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Business Feng Shui Ruined

A shop started off as a dessert shop made good progress over last 4 to 5 years. When the business became successful, the owner for some reasons decided to change the business model to selling fried chicken which he thought could be more profitable.

But the business did not survived long and was forced to close not long after. As a Feng Shui practitioner we would naturally wonder why it did not survived despite the door remained as it was, the other layout remained unchanged even up to chairs and tables.

It was the same owner who operated the business as well. So did the Bazi reason come into effect ? Chances are there but it seemed slim.

The only obvious things that changed was the signboard and some kitchen equipments due to the new product that he was selling.

Upon further investigation, I found that he actually added a gas deep frier in the kitchen section. After I did the Feng Shui analysis, it was confirmed, that the additional stove ♨️ did the magic that turned a thriving business into a ailing business. 🈳

Probably the owner did not realise that just that additional stove made such difference and thus likely did not seek the advice of the Feng Shui Master. This is not surprising as modern people are “widely read”.

On the surface, of course to lay person, he will view it purely from the business point of view that it was the business that probably did not appeal to the masses in that area. I cannot say that this is entirely not true but for sure it did have suffered bad impact from Feng Shui. This is because we are highly trained professionals, we are able to access the subject from 2 angles.

Sometimes when success comes to a person, they may get a little swell headed and believe that it was solely human factor that did the magic and Feng Shui’s role or Luck is just minor thing. This underestimation proved a costly lesson. Of course, till today believe he still has no clue as to why this chicken 🍗 business venture did not take off despite the first initial success. Another complicated human destiny adventure.

Summing up, proper stove placement is important and cannot be underestimated. It can cause not only money 💵 problems but sickness too. Here is a real case Master Alan changed the stove to improve the health aspects.

Like they say Health is Wealth!