Flying Star Feng Shui Practical Day

Here is a glimpse of the study tour for our signature Feng Shui class. Any Feng Shui class is not complete without practical training because this is a hands on subject.

After students have gone through this class, they come to understand few important points about the truth in Feng Shui, what and why some properties do well and some don’t despite being Feng Shuied by famous masters.

The public has been so misinformed all the while about what is truly Feng Shui. They have been drowned in their chasing only material well being thus why some were badly bruised after seeking a Feng Shui Consult.

There are real Feng Shui knowledge out there, you just need to accumulate enough good Karma to find it.

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Is Flying Star Feng Shui Dying – Part 2

Since the last article posted on this topic was in 2015, perhaps after a long while to revisit and update what has happened ever since, that I have observed. Let me list them and put up some commentary just to update my small group of students & readers.

Still Attacking Flying Star System

Since 20 years plus and still counting, there have been endless “attacks” or provocation that flying star system is inferior and too simple to be taken seriously especially from the San He stream because they believe that Feng Shui is beyond Flying Star based on some failed or sub par result.

Of course there are many fake Flying Star Feng Shui knowledge out there. Some of you may have read my cases on failed Flying Star cases done by others. In the coming future, I will also share a real case in our Youtube channel.

Behind this action there are motives just like the Chinese saying, There can be no waves without wind. Feng Shui schools started this action is to ultimately upsell to other student’s with this FOMO disease. If you look at their course offered, surely they offer a wide variety and San He is surely one of them.

When you put Feng Shui into a purely business perspective and trying to understand the moves, perhaps I will offer a few perspectives and link it to business strategy. Hopefully, I am able to help you open up your third eye!

FOMO Students

There are many people who always fear of missing out because they believe that there is more to offer in Feng Shui because they have been sold the idea that Li Ka Shing uses Feng Shui, you get what I mean?. Thus along this line, they have to impress FOMO with dressings, flouting wealth, posh shops etc to reinforce that with their Feng Shui, one will literally move towards you towards the Li Ka Shing dynasty dream.

FOMO being FOMO, will likely fall into the trap. Some of you reading this may relate well since you are still pretty broke after all the power courses. Nothing anywhere near to being Li Ka Shing in the next 10 years. If you are pretty much where you were before, consider yourself very lucky. Many got worse off after applying these type of Feng Shui. If you know stories like this and would like to share, I welcome your stories here. Someday in the future, I can share a very interesting case of a FOMO. Also watch out my Youtube channel for an upcoming case.

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The Little Known Fact Of Flying Star

Flying star feng shui has been a too common knowledge in the Feng Shui field to the point there are many variations of it. Some schools of Feng shui also offer them different sets of theory at different times. If you ask the old students they were told to use the Construction date while the newer batch in the last 8 years or so were told to use the Move in date to determine the period of the property. Thus why is that so if they claimed to be a teacher of classical Feng Shui. The word classical could easily have meant above 300 years old so why change after a span of 14 years. Don’t you agree? Doesn’t it says something about the knowledge they possess?

With the commercialization of Feng Shui today, it is no wonder aspiring students faces this dilemma. Do you know the clear answer? You better be very sure because your decision is going to affect your clients! Remember wrong diagnosis, wrong prescription and wrong prescription will lead to wrong outcome!

There are many other examples of half baked knowledge of Feng Shui, thus finding the Right Feng Shui master is really a matter of the the client’s luck in modern days. In the old days it was much easier. Then what about the ability to follow through the advice? It is even harder for most people today to just follow through instructions.

Here is a case where I stumbled upon a unit where it was empty and rented by my client. The door obviously has been Feng Shuied… and upon measurement we found out this:

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Fire, Fire, Fire

Flying Star Feng Shui Case Analysis

Flying Star is undoubtedly famous for it’s ability to predict thus some practitioners call it a divination tool. However, this is a highly misconceived notion. If the knowledge of Flying Star is deep and authentic, it can also be used to set the Feng Shui formation for any property. However if the knowledge is superficial and self studied, perhaps this is how misconceived idea creeps in. Feng Shui is a knowledge you need a practicing master to guide.

There are two cases where fire accidents happen in the city that I live, Kuala Lumpur. One of it happened on one of the busiest malls in Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley Megamall. It is located at the area where two famous feng shui masters operate their high end business from. The one main reason they have chosen this location is because of the purported Jade Belt River Formation which is supposed to be auspicious but why the Fire accidents happened and how it happened?

The Explosive Morning

In the morning of 5th April 2016, an explosion ūüí• occurred at the Chili’s restaurant at 9:45am. It was caused by a gas leak when the mall operators were doing a maintenance and bypass job and while testing, it happened. Luckily no casualties were involved only minor injuries happened. It could have been the good Feng Shui of Mid Valley that have avoided serious casualties.

MV Explosion_fengshuiconsultant
The Red Drop pin is where Chilies Restaurant is located, facing The Garden Mall. There are many food outlets that uses LPG supply but most of them differs in the door location as well as years operating business there.

Red Drop Pin is where the McDonald is
Red Drop Pin is where the McDonald is. Along this row of shop McDonald is the only shop in this row that uses LPG.

To the authorities and lay people, this is probably due to human negligence or a fault in the standard operating procedures (SOP) etc but to a Feng Shui master, this is something that needs to be investigated.

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Book Review

Feng Shui Book – Winds of Change

Here’s a recently co-published a Feng Shui book titled Winds of Change – Myth and Truth in Feng Shui and Bazi. This book is co-authored with Mr Au Yong Chee Tuck.

Winds of Change

This book is divided into two parts. The first part is on the subject of Feng Shui which was authored by Alan while the other is on BaZi or Chinese Astrology written by AuYong.

The objective of publishing this book is because Feng Shui has after more than 20 years of extensive exposure, taking a turn to many disappointed consumers as well as students. Thus this book is published with one single primary objective and that is to help consumers and students distinguished what is feng shui and what are just cultural beliefs or made to belief by certain individuals.

The book starts off with the Feng Shui Section.

Flying Star Feng Shui methodology takes the charge in this book. Flying Star Feng Shui is one of the most powerful feng shui method for Yang Feng Shui or Living Feng Shui. This chapter briefly explains the fundamental concepts of Flying Star system such as the 9 stars of the North Ladle, namely Tan Lang, Ju Men, Lu Cun etc. It also defines what is Feng Shui by fulfilling certain criteria.

Yang Feng Shui

Then there are few chapters on real life cases that exists today in Malaysia. These include Apartment or High rise building feng shui, A temple that lasted more than 150 years, A mall that is struggling, a bustling hotel and how a baker after renovation did not experience the same good business as before. You can read about it and will give you a fair bit of insights on how feng shui works.

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Green Dragon Overrun

Clients and students that has been doing consulting asked why San He Feng Shui does not work well. Well I guess it boils down to the practitioner and not the art.

There could be a few reasons to this,

  1. The practitioner did not learn the correct lineage knowledge.
  2. In experienced
  3. Wrong method or self discovered method or unproven method
  4. Self learn or studied from books
  5. Did not understand well the theory & the underlying fundamental instrument of each theory.

There are a myriad of factors that can affect the quality of a house Feng Shui. Today I am going to share one part of this case. It is a property located in a up-scale area where many rich people live. It was a case some years back.

I summarize the house chart below.

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Feng Shui Review – Bangsar Village 2

Dug out an old article written one half year ago…

Adjacent to its older sister Bangsar Village 1, BV 2 is the slightly newer addition to the Bangsar shopping scene. The shopping centre  opened its doors in January 2007-houses less common designer brands and inherently quirky eateries and cafes.

Visibly outstanding is Delicious café with its hanging white bird cages, located at the corner of the shopping centre with a street-view of Jalan Telawi. Spanish high street label Zara has a store here for women and there is a smaller version of the massive bookstore Borders, called Borders Express. BV 2 has a Celebrity Fitness outlet for adults and a Kizsports & Gym for the young ones. The latter has a rooster of programs that combines education with fun and fitness to aid children’s learning.

bangsar village 1

For a high end shopping center it has to compete with The Gardens, Star Hill, KLCC and Pavillion, just to mention a few. So human traffic is not the main factor for profit due to the higher margin. With good human traffic, for sure the profit will be generous.

Any mall I guess Human Traffic is one of the Key Success Factor if not the deciding factor.

What caught my attention is the doors of BV2 are tilted doors. Many school profess that they know the secret of Door Tilting so let’s investigate why the original Master have done this and how was the effect for this mall that has been opened for 5 plus years.

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Looking Back At The Water Snake

2013 has been a very busy year for both CAFS and myself. On a personal capacity, there has been many audits and classes this year as I continue my journey with Master Leyau and CAFS.

The photos brings me many good memories and experience as I ending the year of Water Snake next month. Always that goes along is good company and food. It is not just the food per se but also the warmth that many students bring along. Master is also a very good cook.2013 end 01

The classes that churn out world class masters in the future. This year was a fruitful year in the sense we had managed to successfully completed several “difficult” subjects such as Zi Bai Jue (Purple White Script), San He Qi Men Dun Jia and Palmistry.

2013 end 02

I also would like to express my heartfelt thanks to GM Leyau and same time wish a Happy Retirement…

To all Students, a Big Thank You for making this Year a memorable one. I wish you all great Success.

Lastly, I wish all readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Problem With Shen Style Flying Star

Question from a Forumer:

Dear all what can I do if I have to plot a map with flying stars and the owner does not have the map of the flat? 

FSM: This is a big problem with Shen Style Flying Star which predominates most Feng Shui Schools today.

They will be handicapped when they meet this kind of situation because they primarily use the 8 Pie or 9 Grid method.

8pie or 9 grid

However, at Central Academy of Feng Shui, CAFS, students are taught the authentic method of compartmentalise. With compartmentalise, students can read a house without the need of a floor plan with accuracy and fast. In the last class, when we were at a student’s house, all is needed is a couple of minutes in the house (including taking measurements) and already 3 major things can be told with accuracy.¬†

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The One System Vs The Mix Match System…

Here is a short article before I take off to Taiwan to join my fellow friends for a Study Tour with Master Francis Leyau…

The mushrooming of Feng Shui schools in Malaysia and world wide has seen some¬†trends developing. Today there are too many mix match feng shui system in the market. An analogy¬†to¬†contrast 4 major differences…The conclusion below…

It is better to apply one system than mix matching systems in Feng Shui

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