Feng Shui

The Four Masters

In the Feng Shui world since centuries, we can generally classify masters or practitioners into one of these 4 types which I will talk about them below so common people are able to understand better when they are out looking for a Feng Shui Consultant or Masters.

Most masters work around 2 major parameters. one is the Wow Factor. Wow factor gives the client a kind of “unbelievable” feeling or a quick transformational phenomena. The second parameter is Time. This simply mean how long will the Feng Shui results sustain and grow on the average scale.

As you may be aware of or not, traditionally, Feng Shui results is primarily aimed at 2 major category. Human Factors & Wealth (Career) Factors.

1. Short Term Masters

These are the masters that advocate Lucky Items and mixes with superstition & cultural taboo. These are the folklore practitioners. They do not have real Feng Shui skills but are good at selling skills and psychology.

After placing the remedial items, some people will have experience good things happening but they are only for very short term as in weeks or few months only. This is because of the change in the person’s psychological make up. Positive thinking attracts positive outcomes.

They are the most common and majority falls under this type as far as to commoners out there.

2.Predictive Masters

These practitioners have the highest Wow Factor. The reason is they uses predictive skills such as Yi Jing to tell events that will happen or even what you have in mind. However you noticed it has negative Time factor. Why is that? The reason is because they are only a predictive tool, it cannot improve your future. This is the trick part of Chinese metaphysics.

Its a little like a thermometer that can tell that you are having fever but it does nothing to solve your fever issues. Unfortunately, most people will react ….”Wow, master you are very accurate, you know that I have fever !”

This is how Yi Jing which was originally a divination tool slowly became a Feng Shui tool call Yi Jing Feng Shui. So the possible remedy is to place a photo of iceberg on the North sector to cool down your fever. Maybe for a while it does but the fever will eventually come back.

3.Spiritual Masters

There are more variation within this group. Some are daoist priest them selves thus they uses talisman, sorcery, prayers in their “feng shui” practices. Some other version will portray Feng Shui as a very mysterious subject that only limited people can have the eyes to “see” or feel the Qi. They can see what is going on around your house even without going to your house.

The smaller versions of this group is that they will profess they have incredible accuracy in their predictions because they can “see” your house or your destiny. Well it is up to individual to believe or not but to me spiritual realm is not something I can classify as traditional Feng Shui.

4.Long term Masters

These are the traditionalist who follows the old tradition of Feng Shui and are the nearest to reality. Life is no magic and hard work is inevitable but again life is about a mix of destiny and Feng Shui. They are usually quite low profile and usually only be referrals.

Feng Shui is about tapping of the earth’s energy to help humans improve what ever aspect they are looking for may it be from wealth, health, relationships etc. Feng shui is about building our effort supported by auspicious earth’s energy to help reshape the outcome.

The reality is like going to gym to build our muscles. It is a about consistent effort over time. This is how traditional Feng Shui works.

They are also the rarest because the concepts are rarely known to the public and not easy to understand by commoners because most commoners understanding has been shaped by the 3 types above and you can imagine it is vastly different.

Modern 5th Type – Marketing Masters

These are the relatively new group which comes in about no more than 30 years. In the age of internet and coming of western Motivation theories, these group are rather limited to the English speaking world. They use Chinese metaphysics and blend in with NLP, motivation/positive theories and top notch branding which is a formidable concoction that offers a seemingly credible life’s solution. The results are sometimes vague and varies since they are not into really understanding the art of Feng Shui but rather taking Feng Shui as a product. Thus through the application of the solution may not yield or perhaps dangerous too, that could make things worse off.

However, time will prove to those who have followed the story line long enough, will some how realised that the real story lies in along the line of the Traditional masters.


Most practitioners uses some mix but usually they will have a major influence from one of the three common methods. Only a small percentage kept the traditional practice.

I hope by classifying them will give you a better picture and help you understand what you are looking for and also access the way they do it before you engage for a Feng Shui consultation. This way you can find the desired practitioner. Good Luck.