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Feng Shui Master Bearing Bad Karma

Someone asked me about the effects of feng shui master helping others will shoulder bad karma of their clients since we are helping them it is like intervening with the law of heaven.

The Law of Duality

Before I go deeper into this subject, I think we first have to understand the nature of this universe. There are always the Yin and Yang part of life as what the I Ching has said thousands of years ago. There will always be a constant struggle between the good and the bad forces. You have the police and you have the terrorist. Within the police force there are bad police personal and same within the terrorist organization there are “kind” terrorists. There are also good feng shui masters and fake masters. The fake masters are the karmic debt collectors.

In contrary I think, people who finally engaged good feng shui masters are indeed have accumulated good karmic deeds that heaven has pointed them to the right path. Those who have constantly met poor feng shui masters are either in a bad luck cycle or have karmic debt, thus their “punishment” is to engage poor or fake masters to suffer the feng shui bad effects and loss of wealth.

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To Be a Great Feng Shui Master, One Must See Stars?

I would like to wish all my Chinese readers, Happy Chinese New Year 2015, 新年快樂!
CNY greetings

This time of the year, it s a time where people busy going for annual feng shui talks for the latest updates of what’s coming. Usually people like to ask me these questions:

1. How do I know which feng shui master is good?

2. There are so many “masters’ out there and all of them say they have the best secrets, who should I trust?

3. The previous feng shui master who did my house wasn’t that good but my friend who recommended me had good results, why is it so?

I don’t know of any short answers and thus usually it is hard to explain in a few sentences. Perhaps, I can explain better over in blog.

Once a famous ancient Feng Shui Master once said:

The first class feng shui master observe the stars,
The second class feng shui master look for water mouth,
The third class feng shui master walks the mountains!

So what is he trying to hint at? Let me tell you a story:

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