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To Be a Great Feng Shui Master, One Must See Stars?

I would like to wish all my Chinese readers, Happy Chinese New Year 2015, 新年快樂!
CNY greetings

This time of the year, it s a time where people busy going for annual feng shui talks for the latest updates of what’s coming. Usually people like to ask me these questions:

1. How do I know which feng shui master is good?

2. There are so many “masters’ out there and all of them say they have the best secrets, who should I trust?

3. The previous feng shui master who did my house wasn’t that good but my friend who recommended me had good results, why is it so?

I don’t know of any short answers and thus usually it is hard to explain in a few sentences. Perhaps, I can explain better over in blog.

Once a famous ancient Feng Shui Master once said:

The first class feng shui master observe the stars,
The second class feng shui master look for water mouth,
The third class feng shui master walks the mountains!

So what is he trying to hint at? Let me tell you a story:

doorIn the past, when feng shui disciples enters the door into the world of Feng Shui, the master will first lead him to the path of understand mountains. this is because, mountains are the fundamental building blocks of the earth’s surface. It’s a kind of geography of those times. Mountains has many different depths of understanding and it is important that student grasp the concept of Yin-Yang well. Mountains has also many categories such as dragons, forms or contours.


After the disciple gain a good understanding of the mountains section, the master will then teach them about water mouth. This is because water is the most important ingredient in Feng Shui. Thus the master will open layer by layer the meaning and usage of water and water mouth. Water has multiple layer of meaning because absence of water does not mean that water is not present else, Feng Shui will not work in the dessert.

RiversNowadays, there are many masters who help client’s gain massive wealth using water but again why the family later faces many other problems? Therefore, gaining the correct understanding of water is important because water is a two edge sword. While it can help you gain, it can also help you lose but perhaps happening at different times.

SwordIt is not just having water here or there nor it’s as simple a large fountain to activate wealth. Without proper understanding of water and it’s effects it is naive to presume water activation equals Feng Shui. Feng Shui is not for money only. It’s about balance of Yin Yang. This is one lesson I’ll never forget from my Shifu.

When the disciple is capable of understanding mountains, water and water mouth, finally he will open the secrets of heaven. The secrets of heaven are found in the stars of the north ladle and the constellations. The finer prediction formulas are also found here. It is used to predict and calculate lifespan of each Feng Shui formation.

ConstellationsThis skill will take awhile to perfect, for predicting the future is the most difficult art and also the highest level in the art of Feng Shui. This type of prediction is different from annual forecast. Annual forecast such as air disasters, earthquakes here and there usually covers a very broad spectrum such as West of a country. This is more of a matter of probability. It’s more like firing a shot gun into a flock of birds, some how you will likely hit at least one.  Feng Shui prediction is more like a sniper, hitting a target a mile away.

While for Feng Shui,  the level of prediction of a Feng Shui master can be divided to two discipline. First type of prediction is the prediction of the past. It means they can tell when and what has happened in this house. The second type is the prediction of the rise and fall of a dynasty to the year. Another example would be like in which year after the burial of the ancestor, when will this person rise or fall of the business empire. Which children will benefit the most and etc. You can think of it as a kind of “mathematical calculation”. This is the real mastery level of any Feng Shui Master.

If one can truly master the first two levels, there are already very good and as mentioned in the classics of Tian Yu Jing (Heavenly Jade Classics), it’s already can be equivalent to an Earthly God.

Unfortunately, many have not reach this level but rather rope in many other methods to compensate the shortfall of their practice. This is the first sign. As Feng Shui is not magic, usually it takes a while to build up and thus are usually a sign of balance of Yin Yang. Universe takes time to gather good qi to help us. A fast wealth result is second sign of short term Feng Shui although I can understand the “2min noodle” symptom of modern society but not something I can agree with. Since all well learned Feng Shui Master needs guidance of a Grand Master, if one does not have a Master or hesitant to share who was their master/lineage, this is the third sign. This is also important because, he will always have a master to fall back rather than he choose to guess his way out.

I hope I have given some basic guidelines to help you understand a little more about the Feng Shui World.











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