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Qi Men Dun Jia And Strategy


Many people ask me if Qimendunjia a strategy and should they learn it. Here are my thoughts and you decide for yourself what do you want in your life.

WARNING: If you are a Qi Men die hard fan or someone who likes to be in denial than to accept the truth, perhaps you may want to skip this post.

Let’s first understand what is Qi Men Dun Jia or in short QMDJ. What is the use of QMDJ in the past? Since most Qimen school relates to Zhu Ge Liang as symbol of Qimen then lets go and understand history again.

The Great Military Strategist – Zhu Ge Liang a.k.a Kong Ming

Zhu Ge Liang was a military strategist during the period of 3 Kingdom (220-280AD). He was living in seclusion waiting for someone how appreciate his knowledge and skill to appear. That person who finally came was Liu Bei the blood brother of Guan Gong. There was a war between 3 parties, Cao Cao (Wei), Liu Bei (Shu) and Sun Quan (Wu) and Liu Bei needed a military strategist thus how this lead him to Kong Ming.

Shu – Liu Bei/Kong Ming, Wu-Sun Quan, Wei-Cao Cao

If you like to read more about the history, Tuttle publishing has a book by Luo Guan Zhong which is easy to read.

Battle of The Red Cliff – “Borrow” 100,000 Arrows

Here is an excerpt from a book by Luo Guan Zhong which by the way we don’t know each other thus it is a very independent and unbiased reading.

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San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia

What is exactly San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia? There are basically 2 types of SYQM in the market. The common version is the 9 palace version where there are only 8 directions. This means the accuracy is 45 degrees.

9 square SYQMDJ

The other version of San Yuan Qi Men is based on the version of Zhen Zi Nan’s where it’s accuracy is 5.625 degrees. This version of SYQM is a very advance date selection system where it is usually used in conjunction with Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG). It is an extremely accurate way to select an auspicious direction within one Chinese hour. Since it occupies only 5.625 degrees, you can see it is far more accurate than the 45 degrees version. This is also the version taught by Master Leyau at Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS).

Master Leyau and Zeng Zi Nan at The 10th International Conference of Yi Ching Learning in Taiwan 1993 .7. 25
Master Leyau and Zeng Zi Nan at The 10th International Conference of Yi Ching Learning in Taiwan 1993 .7. 25

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Qi Men Dun Jia

Qi Men Dun Jia is an ancient art of strategy & prediction and there are primarily two methods. One is called the San He QMDJ and the other is the San Yuan Version. While strategy part is almost an lost art today, CAFS QMDJ emphasize the strategy part a lot because it is one of the most useful tool in our day to day life.

Here, I would like to share an article on San He Qi Men Dun Jia

How to read a Qi men Dun Jia chart

In Qi Men Dun Jia, the Useful God is based on Heaven (Tian Pan – 9 stars), Earth (Di Pan – 9 stars), Ren (Human Pan – 8 doors) and Shen (the 8 Gods).

The main focus is to work based on the palace where the Useful God is. Then we analyze Heaven, Earth, Man and God. The Useful God is usually the Heavenly Stem of the day. Compare this to the 12 Life Cycles and the combinations. The palace of the Useful God must be in timely (Wang Xiang of the 9 stars). Compare it with the seasons. What I produces is known as Wang, What is same as me is known as Xiang, What produces me is known as Si (dead), what I control is known as Xiu (resting) and what controls me is known as Qui (imprison). Continue reading “Qi Men Dun Jia”


San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia, the Creme de la Creme of Date Selection

Here is testimonial from our Student on the recent class. If you have the knowledge he has revealed something here:

The 64 Gua Qi Men Dun Jia (64卦奇门遁甲) is diamond of  Sanyuan (三元) Fengshui courses that I have been waiting for years and it’s finally here and I couldn’t believe it when it was inform by Dennis. Master Leyau have been very kind to share this very secret knowledge of  Sanyuan(三元)64 Gua Qi Men Dun Jia(奇门遁甲)and this will help one to close the gap in pursue of the Golden Nectar of San Yuan(三元) Fengshui knowledges and applications.


The 3 trinity of 三元 Fengshui has always mention when one have discussion on the very topic and actually how many people really understand the real meaning of 天 (Heaven : Season), 地 (Earth : Fengshui) and人 (Human : Birth).  Have you ever wonder what is common link or DNA that will bridge the 3 trinity. To keep the story short and sharp, this is the course that will reveal a lot of mystery or missing gap that kept me pondering and wondering all these years.

Master Leyau have been generous and patience to guide us step by step knowledge of how do the Qi Men(奇门) Almanac using Zhi Run Fa (置闰法) instead of Chai Bu Fa(拆补法). I have finally understood how the Yin Yang Dun (阴阳遁) numbers (1,6,7,2,8,3,4,9) come about from the seasonal chart which was beautifully taught through simple explanations through the understanding of the Season Markers Chart. Reference to get the Ba Men (八门) for the 64 Gua (卦)can be complicated and confusing at times. It was made simple by inclusion of few simple chart cleverly and neatly lay out to ensure ease of reference. As usual, with Master Leyau loud and thunderous voice, when he humorously explained how the “Phenomenon” part come about which all of us was eagerly anticipating and brought everyone of us crying with laughter when we know the method and reason. Now all students could proficiently explain the “Phenomenon” on the mysterious wind that Zhuge Liang borrowed,  flock of Birds flying, sudden drop of temperature etc…

After attending Master Leyau San Yuan 64 Gua Qi Men Dun Jia (三元64卦奇门遁甲), I finally could understand Ceng Zi Nan (曾子南) materials and even able to fully appreciate and use Ceng Zi Nan (曾子南) Almanac (万年历) and Qi Men Calendar (奇门历表) to the fullest.

There is one word that I can express about Master Leyau teaching as follows:  “Sifu teaching is like the Clean Air we breathe in easily everyday and always taking it for granted as simplicity is it’s core. Only when we see others gasping for air at their dying moment just wanting to live a little longer than will we realize that the Fengshui knowledge available outside is choking everyone with complicated hard to understand teaching which makes everyone wanting for more.”


JM (Beijing China)

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Here is another nice one from our student…this will give you a glimpse of what San Yuan Qi Men is about and not what you find in books in the market. Updated 1-1-2013

I am thankful to Master Francis Leyau for bringing to light for the first time the secret knowledge of San Yuan 64 Gua Qi Men Dun Jia. The charts were first published by the famous Taiwanese master Zeng Zi Nan, and many years later, a course that teaches how to derive and use them. One of the last and best kept secrets of Xuan Kong Feng Shui! This knowledge is based on the traditional San Qi Liu Yi (3 rare 6 protocol) and Ba Men (8 Door) plates, that are expanded into 64 directions using the Shao Yong sequence. You will then learn how to use them in conjunction with date selection to find the best timing for a given building or grave. In the last day of the course, sifu shows how to observe the phenomena that manifests when such powerful and precise timings are chosen. The student also becomes proficient in making his own Qi Men Dun Jia calendar from scratch. I strongly recommend to all Feng Shui enthusiasts and date selection practitioners in particular to attend this module. I have previously learned with other masters but it was at the Central Academy of Feng Shui that I found the teaching is authentic with the straightforward practical applications and above all, yielding the best results.

Joao ( Portugal )