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Kitchen is a common place in every house and a very important one to a House Feng Shui. Many has this misunderstanding that other factors such as desk or bed is more important but the fact is that this is one of the most important feature of a house. However, many self profess “classical feng shui

Stove Placement 炉灶安置 for Harmony 和谐 and Health 健康

practitioners” have grossly over looked this resulting in ill health of their clients.

Thus many blindly inform clients without deeper understanding that in the Feng Shui for Kitchen,one should not built a kitchen in the North West (NW) section of the house. Having a kitchen in the NW sector is also known as Fire burning on Heaven’s gate.  I am sure you have as I had observed, many kitchen in the NW belong to families that do well and healthy.

Where is the Missing Link? The key item is the stove placement and not only the kitchen location.

Stove can affect our Health and Income.”

I have changed many stove placements and observed the changes in the family health and wealth too. There was a very particular case I did sometime back that from the stove placement, I told the client who is the wife that this stove arrangement will cause money loss and difficulty in money and thus will have to rearrange the stove.

Stove of a client set by previous master brought bad health effects.

She agree that her husband, a non believer of feng shui, is facing such as situation. Of course up to this stage, many may think that it is a flute shot that I mentioned this correctly.

With this diagnosis, I made the prescription to rearrange the stove position. Guess what? Weeks later she told me her husband managed to get back some of the collection and new business did surface!

The husband who was once a skeptic asked the wife, is it true that a small change of the stove can change the outcome? Seems at this juncture, he still could not believe there is such thing as feng shui. I know it exists regardless if one believe or not.

This is the thing, if one can set the stove Feng Shui formation correctly, usually good energy will come and coupled with the right effort, surely one will see the improvements.

Don’t underestimate what your stove can do for your health and money. You will be surprised when you get the formation correct under the guidance of a Real Feng Shui Consultant.

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