A Different Taste

I was watching a cooking program the other day and the two hosts was to learn a “grandma” recipe from a household lady and under a supervision from a chef.

Then at the end of the program the two hosts will use the same recipe they have just observed and same ingredients prepared from by the TV program show unit to cook the same. The judgement will be delivered by the recipe holder and her family members as to which host will have the closest taste to the their usual taste.

In this program when the verdict was delivered, it seems that one had the rice a little too saltish, the other did not have the aromatic flavor in the curry etc.

Doesn’t it sound like an irony? same recipe, same ingredient, same cooking environment and similar equipment or tools. The only or likely difference is the cook! Why am I mentioning this?

The Unique Feng Shui Master

The very same in this industry, while you may find many students graduating from the same school, each person will have different ability in getting the best out of a good long term Feng Shui solution. The same goes in teaching.

Common Questions On Choosing Feng Shui Masters.

Sometimes people ask me, “How come students coming from the same school produces different results?” or “Why some can only produce short term effects, the one we call it “the placebo” effects while I can see the longer term effects with your solution!” or “How am I supposed to know he/she was overrated?” while some students ask me how come this senior or teacher says this but you have different perspective or answers! Well at the end which one matches the reality?

In the past I may have a problem to explain but well I guess this story explains everything. Like the cook, every Feng Shui master is unique, I am unique and so are others. It is a little about your luck and affinity with the master that one will find and choose their Feng Shui master. This is what I have always believed.

Similarly, same subject but delivered by different teacher also results in different learning experience. Why some schools produces capable students while some only photo taking students? It’s the teacher that made the difference! Every teacher is unique. Some are very capable Feng Shui Master but cannot delivers a good lesson to their students. Some on the contrary, are good teacher but lousy in Feng Shui Consulting work because they are not practical oriented. Not many can do both part well.

So when one finds a master, remember it is your affinity and luck and one needs good karma to find one.

Try talking to someone who has been through many Feng Shui masters, they will agree with me. I know because my clients relate their past experiences with me. 😀