Sheng Ji, Yin zhai feng shui

Sheng Ji Effects


There are many people who doubted Sheng Ji including some self learned masters in the West simply because they do not believe in Yin Feng Shui or Burial Feng Shui. To them Yin Feng Shui is only for filial piety respect.

Then of course there are some practitioners who over sold the effects of Sheng Ji implying Sheng Ji is a miracle pill that will transform you into some billionaire in no time. It is somewhat similar to overselling House Feng Shui or Qi Men Dun Jia.

So What Is Actually Sheng Ji?

Sheng Ji is a subset method of Yin Feng Shui. It involves choosing a plot of auspicious land and do a burial with personal items. So in many ways it is similar to a burial Feng Shui method. I have written some articles on this subject in this blog as well. You may want to read some of my previous postings by doing a search.

However, today I just want to share some news about a Sheng ji for my friend because I had an extra plot of land. He ever shared with me when he was young the mother bought him to an astrologer who told him at 44 he has a danger to pass. He was never a strong believer of all these metaphysics but as an obliging son, he thought there is no harm to do it and take it as a insurance policy.

He trusted me that I am doing it for his own good. I think it is worth sharing out out of good faith and furthermore it has been sitting in the draft box for so long.

5 September 2019 while he was traveling from Penang rushing back to Kuala Lumpur. He told me he was traveling at 110km/h on a sunny afternoon. It was a 2 lane road on the highway when suddenly the lorry suddenly veer out and he had to apply emergency brakes but still it was a little late and had his car damaged badly (total loss). Thus he was happy he managed to celebrate his 45th birthday.

He suffered shock naturally but not much of a physical injury just some minor bruises.

The doctor who inspected him called him is a “living Jesus” based on the circumstances. The tow truck operator said he has never seen one that has walked out of this light injury when the impact is so great!

I am not selling you Sheng Ji because I have no more land, long time ago but just to share with you the real event of a Sheng Ji when done correctly. I leave it to you decide if you choose to believe or else.