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How Qi Men Dun Jia Got Me A Job

This is an interesting real case I want to share with you and you can see what lesson you can get from this. This has got to do with the famous Qimen DunJia method purportedly can do miracles like it’s a tool for Bazi, forecasting, Feng Shui one’s house etc…in short a 1 fits all wonder tool.

Sometime ago I got a surprise call from a person who sounded urgent and the only question was “What is the period of my house?” Initially I wasn’t alert about this because I was busy but in the late afternoon it somehow struck my mind this question.

Confused About House Period

So when I had more time to give her a reply this person finally agreed to engage me. I went to view the property and yes it was Period 8 property. Then out of curiosity I asked the person why was she so so concerned about the Period of the house? The reply was this:

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