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A Dog Story – A Flying Star Chronicle

How a dog “bite” event happened 20 March 2019 8 something in the morning ? Was it human error or was it something beyond just human error? Was there an aiding from the unseen forces?

This was a real event that happened to my client while the house was waiting to be remedied from a serious Feng Shui affliction which caused many problems in the past and loss of wealth. Few months before March of 2019, I audited this house and found that the house feng shui was not in good shape and this was the reason why the business faced losses for 2 consecutive years. The owner previously had a Feng Shui consultant from a famous Southern school to checked the house but nothing major was picked up by the previous consultant.

I managed to identify the source of the problem and thus did a Date Selection for them for the changes to take place. A date & time was selected to enable a small reconstruction to take place but suddenly and event happened in between the date. On that fine morning while the owner was going to out to send the children to school, the husband was tasked to feed the dog in the canal but this playful dog managed to dodge the husband and rushed out of the gate on seeing mummy leaving in the car. The dog is a mummy’s boy.

As the auto gate was closing the dog managed to slip through the gate on to the street. Unfortunately a pair of old couple was doing the morning walk with sticks saw the dog rushing out and was taken aback. The dog on seeing the stick proceed to scare the couple. The old lady fell upon seeing the charging dog and the dog’s teeth just scraped the leg. The dog did not bite her. The dog then retreated back. It was all an accident. Nothing was intentional from both sides.

On tracing the event and time i.e. the Year, Month, Day and Time, I managed to trace the energy map. The house had a SW main door and as you can see there are two 5 malicious star and also the 7 Broken Army star at that door. The couple was at the SE corner of the house when it happened.

On that morning during the Chen 辰 hour, hour star 5 reached SW and thus assisted the Broken Army 7 causing “seeing blood” related incidents and bites by animals. This is made worse when the SE too had two 7 stars which added to the effects.

To make it worse, the combination of 6-7 is known as the Sword Sha. Sword Sha typically draws blood.

Sometimes, things happens and it all happened due to the changing of energy that triggers certain events on top of a bad feng shui. While we could blame the dog or the owner or the stick etc, if we could remove the emotions, sometimes it just happened to be a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Energy is not bias but acts in accordance to mother nature’s timing & karmic energies.

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