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Feng Shui Master Bearing Bad Karma

Someone asked me about the effects of feng shui master helping others will shoulder bad karma of their clients since we are helping them it is like intervening with the law of heaven.

The Law of Duality

Before I go deeper into this subject, I think we first have to understand the nature of this universe. There are always the Yin and Yang part of life as what the I Ching has said thousands of years ago. There will always be a constant struggle between the good and the bad forces. You have the police and you have the terrorist. Within the police force there are bad police personal and same within the terrorist organization there are “kind” terrorists. There are also good feng shui masters and fake masters. The fake masters are the karmic debt collectors.

In contrary I think, people who finally engaged good feng shui masters are indeed have accumulated good karmic deeds that heaven has pointed them to the right path. Those who have constantly met poor feng shui masters are either in a bad luck cycle or have karmic debt, thus their “punishment” is to engage poor or fake masters to suffer the feng shui bad effects and loss of wealth.

Her Good Karma

I can share a real life experience of a client. Let’s give her a name, Katherine. Katherine’s business has been in a decline state for some years. All these years she had been with a feng shui master but nothing has improved since the past few years. With more lucky items bought, her financial well being in a decline, the pocket hole got even larger.

Feeling something is wrong, so she asked her friend, Simon to find another credible feng shui master. After some search, Simon gave her 2 proposal, one was me and the other was another very famous feng shui master. For some reason she chose me over the other master though I was not famous and rather low profiled.

I audited her business premise and recommended some changes. I was rather puzzled why there were no recommendation to change the door but rather to locate the lucky items in the “wealth corner” ! That is not the correct way to do Feng Shui.

While waiting for the major changes, I saw the opportunity for temporary solution. Within weeks, she reported to me her business did pick up and somehow “lost” customers came back one after another. She was awestruck.

I later asked Katherine if she does some kind of charity? She replied me she does quite some charity because she believes in giving back to society and understands what it means to have nothing. Perhaps her good actions created good karmic factors that lead her to me and for me to be able to change and improve her life.

What The Buddha Said?

How can I, the feng shui master be bearing her karmic debt?. As the Buddha has said, only we can save ourselves. Authentic Feng Shui master or Living Saint (地中仙) as mentioned in the Heavenly Jade Classics 天玉經, can only advice us what we can do within the given constraints but we, the destiny owner, has to act accordingly to see the fruition of our destiny.

The Buddha did not die for our sins, he left us the knowledge how to achieve nirvana but we have to act on it to reach the state of enlightenment. In the same line of logic, I don’t not bear their bad karma, they borne their own bad karma & I bear my own bad Karma. This is my personal point of view. I can only advice you if they are willing to open up and follow through the required actions.

If helping others we accumulate their bad karma, I think soon someday nobody will ever lead a helping hand.

What I think Is Useful Guidelines For Feng Shui Practitioners

What a feng shui practitioner can do is to be detached from the outcome. If one has tried their best, the rest is heaven’s call. In this way we do not intervene in heaven’s will.

We should also acquire the right skills and proven the skills before we service others. Only after one is confident that what he has learned works on a consistent basis, that he provides services. So many cases of people suffering due to fake knowledge practiced by gung ho students who believed that graduating from famous schools allows them practice carelessly. They will suffer part of the karma someday in the future.

We should also be selective of our clients and students. Bad character students we must avoid. Poor moral & character clients we should also avoid and we should not chase after them. If heaven send them to find us, then it is our affinity and if not so be it. After all in the same classic it was clearly mentioned, “if one is not worthy of good land, we should remain silent on this matter.”

These are my views that I share with my fellow practitioners.