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Sheng Ji – A Real Life Case

Here is a Sheng Ji (Live Grave) client’s experience. I was out of Sheng Ji plots but managed to secure a plot for this client of mine.

After a date was selected, it was set for September 2020 庚子 for the planting. It was lucky since this period Malaysia allowed state cross border travel. Perhaps it was blessed by Heaven.

All this did not happened for no reason. After checking the client’s Bazi, 2021 or specifically Xin Chou 辛丑 year is not a favorable year coupled by his years of weak health. After about 8 months, he has spoken to me about the effects from the Sheng Ji.

I encouraged him to write his own experience for sharing so that people has a realistic idea of what is really Sheng Ji effects. Is Sheng Ji so magical like what some master’s claim it to be? So let’s hear it out from the horse mouth.

Sheng Ji 生基 ( or Prosperity Live Burial) is a Feng Shui technique that derived from Yin Feng Shui. The idea behind this branch of Feng Shui is to apply the Yin dwelling Feng Shui principles to a living person. Similarly to Yin Feng Shui, a proper “burial” ground will be selected by the Feng Shui master and then a false tomb is created for the living person enabling him to benefit from the energy of the selected plot of burial ground.  

Additional information on Sheng Ji is available on Master Alan Chong’s blog : https://fengshuimechanics.com/sheng-ji-%e7%94%9f%e5%9f%ba/ 

The purpose of this article is provide from a client perspective of what Sheng Ji is and setting the right expectation if you the reader or prospective client decided to engage Sheng Ji Feng Shui services in near future. If the process are performed correctly, it seek to enhance and benefit the living person in different aspects of their life ie health enhancement, career progression, financial improvement, descendant luck and promoting human relationships among its many benefits. Or so it was marketed commercially. What generally not been explained is that the different “plot of live grave” land have specific benefits to an aspect or a few of forementioned above.  

Engaging the services of Master Alan Chong for Prosperity Live Burial or Sheng Ji Feng Shui is an eye opener experience. Aside from patiently listening to your needs and purposes for Sheng Ji, he will carefully review your Bazi ( Four Pillars of Destiny) and explained in detail the deficiencies in your Bazi and importantly if a Sheng Ji is really required. Take for example, the client wants a Sheng Ji for wealth enhancement but what he really lacks and requirement assistance is health aspect. Or if the person wants better career progression but the real issue for the client’s lack of career progress is caused by human relationship. Master Alan is also very meticulous in setting the right expectation during and after the Sheng Ji process. The analogy he put forward is, “ Sheng Ji is akin to multivitamin. It helps to balance your deficiencies but it is not a magic pill that will make you a millionaire overnight or recover overnight from sickness. The effect can be felt overtime and you will see the improvement in a more progressed and long term manner. Some people feel it sooner than the other. At the very least, it serves as an airbag for situation from deteriorating further” 

Once the initial interview are done and proceeding to the next stage, it will be a between 3 to 6 months process or longer before the Sheng Ji ceremony or services can be rendered. During this time, the client will have amble time to collect materials that are required in the Sheng Ji ie nails, hairs, old worn clothes or belongings etc. Importantly, selecting a right date and time for the Sheng Ji initiation. Before above take place, finding the right plot of land that contained the right Dragon meridian point becomes the focus point and usually the hardest and most elaborate process as certain conditions need to be met before it can be determined as suitable land for Sheng Ji.  

丙申 + 庚子

生基 First laid in 2016 & one in 2020

On the day of the Sheng Ji initiation, no elaborate ceremony is required but Master Alan do remind the client to observe any strange reaction to the client within the next few days to weeks. Different people have different reaction. I was feeling energetic for a good two weeks despite averaging 4 hours of sleep.  

Aside from the funny reaction for couple of weeks after the Sheng Ji planting, over time some changes in well being is noticeable. Despite the pandemic and a drop in income, I found the wealth leakage has been contained and able to increase my wealth on the contrary. Suffering from ill health for a few years, the frequency of visits to health practitioners have slowly reduce over time although health conditions was not get cured  completely but condition manageable. The strangest phenomena that was observed especially in career aspect is there is always a helping hand /nobleman that appears every time there is a dire need for it.   

At the time of this article, for the amount that I have spent in a given year on varied unnecessary expenses ie medical and wealth leakages, I have since breakeven on my expenses for engaging Master Alan Chong services. I seek to remind that Sheng Ji is not a magic pill and right expectation must be set before engaging the services. 

Lin S.K  

Live Grave

Date Selection is vital for this important planting day….

A clear and bright sky on a windy mid day ensures Heaven’s pleasant approval.

Sheng Ji is just like a house Feng Shui. In the real world Sheng Ji is like your vaccine. It builds resistance to repel bad luck or at least reduce the bad luck. It improves human health, improves the ability to attract nobleman to help us, it can improve our likability factor, accord us stable & progressive career.

Unfortunately, good land are hard to come by and very expensive nowadays which makes this ability even more remote to most people.

An important side note: When this Live Grave was done, it was done without any alterations to the house Feng Shui.

If you already have a piece of land and perhaps want to use it as Sheng Ji first, may contact us for more details.