Where Are My Ear Rings?

Here is another real application of finding missing item using Plum Blossom Divination. Many ways of finding missing items using divination. Some uses Qi Men Dun Jia method. This method is cumbersome because you need a software or calendar to generate the Qi Men chart.

However using Plum Blossom method you dont need such expensive system. Here let me illustrate how my student used this method to find her misplaced ear rings.

The Scenario

It all began in September of 2020 when I met my friends usual monthly gathering for lunch. This time my friend brought along a jewelry designer so anyone who wants to make a new or perhaps alter or even repair their jewelry are welcome to bring their articles for inspection. I wanted to alter the earing lifts so I brought it to the luncheon but alas, it was not possible according to the jeweler.

So I took it home and kept it. In January of 2021 I wanted to try out the earrings but I was not able to find it anywhere in the house nor the usual place where I used to keep them. After a few days of searching I was really going no where so I decided to get help from Plum Blossom Divination.

Setting the Divination Cast

I set out to cast and ask for divine help on the 21st day of January 2021. I used the simple Trigram Cards that I made myself.

Below is what I got :

Plum Blossom Casting Result

From the initial gua, the good news I got from the Tong Ren Gua (13) is I should find back my earrings. This is foremost a relief for me. Then I proceed to read the Mutual Gua and the gua tells me that it will take a while or it will take some considerable effort to locate it. Perhaps try to locate in the North West direction of the house, this is what seems the gua is hinting me.

For the answer or clue, I got the Marsh over Fire, Guo Gua (49). It says the item is in a small metal box with a picture of a young girl or white colored items. The could also hints of red, fire or lady like image on the lower part of the area that I will find the earrings.

Since the mutual gua says it will take a while, so I left it as it is while waiting for the new accessory box that I have ordered to arrive.

How Did I Find My Earrings?

On the 2nd of February, the new wooden accessory box that I just purchased online finally came and so I wanted to organize my accessories into the new wooden box. After I have done that, I wanted to throw away the some of the old boxes but then I remembered the divination said about the clue when I saw this box. Cautiously, I opened the box and all saw was some white tissues. Suddenly, it struck my mind remembering what the Gua says about white items, I decided to search among the tissues. Walla, there is where I found my earrings, covered under the layers of tissues.

The thing that I got upset was, I did search this box before (before I casted the divination) but I did not find the earrings and so I put it back into the drawer. On hind side, I should have lifted the tissues but this is life I guess. Sometimes it takes you for a merry go round. Anyway, I am happy I found my earrings back. Guess what ? It was in the NW sector of my house…..Hmm….

This is why I have always find Plum Blossom Divination and interesting art.

Above was how my student used PBD to help her find the misplaced items. If you like to learn the easier & yet accurate system of divination, you may visit https://art-of-destiny.com/PlumBlossom.php as we are having a class in April 2021.