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House Facing – A REAL Case Study

Determining Facing is one the most difficult process for many feng shui practitioner. It is also one of the important steps in Feng shui audit of any building especially commercial units and high rise units. Landed houses are still in my opinion relatively an easy task.

What makes matter worse is that today’s architects are coming out with creative building designs that makes our job ever harder as a Feng Shui Consultant. Unfortunately, we cannot skip this step too.

We have no choice but to bite the bullet and find out the facing of the building in order to know the facing direction of that building. We have to be very careful at this step. If we do it wrong, then the whole analysis will be flawed and risk our client’s future unless one is just doing it purely for the money.

How to Determine the Facing of the Building?

Here is a real case my student from East Malaysia (Borneo) consulted me. It is a very intriguing case since it is a new building back then and there is no history of occupants.

This multiple level building is shaped in a L formation, if you see from the top. Outside this building is a busy road junction and in the middle there is Water Fountain Splashing most of the day time. However the office is at level 3 and can accessed from both sides the stairs behind or from the convex side X of the building or through the door facing the Fountain at ground level.

At the side X is a forest bush further back and a small open car park in between.

House Facing

Few Popular Theories to Determine House Facing.

The “Yang Side” or The Entrance of the Dragon Qi.

The Yang side theorist believe that the side that has the strongest activation such as human traffic, noise, wide spaces, water fountains, roads or junctions, brightest area are usually used as the Yang Side and hence the facing of the property. This theory is popular in the west where the most popular self learned masters are based.

The Entrance of the Dragon Qi is popular in the East especially among the San He schools. This theory states that where the entrance of human into the house is where the Dragon Qi enters the house. Thus it can be a building door, house door, room door or lift door etc but not the balcony door as humans cannot walk into the unit via the balcony. Make sense right?

There are 2 doors of the unit at the hatch area. One comes from the fountain side and if you take the stairs you can walk up via the stairs from the X area.

Based on the diagram above, where is the facing for unit hatched? Also if one were to audit customers for Block A or B, where is the facing?

If he had got the house facing wrong, the result would have be disastrous but it turns out to be good. However the odds is not great, only 50:50 chance of being wrong. If we extrapolate the probability on simple cases like this, out of every 10 cases only 5 are flawed. So every practitioner will have a chance to be correct one point in time. Of course, to a client, the big question is “is he willing to take a bet?”

For me, Feng shui cannot be a guessing game. It has to be based on some proven theory so we can maximize the probability of a positive result. As a responsible practitioner, one must be sure before advising because the future of you client is in your hands.

Feng Shui Result

My student placed the table according to our analysis and true enough the person was the best performing staff during that turbulent period. Feng Shui has given the person additional lift!

Have your house audited by people with right knowledge from a real lineage feng shui school to better success rate.