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When l first stepped into the world of Feng Shui when I started to learn from my first Master, I was told by many that there are lineages in some schools while some say it is not necessary to learning this art. Until today after many years, I still hear this strongly debated subject in forums.

So I have chosen to write about it and the reality today.

A little back ground information of what is being meant by having a Lineage. Lineage means you have an ancestry in certain knowledge. In feng shui, means you have masters or grand masters who transfer knowledge down from generations to generations.

Traditionally, Chinese only hand over knowledge to sons or indoor disciples and they in turn pass it down to their own children or in door disciples. Masters of those days believe that only the privilege or those with affinity can acquire this art. The reason is because the art can harm, turn the fortune or to distinguish one from the others.

But then what is an Indoor disciple? An Indoor disciple is a student who had undergone tea ceremony to admit and to formally express their willingness to follow rules of the lineage. Ancient Chinese people has this bondage with the master whom they treat like their father. In return, the master teaches the disciple the knowledge so they can be proficient in the art they are mastering. This is not exclusive to Feng Shui, it applies to being a cook to studying medicine or martial arts.

In parts of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, this is being practiced. Here is a photo courtesy of Master Issac Chung during the tea ceremony with his Master Lui Hart Ming.

Master IssacChung tea ceremony

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Looking Back At The Water Snake

2013 has been a very busy year for both CAFS and myself. On a personal capacity, there has been many audits and classes this year as I continue my journey with Master Leyau and CAFS.

The photos brings me many good memories and experience as I ending the year of Water Snake next month. Always that goes along is good company and food. It is not just the food per se but also the warmth that many students bring along. Master is also a very good cook.2013 end 01

The classes that churn out world class masters in the future. This year was a fruitful year in the sense we had managed to successfully completed several “difficult” subjects such as Zi Bai Jue (Purple White Script), San He Qi Men Dun Jia and Palmistry.

2013 end 02

I also would like to express my heartfelt thanks to GM Leyau and same time wish a Happy Retirement…

To all Students, a Big Thank You for making this Year a memorable one. I wish you all great Success.

Lastly, I wish all readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Master Francis Leyau Announcing His Retirement

Master Leyau ( Retirement)

To all my friends and students,

It was indeed 30 years ago that I came into this “River Lake” Jiang Hu 江湖. Had I known then what a Big wave and small wave might have trembled a headed of me,I would rather be a chef than a Feng Shui master.

Some of you may have noticed that a few years ago, I started working more hours, and I started taking fewer days off. Back then I was getting ready for retirement.
I do express my gratitude to all of you. Without you all I wouldn’t be where I am today. The students and work environment have helped me get to the top.                                                                                         …..Read On

My Open Letter To Sifu:

Knowing you is my biggest harvest in my journey into the world of Chinese Metaphysics. Perhaps everything or everyone has their own destiny and one of mine is to learn under you.

In the field of Feng Shui, you have guided me and open my horizon beyond my imagination. I always translate Russian to English and it always translate as Wizard Leyau. Perhaps it was how the Google translate it but for me it is the most appropriate word to describe you. Indeed, Sifu you are a Wizard of Feng Shui. For this simple reason, I always feel blessed no matter how bad is my day.

In life, you taught me and showed me how to make good food and I have enjoyed every moment of it. You are always generous with your wisdom.

After Class, the Heineken Times were fun and fill of laughters. Every minute worth remembering.

If I have regrets, it is because I have known you a little late. So much yet to learn from you.

Master& I
Master Leyau and I at IChing Conference

To you Sifu I Salute;  一日为师终生为师

I have only this song to play…似水流年

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Feng Shui Market

The course that the Feng Shui market has taken is really interesting. I find that many students are confused and could not get results after attending many courses from various schools. It made me wanting to find out possible reasons why despite the fact they know but why keeping the same direction.

Taking the automotive industry for example, Diamler Benz has invented the electric car as early as 1963 capable of 85km per day while Honda had already a solution for hybrid in the 70’s.

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Helicopter Feng Shui

Once, I was invited to Feng Shui consultation for a friend’s newly bought apartment in Clementi Singapore. The wife is a Feng Shui Skeptic and he wasn’t a ardent believer too. Anyway, since it was a trend so he engaged me for this consultation.

At the ground floor, I told my client there is hill in front far away behind the building block. He said it can’t be. “How do you know? I cannot even see it”. So I said, if you are interested let’s take a lift up to 12th floor and let’s find out.

He agreed and we went up to 12th floor. Indeed there is a hill in front behind the building in front. He asked me how I know since I am not a Singaporean and this is my first trip here.

Well there is a way to identify land forms and that is how ancient masters do it. No need to hire helicopter to survey dragons. Just a publicity gimmick for the inexperienced layman or that master surely doesn’t know how to see land forms.

No hard feelings but that is the fact!

Next time, I will write something about city landforms or landforms for the dwellings and landforms for the Yin Feng Shui. Stay tuned!

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The Existence Of 2 Flying Star Schools

Many think that there is only one knowledge of Flying Star. This happens primarily it has been propagated by Celebrity Masters to be this way. The fact remains Flying Star is more than what they have told you.

To explain the 2 schools of Flying Star that is prevailing today, first we have to go back to the beginning how it all come about.

The fact that only in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) to be revealed this secret means that many people believe that the Xuan Kong Feng Shui is a relatively new technique but the concept of flying star existed way back in the Yuan Dynasty. It was sighted in a ancient calendar (almanac) from Yuan Dynasty. Perhaps it existed much earlier!

Chinese Dynasty

In 1873, Shen-Zhu Ren, a rich businessman went to the city of Wu-Xi in Jiangsu to learn from Zhang Zhong Shan but Zhang Zhong Shan refused to teach Shen because he is not a family relative.

After a while Shen Zhu Ren offered to pay a lot of money to the relative of Zhang, to view the manuscript which contained explanations and experiences of teacher Zhang Zhong Shan.

After he have paid a large sum of money, Shen Zhu Ren was given permission to view the manuscript for only 2 days, after which it was meant to return the book.

He secretly he copied the manuscript and for many years after he tried to understand what he had copied without getting great results initially.

When he thought he had found some answers via his own understanding and 2-3 years of experimenting with houses and he began to tie the dots together with his son and published their findings in the book called Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue.(Shen way of Xuan Kong Study) or in Chinese 沈氏玄空學.

This book made Flying Star accessible to the public. In fact in the early nineties in Hong Kong not many masters even know Flying Stars. Mostly they were practicing either the 8 Mansion, San He or Jiang Hu styled Feng Shui.

Shen has brought to the world of Feng Shui an opportunity for lay people to learn the highly effective Flying Star Feng Shui. Many modern masters without lineage has used this book as reference and followed the foot steps of Shen i.e. reading, deducing the meaning themselves and experimented here and there and later roll out to teach courses and give consultation. In fact more than 90% of the source of flying star outside today is from Shen.

He also has done harm at the same time to mankind as well to Feng Shui community…to be continued


Testimonial From Students…

Another feedback from student – Victoria Karakuts, Ukraine
Victoria Karakuts
From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank the Master Francis Leyau for all that he did for us. He was able to not only invest in our own unique knowledge and experience, but also to give us a piece of your heart for a while making your house – our house surrounded us truly warmth and fatherly care. While in his house do you feel it is not just a student, and part of his family, a part of his life.
A bonus to courses on the Yin Feng Shui, San Yuan Qi Men and Er Zhai (Advance Flying Star) was still learning to be human, to be the right person to be worthy of the knowledge gained.

Special thanks to Master for his pupil and partner Oksana !
Fundamentals, which she laid us did a course Masters much simpler and clearer.
It is precisely because of her enthusiasm and superb organizational skills Knowledge of Malaysia are far closer to the Russian expanses.
You are a good master and will always remain in my heart and soul!

“The one who was not – he did not understand,
the one who does not understand – must visit! ”

From Russia with Thanks – Svenlana Grigoryants
Qi Men Dun Jia – San Yuan & Yin ZhaiSvenlana Grigoryants (S)

It is my deep conviction that this course is unique simply because …
First, it is in itself a discovery that in addition to the system Qi Men Dun Jia, which we have long been studying pertaining to school San He, there is also the Qi Men Dun Jia School of San Yuan. I think it is for this discovery – for the fact that your understanding of Qi Men Dun Jia admitted another coordinate system, and your world is suddenly out of a flat two-dimensional, it can be said Master deepest thanks! This realization is a struggle. About as well as to believe in the existence of your antipodes on the other end of the planet: like you understand that they too exist, but it’s hard to keep in mind both.

Second, the wizard guides you through all the complexity and “pitfalls” of awareness of the new system of Qi Men Dun Jia San Yuan available with clarity and simplicity. He even came up with his disciples convenient digital code that we all learned as a mantra.

Thirdly, it seems to me that to realize the value and depth obtained from the Master of this new unique knowledge we all need time. As for the good of good wine. Because those who used to refer to the practice of Qi Men Dun Jia consumer-as the method of choice in the direction of the desired day and the right time, Qi Men Dun Jia San Yuan seem still further icing on the cake, baked from formulas to select dates. In fact, all tested by practice, as is always the master. The practice of using this valuable new unique knowledge of San Yuan Qi less I think, is not just a kind word makes us think of our Master and say again – THANK YOU!

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A Deer or A Horse?

指鹿為馬 <<Courtesy of Master Issac Chung>>








This is a story that happened during the reign of 2nd King of Qin Dynasty. The Prime Minister then was an ambitious person who wanted to overthrow the Emperor but he had one doubt. He was unsure if he has enough support from the ministers to succeed this coup.

So he thought of a smart plan. One day during the meeting with the Emperor the PM announced that he has bought a herd of good horses as a gift to the Emperor. The Emperor looked with amusement as they certainly do not look like a horse but just deers. The PM then turn to the Ministers and said to the Emperor “Your Majesty, if you do not believe me, you can ask the Ministers”.

Then mixed answers comes from the Ministers. Some who are afraid of the PM as well as those who support him will say they are horses while some who is not afraid but follow the path of righteousness and true to their conscience will say those are deers. Of course the Emperor began to have doubt himself as to these herds of animals are actually deers or horses while the PM gets to know where he stands should he pull the coup.

The Moral of the story is that when something false is propagated by masses someday this lie or false knowledge will become the truth to our future generations. Many government deploy this method because they control the mainstream media & education and it is also happening in the Feng Shui World today. I do not know what our future generations will learn if this trend persists but nonetheless we continue this march of truth and correctness. This is Feng Shui Moral.


So you as the audience/student, should also know that not what you hear or learn is entirely true just because it is easily available. You must study their background and lineage, else you will be part of the PM’s team & everyone would know you better. Do not accept any knowledge literally without proper introspection.