Mall Feng Shui

8 Mansioned Mall

Berjaya Times Square was said to have been feng shui by using 8 Mansion.

8 mansion is a simple and straight forward to decide the house formation. however there are 2 major versions within 8 Mansion. One is the Personal Gua 命卦 method while the other is the House Gua 宅卦 method.

House Gua School

This school uses the property Sitting as the reference point. Since this mall sits on South faces North which makes this a Li house. Li according to the theory of 8 mansion belongs to the East Group. East Group has the 1,3,4,9 which correspond to sectors of North, East, South East and South.

Personal Gua School

This school of thought uses the boss as their point of reference. Thus Tan Sri Vincent so happens also born in 1952 has a Personal Gua of 3 which also belongs to East Group. Thus for this mall either way its coherent a East group house.

East Group – South House

Red are the Bad Sectors while Blue are the Good Sectors

So according to 8 Mansion system the Main door is located in the good sector of Yian Nian or prolonging longevity which is good to draw in people. However BTS is not famous for its crowd and in was kinda weak business among the surrounding malls. It got a little better after the bridge was erected connecting to the other side of the road. The bridge is on the NE side of the mall which is the sector of Huo Hai – Trouble sector! Somehow, it has a Good entrance but overall not too strong of a mall performance compared to it’s surrounding neighboring malls such as Pavillion.

Perhaps the bridge was “luckily “ situated that it brought in the crowd? To the commoner it will seems so.

Some practitioner was saying it was due to the massive pillars in front of the main entrance that caused the Sha Qi 煞气. What ever the reason, it seems that 8 Mansion System, which ever’s version you choose, did not seem to reflect the reality to the Feng Shui theory.

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