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8 Mansioned Mall

Berjaya Times Square was said to have been feng shui by using 8 Mansion.

8 mansion is a simple and straight forward to decide the house formation. however there are 2 major versions within 8 Mansion. One is the Personal Gua 命卦 method while the other is the House Gua 宅卦 method.

House Gua School

This school uses the property Sitting as the reference point. Since this mall sits on South faces North which makes this a Li house. Li according to the theory of 8 mansion belongs to the East Group. East Group has the 1,3,4,9 which correspond to sectors of North, East, South East and South.

Personal Gua School

This school of thought uses the boss as their point of reference. Thus Tan Sri Vincent so happens also born in 1952 has a Personal Gua of 3 which also belongs to East Group. Thus for this mall either way its coherent a East group house.

East Group – South House

Red are the Bad Sectors while Blue are the Good Sectors
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Feng Shui Audit Advice: Part 2 – The Formulas


In this second advice that he dispensed to the students, he mentioned that the compilation of almost 1000 formulas in the Feng Shui and that one should never rush his consultant or master for a diagnosis.

Usually, you will find the San Yuan, San He, Bazhai, Dong Gong Date selection, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Dragon 8 Gate etc…in practice.

This problem causes confusion to the students.

  • What if Formula A says good while Formula B says bad? Which one do you follow?
  • Why using 1 formula is inadequate to tell the house?
  • Do you use formula A for external while formula B for internal of the house and Formula C for placing the stove?
  • Is more the merrier?

I think the more formula, the more is the confusion as well.

So guys….I call this the Mix and Match System. I would suggest that if the 1 feng shui system cannot tell the house, then something is not right. Perhaps it sells better in a package as students will like it for the fees that they have paid for. Really I think today’s “Feng Shui practioners” are creative people, masters of packaging…

I advocate the One System! One system is enough to tell you what will happen in the house and precribe the solution.

the one system

While I agree that one should not rush the consultants for a solution but yet authentic feng shui practitioners can already tell about the house by the first few minutes of the audit.

Just the last Feng shui course, by day 4, when we were at the office of 1 of the student on a live audit, students can already tell a couple of things about the Feng Shui of the office and what will happen and even which staff will give the most problem.

Why would you need a few days to come back to the client to tell about the office? One should be able to tell something after a while. It all depends on the depth of one system and not the breath.

If you really want to help your clients, please do them a favor, get the right depth!. The One System.

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Feng Shui Questions Answered 01


Two years I have ask a feng shui master to do an audit for my house and read my personal life.  I was born in May 01, 1977.
He told me, my best facing direction is S, N, SW, NE. However, I went to few feng shui store n read few book from different author n discover that my best facing  direction is NE, SW, W, NW. I very confuse right now cause I’m in the middle looking for open my second store and trying to finding the facing direction that’s match my personal facing direction.  Can you please clarify this for me.  Your help is really appreciated.


My Answer :

Here we have to first understand the methodology he uses before we can say for sure. If we see it from the 8 Mansion Feng Shui point of view, you belong to Ming Gua 2 (I have assumed that you are Male), then your favourable directions are NE, SW, W, NW because you belong to the West Group People.

But you have said that he told you S, N, SW,NE which is a little confusing. I hope it is not typo error. If he was using 8 Mansions system, then the East Group People would have their favourable directions as N,S,SE,E.

8 Mansion school is not a real full fledged Feng Shui system but nonetheless a popular, easy one to perform and learn. Still there are many variations of 8 Mansion practice. Some uses the House Gua to perform the Feng Shui while others uses Ming Gua.

However, you will have to know exactly what method or branch of Feng Shui School he is from before we can comment. Otherwise it is not possible for me to comment as each system has their own rules and ways. Perhaps there could be more than 1 system that he had used. New age thinking: The more the better, cover all bases.!

From the San Yuan point of view, facing & sitting of the property is more important. Ming Gua of a person has, of course a consideration to the Feng Shui of the property. Also not forgetting our environment which does has a significance to the strength of the Feng Shui.

Er Zhai, Feng Shui

A Course Not To Be Missed…二宅实験 (Er Zhai Shi Yan)

If you are serious in the practice of Flying Star Feng Shui, this is a course you must not miss. Why?

This book 二宅实験 (Er Zhai Shi Yan) is the 3rd book of all the cases done by Master Yen Pen @ Eu See Yin on both Yang and Yin Cases recorded by his disciples.

The first 2 books are called Zhai Yun Xin An (New Case Study of House Feng Shui). Here is an article written by Master Issac Chung.

In fact if you search in the Internet on images alone this is what you will see..

All these books are the favourite collection of Masters around the globe and I bet if you visit the private study rooms of Masters, there are sure to be a copy there especially those Chinese Literate masters. However, how many is able to fully interpret the book? This is something I know is only a handful unless they are our graduates.

What is special about this book is that, inside are all the real case done and results obtain but more importantly it has doctrinated the advance theories of Flying Star Feng Shui. Only a Master from the same Lineage is able to understand what are the hidden secrets inside this book.

This is not another Flying Star Feng Shui course, this is one and only unique to CAFS. No way you can equate with other Flying Star courses.

This case study itself, you will learn how to lay a good feng shui formation that is proven, pin point the timing of happening and what is really a sha qi, the compartmentalise of a house and the application onto a plot of land.

Without going through this course, you cannot call yourself a Real Flying Star Practitioner. Next, I share 2 reasons and cases.

Most schools today like to mix and match systems. E.g. they mix 8 Mansion (Ba Zhai) with Flying Star or Mix San He with San Yuan Flying Star & call it Zhong He. They then sell this idea to newbies that they are merging the best of the 2 worlds like you try Western and Eastern medical methods to cure a patient. First of all, Feng Shui don’t work in this manner because they are founded on 2 different systems & it is more like trying to merge 2 religious believe together. Try imagine this, a couple from 2 different religion holding on to their believes and try to bring the best out of 2 religion after marriage. Perhaps there will be an emerging 3rd religion if they ever survive this as a couple.

A likely result from this is the proliferation of different arts each trying to explain what they cannot explain in their current learning. Today Chinese Metaphysicians are going after Qi Men Dun Jia Divination, Yi Jing Feng Shui, Zi Wei Feng Shui, 8 Mansions, Symbolic or play it down or up on “Internal Feng Shui” in an unending cycle trying to search the truth why this and that happened. Why sometimes I get the result and other times nothing happened or it had gone bad?

When the fundamentals are not correct, how do you expect to have the correct results? I have no issues if people wants to learn more but first get the fundamentals right.

We had a case, a client for Yin Feng Shui that the husband passed away after about 9 months living in the new house done by 1 famous feng shui master. After the burial was done, we had chance to speak to the lady who was so traumatized at the passing of her husband aged late forties. We persuaded her to show us the house but at first she was reluctant but later she agreed to show us the house where the husband passed away after a heart attack.

We were surprised that the bed was aligned 45 degrees and was in a 9-5 position in a 9-2.(if you dont understand this, it is understandable as this is unique in our course). We know that the master was a practitioner of mix and match system. If you think mix match is funny, think again! Feng Shui can get people into trouble if it is not done correctly.

On another case, we have a student who only studied 2 courses from Master Leyau, Flying Feng Shui and Advance Flying Star (Er Zhai). After graduation, he did the next 10+ cases and his friends/relatives was astonished how he can tell the house and the occupants so well! This was the testimonial he happily gave Master Leyau. I am not bragging. I am only telling what was told to us by the student himself. I cannot lie for lies will be exposed someday and there is no need to do so. Real conviction comes from real experience.

It is not the problem with the art nor the student nor the master. It is the combination of the Right Knowledge from the Right Master then you will be the Right Student!.

I know most students are frustrated but actually they don’t have to, really! .When you acquire the right knowledge, your skills will be apart from the rest because you and your family deserves to have a better life. Don’t miss this!

Read on to know what you will be getting in a complete San Yuan Flying Star system.

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Historical Melaka boast many tourist attractions, good food and everything that is uniquely Malaysia. I can now ‘smell the aroma of the pork Satay, the fragrant curry, the tasty satay celup and ah…not forgetting the awesome Hainanese Chicken Rice. A stroll down Jonker Street brings many fond memories…

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Some important Feng Shui Advice before we step into 2011

Coming Feb 4th 2011, we usher in the year of of the Metal Rabbit (Xin Mao) year.

In my last article, I have shared the general Flying Star for 2011 and now I will write a little for those who are familiar with 8 Mansion or Bazhai feng shui which is more commonly known by lay people as the East/West Group method.

While most people say that 8 Mansion is not time dependant, it is not true at all. 8 Mansion Feng Shui is not time dependant in that the stars in 8 mansion doesn’t change it’s usefulness over time but each year give each stars different strengths.

For 2011, Sheng Qi and Fu Wei star will be strong for the favourable stars while 5 ghost star will be strong this year.  Again I caution readers as I am generalizing since different house orientation gives slight variation.

The weaker ones will be Tian Yi and Huo Hai.

So those who are in business or wishing to advance their career, Sheng Qi will be helpful. If you wish to have smoother life, remove stress or embarking in a creative career then Fu Wei star can be very useful to you.

If you looking for a house, make sure the house door is at Sheng Qi location if you are looking for prosperity. You may check out my e book on

To know your house for next 12 months in 2011, get a report for only USD35 and know what is in for you. Just email and will advice you how to pay. However, this is not a feng shui consultation.

The Report will show you the strengths of you house’s energy for the next 12 months and enabling you to tap different energies when it is at it’s peak level for maximum effect. This will put you ahead of those who only knows basic 8 Mansion Feng Shui. Timing…timing….timing.

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