CAFS: The Hard Facts

Many a times I am faced with this question, The course seems to be same than what other schools teaches, why should I learn from Central Academy of Feng Shui, CAFS? My answer is You don’t have to learn from CAFS. Surely you can learn from celebrity masters who will […]


When l first stepped into the world of Feng Shui when I started to learn from my first Master, I was told by many that there are lineages in some schools while some say it is not necessary to learning this art. Until today after many years, I still hear this […]

Feng Shui Market

The course that the Feng Shui market has taken is really interesting. I find that many students are confused and could not get results after attending many courses from various schools. It made me wanting to find out possible reasons why despite the fact they know but why keeping the […]

Helicopter Feng Shui

Once, I was invited to Feng Shui consultation for a friend’s newly bought apartment in Clementi Singapore. The wife is a Feng Shui Skeptic and he wasn’t a ardent believer too. Anyway, since it was a trend so he engaged me for this consultation. At the ground floor, I told […]