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3 Most Difficult

In the world of metaphysics, there are so many truths and mostly myths out there brought on by misguided practitioners. Some are lucky to realise after many years that some of the things were wrong but the damaged has been done. Thus you will notice why some masters changes their theory along their years. It is no surprise the will call this RESEARCH. Why re-search ( to search again) if you already had the original knowledge from your master? Did you master not got his knowledge from his masters and grandmasters? Did your master learn from books? Did your master learned from many different masters and got confused and now trying to make sense of what he had learned?

So there you go, if you are a wise person, you will understand what I am trying to say here and maybe this will cut short your sufferings in subjects of Chinese Metaphysics.

As a practitioner and teacher, through years of observation of the industry I have come to this conclusion, the 3 MOST DIFFICULT things for a student, as a master and as a lineage holder.

Finding A Master

The first most difficult thing is to find a capable master. In today world of heavy and sophisticated marketing, it is not easy to distinguish between real and fake or between the capable over the charismatic speaker.

To find a master who has the skills is not easy. Every Feng Shui master without denial, has their destiny and usually they don’t have one but because of the Feng Shui skills they have , life has always been kind and smooth for them. How do you know if the master is capable or just simply being lucky?

The answer is simple, if you had the chance to let him do 4 properties and everyone of them produces positive results, that is real skill versus a master wo gets 1 correct and another wrong or 1 correct and 2 wrong. A high repeatability is the hallmark of skills. How many masters has done for the same client 4 properties or more?

Why is it important? A capable master will lead you into the right direction and with the right knowledge you will be able to help others and high repeatable results. The difference is like scattering and linear knowledge.

Finding A Teacher

Some masters are very good in what they do but not good in expressing the knowledge in a systematic way so that it is easy for student to follow in a shorter time as well to get the real essence of the knowledge.

If I have good knowledge but only me who understand and I am not able to pass it on, it will be a pity and sorry to our ancestors who spent so much time to discover this noble knowledge.

I know of a Yi Jing teacher and some of his students have followed him more than 6 years and yet not able to fully interpret like him. He is already closing 80 and had a heart bypass. If he goes tomorrow I can say his knowledge will be cremated along. Pity.

This to find a good master and yet a good teacher is indeed is like finding a needle in the haystack but if you find it, it’s like finding a rare blue diamond.

Finding A Disciple

When someday you have become an accomplished master and have had students, you will understand that to find a good and capable disciple to carry down the knowledge in it’s original forms is even harder. In fact this is the hardest of the three.

A good disciple must first have good characters such as respecting their teacher, being honest and upright so he will not misuse this noble knowledge for selfish gains.

The disciple must be loyal to the art or lineage. This is very difficult in modern times. Students like to go around to learn, fearing they have left out some important secrets. This, to most logical people will say this is correct and reasonable but it is not, at least not in this field.

Carrying down a lineage is an important and responsible task that cannot be taken lightly. To learn more is to confuse and dilute the art especially when you already hand the truth.

Finally to find a talented student is even harder. Sometimes when you find one the teacher may not be happy because he worries the student will outshine him. If the teacher has wisdom, he would not had to worry, the credit will go back to him as well.

Finally will this student preserve the purest form and hand it over to his own disciple in the future?

To leave a legacy for the future generation is the hardest because often finding the suitable candidate is very very hard and it’s like finding a needle in the ocean. It is not about the fame or name but rather carrying down the good knowledge to future generations.

At the end, Heaven will have is own plans, just like how Covid came and god knows when it will end.