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Qi Men Dun Jia And Strategy


Many people ask me if Qimendunjia a strategy and should they learn it. Here are my thoughts and you decide for yourself what do you want in your life.

WARNING: If you are a Qi Men die hard fan or someone who likes to be in denial than to accept the truth, perhaps you may want to skip this post.

Let’s first understand what is Qi Men Dun Jia or in short QMDJ. What is the use of QMDJ in the past? Since most Qimen school relates to Zhu Ge Liang as symbol of Qimen then lets go and understand history again.

The Great Military Strategist – Zhu Ge Liang a.k.a Kong Ming

Zhu Ge Liang was a military strategist during the period of 3 Kingdom (220-280AD). He was living in seclusion waiting for someone how appreciate his knowledge and skill to appear. That person who finally came was Liu Bei the blood brother of Guan Gong. There was a war between 3 parties, Cao Cao (Wei), Liu Bei (Shu) and Sun Quan (Wu) and Liu Bei needed a military strategist thus how this lead him to Kong Ming.

Shu – Liu Bei/Kong Ming, Wu-Sun Quan, Wei-Cao Cao

If you like to read more about the history, Tuttle publishing has a book by Luo Guan Zhong which is easy to read.

Battle of The Red Cliff – “Borrow” 100,000 Arrows

Here is an excerpt from a book by Luo Guan Zhong which by the way we don’t know each other thus it is a very independent and unbiased reading.

Heaven here is Timing/Weather & Earth means Terrain or Land forms


Military Strategy is about a plan to achieve an intended objective but to do so you need information. Typically in old warring days, it will be the knowledge of the Terrain and Weather.

Kong Ming just used what ever strategy based on the prevailing circumstances to achieve his intended objectives. But today many people think that you could setup a Qi Men “Structure or formation” to induce a strategy to produce certain outcomes. Sometimes they do get results even though the logic has been reversed. It is kinda like using IVF to induce birth and sometimes it works. Sometimes….If people are honest they will tell you but don’t think you can read this in a marketing facebook post.

But the thing is that Kong Ming had a plan but to make it work, he needed information to ensure that success!


Divination Tool is used to as the name suggest to Divine or Foretell or Forecast. Traditionally Qimen was used to forecast weather. At the end of the 3 kingdom, Liu Bei assisted by Kong Ming was the smallest state. Of course many argued that Liu Bei did not heed Kong Ming’s advice that Kong Ming was helpless about it. I have to Agree 100% to this line or argument. However, Kong Ming lost to Sima Yi even when he was fighting the war against Sima Yi alone at the end of the 3 Kingdom when both Liu Bei and Cao Cao has long gone. His defeat to Sima Yi ended the 3 Warring States period and beginning of Jin 晋 Dynasty under Sima Yi.

Zhu Ge Liang is indeed a brilliant strategist but like himself said “…but my fate lies with the Absolute….” Absolute here means Destiny. Thus Destiny is even more important that Divination because our boundary is defined by our Destiny which we could read through BaZi Astrology and not QiMen Chart. BaZi is the real and correct tool for reading a person’s destiny.

However brilliant a military strategist he could be, destiny hands him the weather, the terrain, the kind of generals for him to consider, decide and make of it to device a plan which will lead to a certain outcomes. There is no magic everyday in life!.


Some may think I am criticizing the great Zhu Ge but I am not. I have great respect for him because he indeed a brilliant person not just because he did not win the war. I know of many not famous and not super rich Feng Shui masters who are just as capable in helping their clients improve. I do not judge their success in Feng Shui by the amount of fans or money they have. I respect their ingenuity, humble, honesty, integrity and skills. After all each and every one of us are bound by our Destiny. Kong Ming was not exception to this law of Nature.

I just want to point out that destiny is important than anything else that even he and his master Liu Bei could not escape this fate. I also want to answer the question that Qimen is not everything and certainly not a full fledge tool to read destiny or to do feng shui etc. If Qimen is such a powerful tool and all rounder tool then certainly Kong Ming would have had the advantage in every case. Each tool has their own usage but as a smart practitioner you need to understand this and not blindly follow what the advertisement says.

I am sure many Qimen marketers may not be pleased with my statement but this is my view. I don’t say I am correct. Each and everyone should be given a chance to hear the other side of the story rather than just one sided advertisement. What each individual does next with his / her wallet is their choice.

Neither am I saying that this art of QiMen is fake, NO! I am saying they have their specific usage & strength as a Divination tool and not a method fits all tool.

My last thought provoking question: How can you ascertain that if someone claims QiMen brought them richness and great success, did he/she ever show you his Real Date and Time of birth ? Could it be his/her Destiny instead of QiMen who brought him that success? Did you check how many of his protégé or siblings achieved his or her level of success? If not Why?