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Fire, Fire, Fire

Flying Star Feng Shui Case Analysis

Flying Star is undoubtedly famous for it’s ability to predict thus some practitioners call it a divination tool. However, this is a highly misconceived notion. If the knowledge of Flying Star is deep and authentic, it can also be used to set the Feng Shui formation for any property. However if the knowledge is superficial and self studied, perhaps this is how misconceived idea creeps in. Feng Shui is a knowledge you need a practicing master to guide.

There are two cases where fire accidents happen in the city that I live, Kuala Lumpur. One of it happened on one of the busiest malls in Kuala Lumpur, Mid Valley Megamall. It is located at the area where two famous feng shui masters operate their high end business from. The one main reason they have chosen this location is because of the purported Jade Belt River Formation which is supposed to be auspicious but why the Fire accidents happened and how it happened?

The Explosive Morning

In the morning of 5th April 2016, an explosion 💥 occurred at the Chili’s restaurant at 9:45am. It was caused by a gas leak when the mall operators were doing a maintenance and bypass job and while testing, it happened. Luckily no casualties were involved only minor injuries happened. It could have been the good Feng Shui of Mid Valley that have avoided serious casualties.

MV Explosion_fengshuiconsultant
The Red Drop pin is where Chilies Restaurant is located, facing The Garden Mall. There are many food outlets that uses LPG supply but most of them differs in the door location as well as years operating business there.
Red Drop Pin is where the McDonald is
Red Drop Pin is where the McDonald is. Along this row of shop McDonald is the only shop in this row that uses LPG.

To the authorities and lay people, this is probably due to human negligence or a fault in the standard operating procedures (SOP) etc but to a Feng Shui master, this is something that needs to be investigated.

On the day of happening, the flying star chart is shown below and this sequential arrangement of stars triggered the fire accidents. If you link this chart back to the natal chart, the signs are even clearer. Nonetheless, the charts below is sufficient to show why it happened if one understands well his studies.

The sequence of stars that arrived all at the 2 outlets caused the fire 🔥energy to be so strong that it “ignited” the fire mishap. What are the Fire Stars ⚡️?

Fengshuiconsultant MV explosion
The Flying Star Chart on the time of happening

If they had knew this, then they could have chosen another day to plan out the works. Feng Shui does contribute to the good and bad outcome of our lives. Knowing it ahead, we have a chance to avoid some of the bad events. Thus to say that the daily and hourly stars have negligible effects is careless statement.

There is no coincidence between the fire event and feng shui. The fire accident can be read or predicted from the charts above.

Learn how to derive the Yearly, Monthly, Daily and Hourly stars calendar here. Do not depend solely on apps or some calendar as they may have printing mistakes inside. If you are a serious practitioner of Feng Shui especially Flying Star Feng Shui, this is a course you should not miss.

Oops, have I divulged Heaven’s Secret? Yiks! better shut up now.😅


Empire Mall Subang Explosion

On 28 September 2011, an explosion occurred at the Empire Subang mall at 3:45am. The fire department suspected that the explosion was caused by gas leakage. After nearly two months of repair of the mall, the mall reopened on 15 November 2011 and further safety measure will be cautioned. Four people were injured and many luxury cars were damaged.

Empire mall FengShuiconsultant 1

Empire mall FengShuiconsultant 2

The explosion caused an extensive damage to the whole left wing of Empire Shopping Gallery. CIMB Bank, Serai, Starbucks Coffee and Coach outlet are badly damaged. The mall was closed for two months before it reopened for business.

It is believed that the explosion started at the LG floor where the restaurants are. These restaurants have LPG supplies running through. Most of the restaurants at the LG level also had a door to the outside. Till today it is not publicly know which shop could have cause the explosion.

From the Flying Star Feng Shui investigation it must have come from the outlet with a East Door.

Empire mall chart



Flying star Feng Shui is able to describe a feng shui, setup the feng shui formation. Thus using this method, we can tell why this mall is still one of the best mall in terms of traffic and shop rental after almost 20 years in business.

Then an complete feng shui system must have the ability to predict as well. If the mall operators knows it, then they could have avoided the unnecessary problems and not just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!.