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Burial Date Selection

2020 was the year of Covid-19 and also it was the year Macau tycoon Stanley Ho passed away at a ripe age of 98 years old on 26th May 2020. He was not immediately buried after the wake ceremony but he had his coffin parked in a funeral parlour waiting for a suitable date the be buried.

In recent years because of strong marketing efforts, a new age trend has emerged when it comes to date selection. People select date for almost everything in or to “Maximise” auspiciousness. They do it for selecting the date to register the business, they selected date to hang the sign board, they select date to meet customer and now they even added in the direction to leave the house. So virtually anything your can think of will likely go through some form of date selection may it be from Tong Shu, Qi Men Dun Jia, Dong Gong etc…

This is the new age practice. I thought that as man becomes more educated or civilized, we should be more rational but I was wrong, instead people become more superstitious and are now even avoiding eclipse. As far as I know the masters that promoted this concept themselves are having a hard time too. I was not aware of this and went out for a walk and it was a breezy day. It was so invigorating.

It was until I saw those messages people filling up my phone messages about the eclipse that I then realized I have violated the so called bad luck thing to go out during that hour and being exposed to eclipse. Hahaha….thank the almighty I did not suffer from eclipse nor the Mercury retrograde.

Yes Mercury retrograde too has become a hot topic in the recent years but it has nothing to do with Chinese metaphysics.

The Traditionalist Approach

In the old days, date selection was only used for very specific reason and events. Of course it is important because a good date can act like a turbo charger to hasten the good effects of Feng Shui and to negate the past bad energy more effectively.

You may ask why wait for more than a year? If you look at the Tong Shu or Qimen chart you should be able to find many good dates in a month. Why? Of course it is not easily comprehensible by the common folks because they do not understand the real workings of Feng Shui and Date Selection. They only understood the folk and common method which is so so common and of low gradation.

As a traditionalist, I can understand why the master waited for 1 year. It is a necessity at times. It is like you don’t find rare diamonds every week. That is possible with a man made diamond. We only look for the Gem! If you appreciate a good date then you must be willing to wait for the best, otherwise and averagely good date would suffice.

In traditional date selection, there are many methods too depending which school of Feng Shui you are from. According to news media, Stanley’s coffin arrived at the burial site in Hong Kong on 30th May 2021 about 10:45am. It was beside his dad’s grave and was facing the sea near Sai Wan of the main Hong Kong island. The coffin it self is worth HKD 8 million as reported in the media.

The Date

Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

From the date it seem the date is pretty good based on the San Yuan system of Date Selection. However, when you look at it in totality, the important factor of HEAVEN+EARTH+MAN is not well paired.

In San Yuan Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection system, the criteria is very tight for a Good date. To have good effects, the three factors have to be well matched which in this case it is not thus I would not reckon it will produce any significant result.

Getting a good date is not an easy task especially when you are using main stream system like Xuan Kong Da Gua date selection system. There are many factors and consideration that we need to match in order to get a above average auspicious date. Most years may not have many good dates while some years when there are violations, the entire year too do not have a good date.

When we work on a Sha day, it can bring negative effects such as accidents, lost of wealth and big quarrels. One of my Sifu told me that once a self learned master in the west did a burial for his deceased client, the son while on his way to the burial site met with an accident and broke his leg. Ever since then he denounced the validity of Yin Feng Shui probably out of fear and frustration. It is very likely he did not processed the true knowledge and this has bought harm to his client’s family from a bad date selection.