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Some important Feng Shui Advice before we step into 2011

Coming Feb 4th 2011, we usher in the year of of the Metal Rabbit (Xin Mao) year.

In my last article, I have shared the general Flying Star for 2011 and now I will write a little for those who are familiar with 8 Mansion or Bazhai feng shui which is more commonly known by lay people as the East/West Group method.

While most people say that 8 Mansion is not time dependant, it is not true at all. 8 Mansion Feng Shui is not time dependant in that the stars in 8 mansion doesn’t change it’s usefulness over time but each year give each stars different strengths.

For 2011, Sheng Qi and Fu Wei star will be strong for the favourable stars while 5 ghost star will be strong this year.  Again I caution readers as I am generalizing since different house orientation gives slight variation.

The weaker ones will be Tian Yi and Huo Hai.

So those who are in business or wishing to advance their career, Sheng Qi will be helpful. If you wish to have smoother life, remove stress or embarking in a creative career then Fu Wei star can be very useful to you.

If you looking for a house, make sure the house door is at Sheng Qi location if you are looking for prosperity. You may check out my e book on Lulu.com

To know your house for next 12 months in 2011, get a report for only USD35 and know what is in for you. Just email qimgmt@yahoo.com and will advice you how to pay. However, this is not a feng shui consultation.

The Report will show you the strengths of you house’s energy for the next 12 months and enabling you to tap different energies when it is at it’s peak level for maximum effect. This will put you ahead of those who only knows basic 8 Mansion Feng Shui. Timing…timing….timing.

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