.

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Xuan Kong Flying Star…Getting to Know The Stars 03

Today I will talk about Star 1, the last good star that I going touch in this series of Getting to Know Your Stars…Maybe I will give some tips before I talk about the bad stars…

Star 1 or known as Tan Lang Star, loosely translated as Greedy Wolf..(not Colour Wolf of Valentine!) is a good star in the sense also a Good Wealth Star. Most of all it is an Intellectual Star. If you want to conceive smart babies you can use this star.

How to use or which star to use, I will not dwell on it now. Xuan Kong Flying Star is an extensive subject and has to be viewed in totality not just a single star. But one needs to know the stars well in order to tell the house well.

Coincidently, Star 1 is also White in colour and this year it goes to the North Sector.

If you have read all the posts before you should notice that all the good stars are white in colour.

But please don’t think that wearing white shirt will bring you good luck…