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3 Most Difficult

In the world of metaphysics, there are so many truths and mostly myths out there brought on by misguided practitioners. Some are lucky to realise after many years that some of the things were wrong but the damaged has been done. Thus you will notice why some masters changes their theory along their years. It is no surprise the will call this RESEARCH. Why re-search ( to search again) if you already had the original knowledge from your master? Did you master not got his knowledge from his masters and grandmasters? Did your master learn from books? Did your master learned from many different masters and got confused and now trying to make sense of what he had learned?

So there you go, if you are a wise person, you will understand what I am trying to say here and maybe this will cut short your sufferings in subjects of Chinese Metaphysics.

As a practitioner and teacher, through years of observation of the industry I have come to this conclusion, the 3 MOST DIFFICULT things for a student, as a master and as a lineage holder.

Finding A Master

The first most difficult thing is to find a capable master. In today world of heavy and sophisticated marketing, it is not easy to distinguish between real and fake or between the capable over the charismatic speaker.

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A Different Taste

I was watching a cooking program the other day and the two hosts was to learn a “grandma” recipe from a household lady and under a supervision from a chef.

Then at the end of the program the two hosts will use the same recipe they have just observed and same ingredients prepared from by the TV program show unit to cook the same. The judgement will be delivered by the recipe holder and her family members as to which host will have the closest taste to the their usual taste.

In this program when the verdict was delivered, it seems that one had the rice a little too saltish, the other did not have the aromatic flavor in the curry etc.

Doesn’t it sound like an irony? same recipe, same ingredient, same cooking environment and similar equipment or tools. The only or likely difference is the cook! Why am I mentioning this?

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South Facing Craze

Since the feng shui bubble started, many half learned practitioner has always advocate South facing house as the preferred feng shui house facing direction.

What is so nice of South Facing house? Is it just because ancient Chinese Emperor like South?

Forbidden City, Beijing – Facing South

This has pushed the property prices of South facing houses up compared to say West or North facing houses.

I guess this trend has also not escaped the eyes of a country leadership. I have here not one but two top leader of a country orientating their offices to face South. One of them is Malaysia where the office of the Prime minister, Perdana Putra while the other is South Korea’s President official building which is also facing South.

Perdana Putra – South Facing House

Since 2001, the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahatir moved in and shortly after he announced his retirement. Tun Abdullah Badawi took over and the ruling coalition lost badly the once usually held 2/3 majority in the parliment. The Malaysian economy is already sluggish. Then the current Prime minister D.S. Najib Razak took over after Tun Abdullah stepped down after a poor election performance, he was accused of mishandling 1MDB, the mystery of Altantuya and also the declining economic performance of Malaysia. As of today the Malaysian Ringgit is at its lowest compared to USD at 4.50 exchange rate & it’s political struggle is causing anxiety among foreign and local investors alike.

If you look at the surroundings land formations and coupled by the reason it is facing South of Sitting Gui Facing Ding, these could be read from the feng shui of the PM Office.

Perdana Putra, Putrajaya
PM Office, Perdana Putra, Putrajaya, Malaysia – South Facing

Here is the Google map view from above, this building is sitting on top of a small hill, a typical landform or San He school formation.

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Feng Shui Audit Process

The Feng Shui Master

When we buy a property, we usually will engage a highly trained Feng Shui Master to do an evaluation on the property. He is preferably comes from a Lineage school and not selected on the basis of popularity. This is because the process of Feng Shui is a highly guarded skills handed down generations to generations via a lineage.

This process is usually known as Feng Shui Audit or Feng Shui Consultation. So how does the process looks like? To make it easy for general public to understand, I have broken it down to 3 levels.

Macro Feng Shui

The first level audit or what I call the Macro audit is based on the surrounding environment of the property such as where the Dragons are and where the waters are. How the Dragons move and come affects the quality of the Human factor Qi and how the waters come and go affects the Wealth Qi. Collectively, if they can match in neat formation thus being able to lock the Qi, this is considered an ideal Feng Shui formation.

Micro Feng Shui

Now together with the property layout or intended layout, assuming you are building it up from sketch, the master will assess the type of Qi that this property will be receiving. Thus the primary objective is to tap the best Qi to improve the wealth and health factors. I call this the Micro level.

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To Be a Great Feng Shui Master, One Must See Stars?

I would like to wish all my Chinese readers, Happy Chinese New Year 2015, 新年快樂!
CNY greetings

This time of the year, it s a time where people busy going for annual feng shui talks for the latest updates of what’s coming. Usually people like to ask me these questions:

1. How do I know which feng shui master is good?

2. There are so many “masters’ out there and all of them say they have the best secrets, who should I trust?

3. The previous feng shui master who did my house wasn’t that good but my friend who recommended me had good results, why is it so?

I don’t know of any short answers and thus usually it is hard to explain in a few sentences. Perhaps, I can explain better over in blog.

Once a famous ancient Feng Shui Master once said:

The first class feng shui master observe the stars,
The second class feng shui master look for water mouth,
The third class feng shui master walks the mountains!

So what is he trying to hint at? Let me tell you a story:

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Feng Shui Questions 02: Running on Karma?

Here is another posting that Christine from my Facebook has asked me to write on, something about Good and Bad Karma…Interesting request but I will try even though my knowledge is rather limited on this subject. Since I am also in the Chinese metaphysics world, lets talk on a topic related to this field, something I came across in a forum.

A common perception among the public is that Feng Shui Masters should be able to avoid misfortune – like relationship problems, wealth & health etc, with their ability to read one’s destiny & Feng Shui practical implementations, but this wasn’t the case in reality.

Life is indeed complicated and Feng Shui Masters are also human beings. Firstly I would like to relate back to an article that I have written before based on I-Ching principles as taught by Master Isaac Chung that described the various components of life.

Every person is born with a set of Destiny and in this package comes your character, your sub-conscious mind blueprint, your intentions, the kind of life you going to go through for instance, your relations with your family, spouse, grandparents, work, child and the path in life you will thread during this lifetime. This is collectively called Destiny and Luck. They are given.

If you start to look at it from the religious point of view, that Destiny Chart is basically a code of your Karma. The meaning of life is and has been for thousands of years to achieve Nivarna or Nibbana which is the cessation of being reborn and to the land of eternal bliss. But the Buddha also said that in life, suffering exist and it is a reality that no reasonable person can deny. We as humans, our job is to purify ourselves in actions and thoughts so we can forever leave this cycle of Samsara (rebirth). So regardless of your profession, we are all bound by our Bazi/Karma/Destiny.

Coming back, there are many grade of Feng Shui Masters. Some who want to be make big money, some wants to be famous or celebrities  in the name of feng shui while some others wants to propagate the art to future generations and help others. In this period of the 90’s and in the millenium, the art of Feng Shui has suddenly become accessible to the public, thanks to many  Celebrity “Masters”  who open up the “secret art” to the world. So suddenly in this period you see thousands of Feng Shui “Masters” emerging in the market especially true in the Western World. Then you hear many stories like Masters murdered, embroiled in law suits, having secret affairs, passed away in poor conditions, suffered from strokes and many more. People like them cannot escape their Karma too. Why?

According to Buddhism there are at least 5 categories of Karma. What we have been talking all these while are called Karma Niyama, the result of one’s own actions and thoughts through the many cycles of birth and re-birth. Well when these masters promoted their feng shui to the world, they made it so simple to “students”. If you have this problem, no worries, buy this and put there! Or just find the good stars and using date selection, activate it by digging the ground here or there. Ya, I too wish life is that simple! There will be no poor people. Yet if you ask around, many are pretty much they are as where they were before if not worse off. Undeniably some of them are also better off by virtue of Luck or Karma. Perhaps! because if you toss the coins 10 times surely you will get a few Heads.

They are just too good to know where are the pain points and pleasure points of naive clients or students. Marketing is what I label it. If you know some of their background, not all have strong background in feng shui. Mostly has no lineage behind them. They either read from books and then teach it to the world then students flock at their door steps enroll courses and buy their products. They willingly “sell” the knowledge because it is not valuable to them. This is human nature.

I quote an example of a case in the Trial of Nina Wang where both the Plaintiff and 1st Defendant each called upon their own expert witness and this is what Judge Johnson Lam written in his judgement.

Therefore, the evidence of Mr Jxxxxx Y, focusing on the validity and consistency of the alleged Fung Shui practices with some Fung Shui theories, based on his own research by reading some works on Fung Shui and logic and common sense, were quite beside the point. I do not find such evidence to be of much assistance in this trial. Even though Fung Shui is not a science, Mr Y developed his Fung Shui theory by making use of mathematical methods and his own logical deductions. It is not my function to adjudicate whether such an approach is sound. But there is no evidence that his approach is shared by many Fung Shui practitioners in Hong Kong. Mr Y taught classes and practised his Fung Shui overseas but not in Hong Kong or the mainland or Taiwan. Therefore he cannot give useful evidence as regards local practices. He frankly admitted that he had no knowledge of Taoist practices and Fa Discipline. He did not practise planting of life base though he had researched into it on a theoretical level.

(Mr Y is the Expert Witness of 1st Defendant, Tony Chan)

Their actions may ruin many lives and this will create bad karma within themselves & the following generations due to their half proven methods. When I meet students or clients of theirs and try to salvage the situation, it is a pity but this is the fact of life, they the students/clients have suffered in silence yet they move on to find other solutions. Is this due to their Karma too? Perhaps! Someone has to be a short in order to make the other person tall! This is the  concept of Yin-Yang.

Even if I try to tell them, they cannot follow or listen. Why?, perhaps it is their Bad Karma is too heavy that they cannot receive help. What all this tells us is, Karma or Destiny is at work in our lives and that is what differentiate us from others and no one shall escape it. Watch this movie called Running on Karma starring Andy Lau. You will understand what I mean.

While I am not advocating I am correct all the time, at least I am confident that with the knowledge passed down by my generations of masters, they have proven with their cases with good enough success rate & from my own practices as well, I have corrected enough cases to know what is right and what is hyped publicity.

Feng Shui Master suffers or flourish due to their own past actions or deeds. Anyway they are only mortals aren’t they?. All with desires, greed, fear, attachments and their deeds too.

Then there is the other type called the Utu Niyama – physical inorganic order, e.g. seasonal phenomena of winds and rains. The unerring order of seasons, characteristic seasonal changes and events, causes of winds and rains, nature of heat, etc., all belong to this group.

If you so happened to be in Acheh when the Tsunami happened, no Feng Shui can save you. All house will also be damaged. Don’t believe me? Sponsor the masters to built the best feng shui house in Indonesia near the volcanic areas. Let’s see if it will be save from the volcanic lava. No body can escape Karma not even the best Feng Shui Masters.

(updated 2020: Covid19 case)

Then there are the 3 others Karma:- Citta Niyama, Bija Niyama and Dharmma Niyama.

Bija Niyama – order of germs and seeds (physical organic order), e.g. rice produced from rice-seed, sugary taste from sugar-cane or honey, peculiar characteristics of certain fruits, etc. The scientific theory of cells and genes and the physical similarity of twins may be ascribed to this order.

Dhamma Niyama – order of the norm, e.g., the natural phenomena occurring at the advent of a Bodhisattva in his last birth. Gravitation and other similar laws of nature. The natural reason for being good and so forth, may be included in this group.

Citta Niyama – order or mind or psychic law, e.g., processes of consciousness, arising and perishing of consciousness, constituents of consciousness, power of mind, etc., including telepathy, telaesthesia, retro-cognition, premonition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, thought-reading and such other psychic phenomena which are inexplicable to modern science. The law of attraction falls into this category. This is the category where symbolic feng shui and motivation theory thrives.

So what happens when they are supposed able to read their Destiny & knows Feng Shui that supposedly able to tweek destiny but cannot avoid it? The answer is in one of the 5 types of Karmas. Just like the Buddha despite achieving Nirvana at the age of 35 has to die too when he aged 80.

So let me ask you, is life outcome a single or multi components?

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Flying Star Course in Kuala Lumpur

   Over the years, we have a good number of requests and also many has lamented the lack of opportunity to learn Authetic Flying Star course from Grand Master Francis Leyau himself. One of the notable reason is Price and the other is also his availability in Malaysia.

Well, price to me as well as many rich people is just matter of perception. What is important is Value. What value do you get?.

What is the point you attend a cheap course and cannot perform feng shui audit and what more to do it with consistent results?

Grand Master allows students to go back for revision for free, how many do that? Why he does it? Reason is very simple, he understands that feng shui is an art and no one can fully master the art in 4 days and surely you will have questions and he will gladly assist students in this area because he Cares about his students!

GM Francis has been in this field for more than 30 years in fact close to 40 years! Then in 1984 he started Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS). A sign of real Value that had stood the test of time.

Because Feng Shui is an art, it takes time to accumulate the experience and that is the pain he had to go through to acquire the status of Grand Master. How many living master has this experience? I mean real audit experience? Those who are practitioners themselves knows that every house is ‘different’, the people living in it are different, the landforms are different, the internal layout is different etc….He is going to cut short your learning experience and save you the pain….this is one value not many can boast but cannot offer.

Today we have to turn down many feng shui audit requests because of his tight schedule and also the backlog from his extensive clientele. He is one few masters who still perform and much sought after for Yin Zhai (Yin Feng Shui). He is passionate in what he does, not just the money.

Most people will know that this art originated from Yin Feng Shui and slowly adapted to Yang (Living Feng Shui). Tell me again how many Feng Shui masters you know still does burial Feng Shui? for 30 plus years he has been doing audits, if it doesnt work, do you think he can still stand inside the feng shui community?

Another indispensable trait of CAFS is lineage. Why lineage is important.? There is no scientific gadgets to measure the effectiveness of feng shui, only the occupants knows. With a lineage, we carry and accumulated the experiences from our other grand masters. I qoute you an example, Grand Master Yen Pen handed down the book ErZhai where it contains 81 cases of Yin and Yang Feng Shui audits that he had done over his life time. There is tracebility of the audits and results. Tell me how many schools are capable of doing so? This is one rare value you can only get it in CAFS.

So my friends, Value not price! The value that CAFS is offering is superbly good!

GM Francis and the team at CAFS has listened and we have created a goodie for students in Malaysia as this year we has decided to bring back Flying Star back to Kuala Lumpur and make it affordable to more yearning students.

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Tea Talk: Master Francis Leyau in 1992…

I was going through this YouTube video by Master Isaac Chung in 1992 and was surprised to hear him mentioning Master Francis’s name in his opening speech. Sifu’s Chinese name is 刘育才.

This video was a recorded in 1992 during a Feng Shui Conference in Malacca, Malaysia. Master Francis Leyau has been active in the Feng shui world long before it was popularized to the public. There was no ‘celebrity’ styled masters during that time, there were only masters true to their own works.

Francis specializes in San Yuan Feng Shui & San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ).

In this part 1 Master Chung was talking about the common Chinese parables that 1. Destiny 2. Luck 3. Feng shui 4. Deeds 5. Education….based on the study of I-Ching.

It was a very profound speech even as Master Chung spoke in Cantonese his native language.

I have summarized into this simple diagram:

Summarized by Alan Chong

Watch the Video here:

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2011 Annual Afflictions

Feng Shui Affilictions

2011 will set in very soon on the 4th Feb according the solar calendar. This signifies the change of energy according to Feng Shui.

Briefly the diagram above shows basic afflictions  and wealth areas. (Double click on it to enlarge)

This is the beauty of Feng Shui and that is knowing what is coming so we can be better prepared. Those  who does not have the advantage of feng shui help is sure to have more issues. E.g. someone who install air conditioning unit in West next year will sure to ‘activate’ bad energies and hence bring problems, accidents and other mishaps. I would install it before 4th Feb and avoid unnecessary problems. I have seen numerous of this happenings in my years of practising. Most of this is oblivious to them until they know the root cause but a little too late as damaged is already done.

Annual audit is more a fine tuning rather than used as a full audit by itself. So some area that is unusable is perhaps usable this year and vice versa. Annual energies also helps Feng Shui Master predicts what is likely to happen in the house next year.

Another example would be that some sitting direction has to be adjusted in that year. Not knowing this will leave you puzzling why this year I am frequently back stabbed or they key topic of gossip. This is what I call as fine tuning on a yearly basis.

So afflictions like 3 killings, grand duke (tai sui), 5 Yellow and Year Breaker must be taken seriously. Avoiding these bad sectors is already half good!

However this is not generic, apply to all, kind of stuff and the Feng Shui Consultant has to match it with your overall house and you the person as well. In other words the house has to be read in ‘totality’.

We will be organising a webninar for 2012 Feng Shui in December this year. If you are interested please email qimgmt@yahoo.com to reserve your space as we can only accomodate 15 participants.

The topics will be Feng Shui Afflictions for 2012 and tips.

Note: This is simplified chart for free distribution which may not reflect fully the teachings of WuChang School.