Bazi and Year of the Metal Rabbit

When the year is near, most book stores in Asia will be filled with predictions for the 12 Zodiac animals. The reason I don’t do general predictions is because, this belongs to the old school of astrology bazi reading where the year pillar is used as reference.

Then the Gods and Killings will come in predicting what will be the overall fortune for those born in the year Rat, Rabbit etc…

Bazi reading (Phat Chee) or Destiny anaylsis has evolved in the era of Xu Zi Ping where he used the Day Pillar as reference and also dropped the use of Gods and Killings stars for reading.

ZiPing Bazi system of reading is more logical and accurate since with the rearrangement, you will find the huge possibilities of combination that relates better to reality.

It cannot be that everyone born in the year of Metal Rabbit will suffer or enjoy the same fate!. Bazi is an analogy like DNA of humans which is unique and not generalized to for example  by blood group.

So to know what is installed for YOU, you need a personalize Bazi Reading. As I mentioned before, you must have the right destiny chart and with good feng shui to support and do the right actions, life will surely be fruitful and noble.

Nonetheless, being a Metal Rabbit year, this year will be a year of surprises, a year of opposition and especially for the agro and mining industries.

I wish all Chinese celebrating A Happy Chinese Rabbit Year.

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