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Sheng Ji & House Feng Shui

Of late people has been talking about Sheng Ji (生基) or also known as Life Grave. What exactly is a Sheng Ji? In very simple layman terms, Sheng Ji is a Feng shui technique adopted from the Yin Feng Shui or Grave Feng Shui to be used for the living person.

Does it Work?

Thus the question that many people ask is that does it work for the living person? My answer is Yes! So how great is this Sheng Ji thing since many in the past have been taught that Yin Feng Shui is very powerful and sparked the debate about which is stronger, Yang House Feng Shui or Yin House Feng Shui? Where did the public or even some practitioner got that idea from ?

It all began with …… So and So did Sheng Ji so thus why he is the richest in Macau or Hong Kong. This actor or that actress did Sheng Ji and why she is famous now and many other wonderful hopeful promises. I am not going dwell into the specifics on the technicalities of this method but just grossly explain the effects hoping people get the right idea of what is this all about in a complicated world of Feng Shui.

What I am about to share with you is something no masters is willing to share for 2 major reasons. One to protect their rice bowl and second they never have the real experience. Their only “experience” is from reading books or hear say or from some forums and not first hand experience, simply because there aren’t many practicing masters who are capable in both Yin and Yang Feng Shui at the same time.

A Real Story of Sheng Ji

This person came to me for a BaZi Astrology reading back then. He was not in a good luck cycle. As the consultation progressed he suddenly mentioned that he did a Sheng Ji with a well known memorial park 4-5 years ago. However the luck has not improved since then and in fact business has been struggling ! So he asked me if Sheng Ji is a valid method ? So let me explain;

To be successful in life, it is not determined by solely 1 factor. It is the result of many factors coming together at the right time and right way. Feng Shui is just one of these factors albeit a strong one. Luck is another important factor.

But within Feng Shui there are also an aggregate of the different types of Feng Shui shown as below.

Next you have to ask the question, was it done correctly? This part however, I would not be able to answer him because I have not seen the Sheng Ji. However there has been several complaints about the Sheng Ji that I have hear off from that site as well as some favorable results. So this remains an open question to both of us. What I can do is to explore his house Feng Shui.

Thus later this client invited me to have his house audited and true to my earlier guess, his house Feng Shui was not good thus why what ever the good Sheng Ji effects he may have gotten was negated or nullified by the House Feng Shui. What more he was in a below average luck cycle. Naturally, we have to do a remedy to this property to bring in the good luck.

Later some months down the road after the changes, the client told me he has seen improvements in his business despite challenging economic times. Still in red but have seen light at the end of the tunnel as sales is slowly rising up.

Black Or White ?

A real experienced practitioner will never say whether Yin or Yang Feng Shui is more powerful than the other. It is like telling you to choose between left or right leg. Both legs are important to us right?

Most of the time it is just good long term effects of Sheng Ji have been amplified many times to the point of over representing the power of Yin Feng Shui. The lay people and even some novice practitioners have got the wrong impression of what is Yin Feng Shui and Sheng Ji. There are more to that and it is not so straight forward or simple as 1+1=2.

Just like the question; What If after the Feng Shui the person does nothing but sits there and waits for a call to offer him a CEO post? Or What If a Feng Shui practitioner who does wrong in his own house Feng Shui and expects Sheng Ji to remedy his problems? Or What If a person who refuse to improve his temper and yet blame others for his predicament and expects Feng Shui to automatically solve the problems? Or a villain who does Feng Shui / Sheng Ji and commits crime and expects he will never be caught?

What is reasonable and what is acceptable it all depends on the person you talk to. However if one base on reasonable civil society or social behaviour, you will know those are absurd expectations regardless what Feng Shui one does.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” Jim Rohn

Life has to have some logic of practicality in whatever sphere of work we are in and not just relying solely on Spiritual or Non conventional methods derived from ancient wisdom.

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