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Winds Of Change – Truth & Myth Of Feng Shui Chapter 1

I co-authored this book with Mr Au Yong back in 2016. This book was never meant for teaching reader about the technicalities of Feng Shui or Bazi but rather to awaken minds as to what are the Truth and Myth in Feng Shui and BaZi. We strongly believe that learning should be in the class under the guidance of a qualified master and not from books from both practical and moral grounds.

A Compilation of Wisdom for both enthusiast as well as students of Chinese Metaphysics.

We published this book not in hope to be famous or make big money but because we wanted to share and educate the public how to think rationally and re-examining what they have learn or read up to this day. As an active practitioner and teacher I have seen too many people got worse off after a Feng Shui consultation or after learning Feng Shui. Yet they suffer in silence or at best they can only share with me.

Producing half past six practitioners are the next worse thing that can happen and creates long term side effects in this industry. When a noble art being twisted, manipulated, mis-represented it is really heart wrenching feeling.

I took the lead in Feng Shui subject while Mr Au Yong for BaZi Astrology section.

Here I want to share some part from one chapter from the book. The chapter is SMALL PROPERTY BIG RESULTS. Why I have chosen this chapter to share today? This is because in today’s modern environment high rise are the common feature in cities and it’s something that you never find in Feng Shui classics simply because they were non existent few centuries ago.

This is based on a true story as narrated to me by the owner of this house. I shall take part of the book for illustration and have them in grey.

It was little wonder then that most couples settled to buy an apartment. In early 2010, the year of the 庚寅 Geng Yin (Metal Tiger), that was precisely what Kate (not her real name) and her husband, William (not his real name, either!) decided to do.

After some initial survey and consideration, they took the plunge and paid the down payment for a three room apartment in the bustling Kuchai Lama area of Kuala Lumpur. The apartment had a built up area of about 1,000 square feet which meant that it was only a modest size unit for what was then a family of five.

Their unit was located on the twelfth floor of the block. The first four floors were used as parking lots and the residential units started only from the fifth floor.

At that period of their lives, their income was uncertain. They were more likely to be short of money rather than have a surplus at the end of the month. The husband was sometimes unemployed and there seemed to be no certainty that he could find gainful employment anytime soon.

Their future prospects, if not exactly bleak, were not necessarily encouraging either!

It has been said by some feng shui masters that the owners of a landed property would benefit much more than the occupants of an apartment or condominium. They argued that the landed property retained its contact with the ground, thereby gaining the benefit of the earth Qi or energy. By definition, an apartment had to be away from the ground.

They further argued that an apartment owner would have to “share” his good feng shui (if indeed there was any) with all the other owners of the remaining units in his block. If one block had twelve floors with ten unit per floor, that would work to 1,200 owners. If we did the maths, then the person who owned one unit would be entitled to a mere 1/1,200 share of the benefits of good feng shui – assuming that there was any good feng shui, in the first place!

Other feng shui masters have indicated that it was more difficult to determine the facing direction of a particular apartment. For instance, should one use the main door or the balcony door to work out the facing direction? Or should we go further away and use the elevator door or even the guard house because it faced the main road which in turn brought the Qi into the area? Of course, it followed that if the feng shui master could not work out the facing direction, how was he going to determine the feng shui of that particular unit?



How to explain the differences? For instance, in our selected case study of Kate and her husband, their financial situation improved significantly within a mere four years. The husband was given a lucrative job opportunity. After accepting the offer, he was given several promotions.

In 2012, the year of壬辰 Ren Chen (Water Dragon), he was mildly shocked to receive a bonus because he had not been expecting any rewards.

This case defies the common Myth of feng shui of:

  • Apartment units enjoyed less due good Feng Shui to the distance from ground.
  • Apartment Feng Shui has to be shared thus cutting down the results.
  • Annual Star 3 (2012) that came to the main door, may results in litigation or lawsuit or even arguments but how did it resulted in becoming the most financial rewarding year ?
  • How to correctly determine the Facing of the unit ? Which theory should you follow ? Wrong diagnosis will result in wrong application!

Learn to use your brain, critical thinking is the key to problem solving.

– Richard branson


In the meantime, their children began to show better results in their examinations.

The elder son, Mark, was the more serious one who paid more attention to his studies.  Recently, he managed to become the top dog (or rather, top student) in his class.

The younger son, Antony, was rather more playful. But lately, he seemed to become more focused on his studies. He was in the bottom rung of the top 100 students in his school. Gradually, he managed to climb up to the first 50 students. Lately, he reached the top 20 students.

Again another common Myth busted, is Feng Shui only about Wealth? Is Feng Shui about having to make a choice between Wealth and Academic (Human Factor) or we can actually have both ? Is the theory at fault or the person who told you that you have to choose either one under Par ?


PS: I shall pick other part of the book for sharing in other postings….

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