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How Qi Men Dun Jia Got Me A Job

This is an interesting real case I want to share with you and you can see what lesson you can get from this. This has got to do with the famous Qimen DunJia method purportedly can do miracles like it’s a tool for Bazi, forecasting, Feng Shui one’s house etc…in short a 1 fits all wonder tool.

Sometime ago I got a surprise call from a person who sounded urgent and the only question was “What is the period of my house?” Initially I wasn’t alert about this because I was busy but in the late afternoon it somehow struck my mind this question.

Confused About House Period

So when I had more time to give her a reply this person finally agreed to engage me. I went to view the property and yes it was Period 8 property. Then out of curiosity I asked the person why was she so so concerned about the Period of the house? The reply was this:

Period 8 House

The first consultant that the person engaged said the property will be Period 8 property and gave her a solution. Let’s call it Solution A. “Then how did Consultant B come into the picture?” I asked.

Period 7 House

The friend said according to the Qimen, it is best for a second opinion because what they read from books it could be Period 7. This friend sounded convincing since this friend graduated from a very famous school locally. So the client decided to engage another authority in Feng Shui.

Due to this, my client now engaged a powerful & famous master, Master L all the way from Johor. He arrived and said it’s a Period 7 House! because of this and that reason. Walla! Now what? It’s a common dilemma as each school has their own thoughts as well as their legitimate reasons. As I always say you ask 10 masters you will get 11 different answers. If you don’t believe me can give it a try.

Dang….how come? Isn’t Flying Star all the same? Haha…Now with Master L added to the confusion, my client is hanging in between.

My comment: Of course not all Flying Star schools are the same. There are 6 major schools of Flying Star and with time, now it has hundreds of variations somewhat similar with the religions of the world.

Period 8 House – A Different Solution

So that was how Qimen landed me the job. Thank you QiMen!. I ❤️ Qimen.

When I looked at solution A, actually he was already correct to say it is a Period 8 house but there is a better solution to be able to enjoy better and more powerful Feng Shui Formation faster. In Setting up a Feng Shui formation, there are few possibilities but it may be different from master to master depending on the level of skill, experience, Feng Shui concept they adopt and of course knowledge of the individual practitioner. Thus Feng Shui is an art when it comes to application and why you will never get two exact same solution or answer.

Technically speaking one can get a Grade A or B or C class Feng Shui. Class D is considered a failed case. There are many factors that may decide which grade of Feng Shui your house can be but one of it is the skill and knowledge of the master.

After sharing with you this valuable life story, what valuable lessons did you get out of this life experience of this person?

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